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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama attacks on Romney’s days at Bain draw fire from Newark mayor and other Democrats - NYPOST.com

Obama attacks on Romney’s days at Bain draw fire from Newark mayor and other Democrats - NYPOST.com:

What is wrong with black America? Are we stuck on stupid? The black individuals who have used demagoguery to color President Obama's address on Romney and Bain are insane. Their commentaries are illustrative of crabs in a barrel. The blackindividuals in this article demonstrate slavery's existence. They believe they have made it to the "master's house" and now can oversee the work needed to satisfy their illusion of acceptance. What a pity for black America to believe we cannot stand together...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1 dead, 10 hurt in Arlington Heights explosion | VIDEO
An explosion at a plant killed one worker and injured 10 others in northwest suburban Arlington Heights.

Chicago getting back to normal after NATO | VIDEO
With the NATO summit a part of Chicago history, restrictions are being lifted and security perimeters removed.
Tweets threaten high-ranking CPD officers
Chicago police are investigating items posted on Twitter that threatened some department supervisors during the NATO summit.
'NATO 3' terror suspects to appear in court | VIDEO
Three protesters facing the first terrorism-related charges filed in Illinois are due in court Tuesday.
Car strikes Metra train, snarls Milwaukee line
A crash involving a train at Half Day Road along the Milwaukee District North Metra Line is causing delays for riders.
Semi catches fire on I-80 in New Lenox | VIDEO
A semi-trailer hauling candy caught fire as it was heading westbound on Interstate 80 Tuesday near the junction with Interstate 355 in suburban New Lenox.


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SpaceX launch sends private rocket to space station A first-of-its-kind commercial supply ship rocketed toward the International Space Station following a successful liftoff early Tuesday, opening a new era of dollar-driven spaceflight.

PHOTOS: SpaceX blasts off
SpaceX rocket launch aborted in last second

For busy moms, finding the time to prepare a home cooked meal can be difficult. But Kelsey Banfield says it is possible to fit good cooking into one's life.

Spicy Citrus Grilled Shrimp
Corn on the Cob with Lemon Butter and Salt
Baked Sesame Tomatoes
Real Tex-Mex Guacamole


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107 Chicago Children and Youth Killed in One Year; Two Killed During NATO Conference

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 Between March of 2011 and March of 2012, 107 children and youth were killed in Chicago.
As Chicago Police protected the heads of state of NATO countries from all over the world, a 14-year-old boy and 12-year-old boy were among those killed in Chicago while dozens of other Chicago residents were shot. We are the solution.  
   Two Chicago Youth Killed during NATO and 107 Chicago Children and Youth Killed between March 2011 and March 2012.
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12-year-old Nazia Banks killed on May 19, 2012
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14-year-old Alejandro Jaime killed on May 18, 2012
1) Anthony Scott193/16/2012West RidgeGunshot
2) Johnny Vargas193/14/2012South LawndaleGunshot
3) Aliyah Shell63/17/2012South LawndaleGunshot
4) Gustavo Reyes193/14/2012West LawnGunshot
5) Joshua Williams163/8/2012Chicago LawnGunshot -sidewalk
6) Chris Wormely173/1/2012South DeeringStabbing - School
7) Abert Guyton152/28/2012Chicago LawnGunshot - sidewalk
8) George Howard152/27/2012Washington ParkGunshot - sidewalk
9) Damion Rolle142/21/2012Greater Grand CrossingGunshot - apartment
10) Jamal Harris192/19/2012South ShoreGunshot
11) Edgar Delgado172/18/2012AvondaleGunshot - street
12) Deshun Winfert152/5/2012Chicago LawnGunshot - street
13) Anton Sanders151/20/2012Rogers ParkGunshot-alley
14) Devonte Pippen181/19/2012Chicago LawnGunshot - gas station
15) Kurtis Stanton191/17/2012Washington HeightsGunshot - sidewalk
16) Cory Campbell181/10/2012Auburn GreshamGunshot - sidewalk
17) Christian Peggs181/8/2012Greater Grand CrossingGunshot
18) Valentin Bahena171/8/2012Belmont CraginGunshot-apartment
19) Mark Watts151/4/2012West EnglewoodGunshot-porch/hallway
20) Christina Thomas6 mo.1/2/2012EnglewoodChild abuse
21) Nicholas Camacho191/2/2012Albany ParkGunshot - alley
22) Name Unknown1812/31/2011EnglewoodGunshot - vehicle
23) Jewels Selvie1912/28/2011New CityGunshot - porch/hallway
24) Deontae Malone1512/28/2011Chicago LawnGunshot - street
25) Jawan Ross1612/27/2011EnglewoodGunshot - restaurant
26) Dantril Brown1712/27/2011EnglewoodGunshot - restaurant
27) Onay Lundy1812/12/2011West Garfield ParkGunshot - streeet
28) Leon Deaknye1712/12/2011Albany ParkGunshot - sidewalk
29) Kevin Branch1712/4/2011Morgan ParkGunshot - residential yard
30) Dale Fisher1612/3/2011WoodlawnGunshot - sidewalk
31) Javon Saffore1711/28/2011AustinGunshot - street
32) Christopher Valdez411/25/2011Gage ParkChild abuse - residence
33) Carlton Archer1711/10/2011WoodlawnGunshot - alley
34) Tarik Mandie1811/10/2011ChathamGunshot - street
35) Juan Sanchez1911/5/2011West TownGunshot - street
36) Alex Spikes1711/2/2011RiverdaleGunshot - small retail store
37) Ravon Martin1811/1/2011South ShoreGunshot - sidewalk
38) Marcus Nunn1710/28/2011Chicago LawnGunshot - sidewalk
39) Delvonta Porter1810/24/2011South ShoreGunshot - widewalk
40) August Ayala1910/22/2011North LawndaleAssault - street
41) Andre Vasquez1610/18/2011AvondaleGunshot - residence
42) Marqwell Seaborn1710/17/2011West PullmanGunshot - sidewalk
43) Jayden Tufele3 mo.10/10/2011Jefferson ParkChild Abuse - residence
44) Ray Gibson1710/6/2011WoodlawnGunshot - street
45) Antonio Johnson159/25/2011Humboldt ParkGunshot - porch/alley
46) Omaria Beckon2 mo.9/22/2011South ShoreChild abuse - apartment
47) Steve McGee179/19/2011Washington ParkGunshot - sidewalk
48) Marvis Brown, Jr.179/18/2011Chicago LawnGunshot - porch/alley
49) Devon Varner189/13/2011Washington ParkGunshot - sidewalk
50) Sadarius Sims189/5/2011North LawndaleGunshot - sidewalk
51) Deandre Boatman189/3/2011East Garfield ParkGunshot - sidewalk
52) Rodney Kyles Jr.199/3/2011Lincoln ParkStabbing - sidewalk
53) Jaivon Sandifer39/2/2011AustinStabbing - apartment
54) Davares Robinson178/31/2011East Garfield ParkGunshot - sidewalk
55) Joseph Price148/21/2011AustinGunshot - sidewalk
56) Charinez Jefferson178/16/2011Chicago LawnGunshot - sidewalk
57) Ricardo Vasquez178/13/2011New CityGunshot - street
58) William Sturgeon198/10/2011North LawndaleGunshot - sidewalk
59) Arianna Gibson68/7/2011EnglewoodGunshot - residence
60) Marshaun Taylor168/7/2011Chicago LawnGunshot - street
61) Jose Serrano178/4/2011West PullmanGunshot - alley
62) Ianah Sherrod3 mo.8/3/2011RoselandChild abuse - apartment
63) Jermaine Smith188/3/2011South ShoreGunshot - sidewalk
64) Darius Brown138/3/2011Grand BoulevardGunshot - park property
65) Ewonte Butler187/29/2011AustinGunshot - sidewalk
66) Dazaray Brunt177/26/2011EnglewoodGunshot - sidewalk
67) Sergio Torrez157/22/2011West RidgeGunshot - sidewalk
68) Theodore Thomas187/19/2011EnglewoodGunshot - street
69) Marcus London197/17/2011Washington ParkGunshot - sidewalk
70) Aiki Muhammad177/16/2011EnglewoodGunshot - sidewalk
71) Cordre Hayes187/12/2011West PullmanGunshot - street
72) Deonre Douglas197/9/2011North LawndaleGunshot - sidewalk
73) Jeffrey Butler197/9/2011EnglewoodGunshot - residential yard
74) Devonte Childress187/6/2011EnglewoodGunshot - sidewalk
75) Martel Field177/4/2011RoselandGunshot - alley
76) Ricardo Hall197/3/2011West EnglewoodGunshot - street
77) Juan Baustista166/29/2011Brighton ParkGunshot - alley
78) Aaron Leonard196/28/2011RoselandGunshot - street
79) Christopher Clark176/27/2011New CityGunshot - street
80) Adonis Bright16/26/2011Grand BoulevardChild abuse - apartment
81) Tony Morgan196/23/2011West EnglewoodGunshot - street
82) Richard Gutierrez136/22/2011Chicago LawnGunshot - sidewalk
83) Niko Santiago176/16/2011Lower West SideGunshot - sidewalk
84) James Thomas196/14/2011West Garfield ParkGunshot - retail store
85) Jovany Diaz156/13/2011Humboldt ParkGunshot - residential yard
86) Estavion Green186/13/2011New CityGunshot - sidewalk
87) Jonathon Banks196/10/2011North LawndaleGunshot - sidewalk
88) Dante Smallwood186/8/2011AshburnGunshot - sidewalk
89) Lamont Gogins196/5/2011Chicago LawnGunshot - gas station
90) Karla Allen165/30/2011New CityGunshot - street
91) Larry Parks165/26/2011RoselandGunshot - sidewalk
92) Christian Pichardo185/23/2011South ChicagoGunshot - sidewalk
93) Terrance Boyd165/21/2011AustinGunshot - sidewalk
94) Markell Stribling165/20/2011LoopGunshot - sidewalk
95) Omar Estrada185/19/2011Rogers ParkGunshot - park
96) Timothy Wordlow195/11/2011OaklandGunshot - street
97) Kabiru Adewunmi184/26/2011ChathamGunshot - alley
98) Kingquintav Davis-Ringold14/17/2011RoselandChild abuse - residence
99) Luis Cordova194/15/2011Brighton ParkGunshot - alley
100) Omar Mendez164/14/2011South LawndaleGunshot - sidewalk
101) Arturio Santana164/13/2011South LawndaleStabbing - residential yard
103) Timothy Collins194/12/2011AshburnGunshot - street
104) Christopher Young184/10/2012Greater Grand CrossingGunshot - sidewalk
105) Quintin Turner184/8/2011KenwoodGunshot - street
106) Thurman Williams183/28/2011HermosaGunshot - sidewalk
107) Mokece Brown173/27/2011AustinGunshot - alley

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All of the above information was provided by the Redeye Homicide Tracker

Cory Booker's Bain Buddies; Is Cory Booker working for the Republican Party?

Cory Booker's Bain Buddies

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The National Memo
May 22, 2012
                       Why Cory Booker Got Bain So Wrong Why Cory Booker Got Bain So Wrong
Following the money -- meaning donations to the Newark Mayor's last campaign -- leads to several big (and some Bain-connected) Romney supporters.
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                               What Stopped A GOP Billionaire From Going After Jeremiah Wright?
What Stopped A GOP Billionaire From Going After Jeremiah Wright?
Carl Hiaasen explains.
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                               Stop LGBT Bullying
Stop LGBT Bullying
Tell Republicans to support the Student Non-Discrimination Act.
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Secret Tales Of Banker Burnout
Why the best and the brightest are souring on finance.    Read »
Newt Gingrich Owes Thousands To Twitter, Herman Cain
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GOP Anti-Tax Kingpin Detects Nazism And Communism in Congress
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                               WATCH: Paul Ryan Denounces Obama's 'Austerity'
WATCH: Paul Ryan Denounces Obama's 'Austerity'
The GOP budget chief seems confused.
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                               Cartoon of the Day
Cartoon of the Day
Elizabeth Warren discovers her heritage ... and crushes Scott Brown.
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