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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief: Romney, Obama Steer Clear of Iraq

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Russian Court Frees 'Pussy Riot' Member
Mitt Romney CNN Interview
Americans Win Nobel In Chemistry
State Department: No Protests Outside Libyan Consulate Before Attack
U.S. Deaths Surpass 2.5 Million For The First Time
Robert Reich: The Politics of Fear and the Party of Non-Voters
Republicans are well practiced in the politics of fear and the logistics of the big lie. The challenge for Obama and Biden and for the rest of us over the next four weeks is to counter their fearsome lies with the truth.
Dean Baker: Social Security: President Obama's Biggest Failure in Last Week's Debate
President Obama had a bad night when he faced Governor Romney in Denver for the first presidential debate. However, for many listeners the worst moment was when he quite clearly told the country that there was not much difference between his position on Social Security and Governor Romney's.
Paul Rieckhoff: Big Bird Gets a Mention, Vets Left Out Entirely. Will VP Debate Be Any Different?
No veteran should come home to an unemployment check. Candidates need to do more, and all Americans need to demand answers on how they plan to support new veterans and their families -- on jobs and other critical issues.
Alicia Keys: Against Our Will: Poetry From Survivors of Human Trafficking
Modern-day slavery is real. Whether it's sex trafficking or labor trafficking, in which people are being made to work brutally long hours with no pay, it's happening right in our backyards and it's heartbreaking.
Muhammad Yunus: A Global Conversation to Join
In addition to expanding the global dialogue, we also need to expand access to technologies -- giving more people the tools that will help them shape their own destinies. Each of us has the ability to unleash our creativity to find solutions that lift up people and communities.

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