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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

msnbc video: Bashir: A pass for George W. Bush, but none for Trayvon Martin among conservatives

msnbc video: Bashir: A pass for George W. Bush, but none for Trayvon Martin among conservatives

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 girls shot inside East Chicago home | VIDEO
Two young girls are recovering Wednesday after being hit by bullets while inside an East Chicago, Ind., home.

City worker to be sentenced in DUI crash
A city worker who pleaded guilty to DUI charges after plowing into seven pedestrians on a busy Chicago sidewalk will be sentenced Wednesday. Prosecutors allege Dwight Washington was drinking on the job.
Rogers Park murder victim's family gets $10M
A $10 million settlement has been awarded to the family of a woman killed in her apartment on the city's North Side seven years ago.
North Side synagogue vandalism investigated
Chicago police are investigating what they call ''disparaging statements'' that were spray-painted on a North Side synagogue.
Fire forces residents out of Pilsen building
A fire inside a basement apartment early Wednesday forced everyone out of a building in the 1300-block of West 19th Street.
Zoo staff cares for black-footed cat kitten
A male black-footed cat kitten was born at Brookfield Zoo on February 14. Because his mom was not providing him with proper maternal care, staff quickly intervened and began hand rearing him at the Animal Hospital.


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Rush dons hoodie on House floor in protest Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush took the House floor Wednesday morning to protest the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Neighborhood watch shooter supporters afraid to speak out
Pfleger 'in solidarity' with Trayvon Martin's parents
Mother: Police trying to demonize Trayvon Martin
Chicago worshipers wear hoodies for Trayvon Martin

Wisconsin residents shaken again by 'boom' noise Residents were shaken by booms once again in a Wisconsin city where a small earthquake was recorded last week.

Relatively quiet night in boom town
Wis. city's equipment fails to tape mystery booms


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America Has Given Up On Young Black Men, Like Trayvon Martin!!!

Black Star Logo
America has given up on young Black men
Black Star Logo
America has given up on young Black men, like Trayvon Martin
America loves Black men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and even Trayvon Martin - after they are dead.
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Photo of Trayvon Martin provided by The Black Star Project
By Phillip Jackson
March 28, 2012
Guyana, South America - TRAYVON MARTIN is more valuable to America as a dead young black man then he ever was alive!
As a dead symbol, the president can claim him as a son he never had, but as a living black man, the American criminal justice system claims one out of three young Black men born after 2001.
As a dead symbol, Republican presidential candidates can claim that Trayvon deserves his right to live as an American; but many living young black men, like Trayvon, are stripped of their rights every day because of harsh, racially-targeted and overly-punitive laws created by and pushed by Republicans.
Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, reminds us that more Black men are in prison today than there were Blacks enslaved in America in 1850.
She suggests that we have not really ended Jim Crow, but have just given it another name - the criminal justice system.
We can also call it the education system or the economic system, but they all equate to a new system of racial control of Black Americans just like Jim Crow.
America knows how to use the symbol of a dead young black man to achieve its objectives.
When symbols are used correctly sweatshirt companies profit, candy companies and iced-tea companies profit, for-profit prisons flourish and America cleanses its conscience while the deplorable plight of young Black men in America remains the same. America has given up on young Black men, like Trayvon Martin.
As a dead symbol, Trayvon might spark a national conversation on race, but as a living young Black man, Trayvon probably couldn't get a job at a fast-food restaurant.
No place in America is this stark contradiction of symbol versus reality for young Black men more evident than in Chicago, Illinois. While hundreds of people in Chicago protested the death of Trayvon Martin, few people protested the violent murders of more than 100 mostly young black males in Chicago in the past year, mostly at the hands of other young Black males.
Chicago media, foundations and elected officials have ignored the blood of black children running in Chicago streets while they congratulate those who speak in symbolic terms about race in America.
Chicago is ground-zero for the destruction of young black men in America!
In Chicago, only three out of 100 Black male high-school freshmen will graduate from college by age 25 (Consortium for School Research at U of Chicago).
Only 44 percent of Black males in Chicago graduate from high school (Schott Foundation for Public Education).
Last summer, approximately 90 percent of Chicago's young Black males 16 to 19 years old were
unemployed (Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University).
Black boys are arrested in Chicago at two to six times the rates of other populations (Project Nia).
Young Black men who submit resumes with Black-sounding or Africanized names, like Trayvon or Barack, even with college degrees and the exact same academic credentials as persons "perceived to be White males," are one-half as likely to be called back for a job interview (University of Chicago Study).
Chicago has no plan or good intentions to address this silent, devastating catastrophe!
As dire as this crisis is, there are solutions, but they are not in symbols or soul-searching.
They are comprehensive and substantial efforts and actions to ameliorate this stain on America's reputation for fairness and equality.
Government, foundations, civic, faith and community organisations must:
  • Help rebuild Black families with fathers as an essential, prominent and functional component of the family structure.
  • Provide mentors, positive role models and viable paths for young Black men.
  • Ensure that all young Black men are supported to value education and to experience a globally-competitive education.
  • Teach young Black men about how to succeed in entrepreneurship, small business, cooperative economics and in the work world.
  • Encourage young Black men to be spiritually sound and to be of good character.
  • Establish rigorous efforts in the largest 300 cities in America that address the issues of education, family, imprisonment and employment for young Black men.
  • Establish a national commission to manage a comprehensive, coordinated campaign for Black male achievement, similar to the one created by Open Society Foundations
The death of Trayvon Martin is a symbol of the plight of young black men in America.
As a symbol, his senseless death is something to which most Americans can relate. But the realities of black men's lives in Chicago and across America are the realities to which most Americans do not want to relate.
The truth is that America is comfortable with young black men as symbols, being where they are in society, being like they are, hoodie and all, violence and all!
Addressing symbols is quite useful and practical when a society lacks the courage and integrity to deal with its disturbing realities.
America loves Black men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and even Trayvon Martin after they are dead.
It is the strong, vocal, positive Black men that they have trouble with while they are alive. If America continues on its present course, the symbols for Black men in America might change, but the realities will remain the same or become worse! And America will be lesser for it!
Photo of Miami Heat in Hoodies provided by The Black Star Project
This editorial has been published in Guyana, Sri Lanka, Great Britain and the United States.
Phillip Jackson is the founder and executive director of The Black Star Project in Chicago.
The Black Star Project is committed to improving the quality of life in Black and Latino communities of Chicago and nationwide by eliminating the racial academic achievement gap. Their mission is to provide educational services that help pre-school through college students succeed academically and become knowledgeable and productive citizens with the support of their parents, families, schools and communities.  
Click Here to see a Press Conference on this issue.
You may contact Phillip Jackson at 773.285.9600 or by email at blackstar1000@ameritech.net.  Visit the Black Star Project's website at www.blackstarproject.org.

Judge's racist, misogynist email targets Obama's mom

The National Memo
--- Sponsored Email ---
Dear National Memo Reader: 

Racism and misogyny are abhorrent in American public life -- especially among judges, who are supposed to dispense justice fairly and without bias. While judges are entitled to their private political opinions, a high-ranking Federal judge has used his government email address to send out a hateful, racist and misogynist joke about President Obama's late mother. Please consider the following message from People For the American Way about this outrageous misconduct and what you can do about it.

Harold Itzkowitz
Associate Publisher for The National Memo Team


A Tea Partier federal judge was so blinded by his hate for President Obama that he used his official email to forward a disgusting "joke" attacking the president's deceased mother.
"The only reason I can explain it to you is I am not a fan of our president, but this goes beyond not being a fan. I didn't send it as racist, although that's what it is. Is sent it out because it's anti-Obama." -- Judge Cebull
sign the petition 3-d
Dear Activist ,
Have you heard about the Montana federal judge who got caught forwarding a disgusting racist, misogynist "joke" about President Obama's deceased mother?
Judge Richard Cebull, the chief Federal District Court judge in Montana, admitted that sending the email to his personal contacts -- from his official email account on a government computer -- showed "terrible judgment" and that he was aware that the joke was racist, but that he did not send it because it was racist. He sent it because it was "anti-Obama." And, in his eyes, that made it okay.
Judge Cebull submitted himself for disciplinary review to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction over Montana, and wrote a seemingly sincere apology to the president in which he said, "Honestly, I don't know what else I can do." Well that's easy -- he can and should resign.
PFAW called for his resignation, and we were soon joined by editorial boards both in Montana and at the New York Times.
Judge Cebull's hatred for the president is so extreme that he forwarded on a very personal attack that he KNEW was racist and tasteless. He did it because it was, in his words, "anti-Obama." Welcome to the Tea Party Era.
The Far Right's hate rhetoric against this president has created an environment where even people who should know better consider racist, misogynist attacks ... even attacks on his deceased mother, fair game. Nothing is out of bounds if its purpose is to denigrate or hurt the president.
You've heard the term "snow blind" -- Judge Cebull was "hate blind." And that hate blindness surely led to his transgression. Regardless of what led to it, his action clearly shows a severe lack of judgment, potential bias, and a temperament unbecoming of a federal judge. He needs to step down now.
Thank you for standing up against Tea Party extremism and right-wing hate.
-- Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager
P.S. A federal judge is free to hate the president and his policies, just as other Americans are. And he is free to privately tell his friends that. But Judge Cebull used his official government email address to make a statement that has now become very public. It is important that Americans see their judges as neutral arbiters, not as political figures. Therefore, it is imperative that Judge Cebull resign.

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