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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

These 4 Things Happen Right Before a Heart Attack

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These 4 Things Happen Right Before a Heart Attack
By S.A. Nickerson
Every year, approximately 785,000 Americans suffer a first heart attack. And 470,000 who've already had one or more heart attacks have another one. The scary thing is that 25 percent of ALL heart attacks happen "silently," without clear or obvious symptoms.
Even when symptoms occur, they can be so mild or vague, most people don't even realize it's heart-related (unless they are made aware). Four things in particular are the most sinister signs of a silent heart attack.
These four things are the focus of a recent video presentation by renowned cardiovascular expert Dr. Chauncey Crandall: Silent Heart Attacks: A Special Newsmax Heart Health Report. According to Dr. Crandall, the reason silent heart attacks go untreated is because people don't even notice the symptoms, so he created a special video presentation to show the four things to look for that may be a silent warning — before it's too late to intervene and survive the damage.
Silent Heart Attacks: A Special Newsmax Heart Health Report. Click Here.
Timing is the most critical factor for survival. Statistics show a clear link between delay in treatment and disability or death — the amount of time that elapses between the first sign of symptoms and receiving care.
That's why knowing what to look for in terms of symptoms is critical, especially when they're the kind that most people don't think to associate with a heart attack — like the four things in Dr. Crandall's video, Silent Heart Attacks: A Special Newsmax Heart Health Report.
Originally developed as an educational tool, this video quickly went viral, surpassing five million viewers in just a few short months.
Newsmax Health Publisher Travis Davis attributes the viral sensation to the fact that the content hits close to home for so many Americans. According to Davis, "Dr. Crandall tells the real-life story of a 'widow-maker' heart attack that did not have to happen. It's scary but eye-opening, because he outlines what could have been done to actually prevent this."
Dr. Crandall, chief of the cardiac transplant program at the esteemed Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Florida, practices on the front lines of interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology. Years of experience have afforded him the chance to detect little-known warning signs and symptoms like the four he addresses.
"I think the real value in this presentation is the number of simple strategies he outlines to help prevent heart disease," says Davis, "strategies that many doctors just don't take the time to discuss with patients until they're already showing obvious symptoms of cardiovascular stress."
Editor's Note: For a limited time, Newsmax Health is making Silent Heart Attacks: A Special Newsmax Heart Health Report available at no charge. Click here to see the four things that happen before a heart attack.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Debit cards, smart phones to pay CTA fares? | VIDEO
Smarter and faster ways to pay on the CTA could be a making a stop at your station. The CTA board votes Tuesday on its proposed 2012 budget, which is not expected to include fare hikes, but it could change how riders pay.

$3.2M settlement in Chicago priest sex abuse case
The Archdiocese of Chicago will pay $3.2 million to a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of local Priest Daniel McCormack.
Ill. adoptees can now get birth certificates | VIDEO
A new state law helps adoptees get their birth certificates and learn about their birth families.
Teen girl shot in face at Ada Park
A 17-year-old girl was in critical condition Tuesday after she was shot at a Far South Side park.
Moo and Oink to be auctioned in Dec.
A judge has ordered the public auction of Chicago meat store operator Moo and Oink.
Part of I-55 ranked 28th in fuel-wasting study
Californians are among the top fuel-wasting drivers in the nation, according to a new study out Tuesday.


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NYPD clears park of Occupy Wall Street protesters Hundreds of police officers in riot gear raided Zuccotti Park early Tuesday, evicting dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters from what has become the epicenter of the worldwide movement protesting corporate greed and economic inequality.

Police clear out downtown Occupy Oakland camp
2 deaths at Occupy protests in 2 US states
Occupy protests inspires T-shirts, trademark bids
'Vendetta' mask becomes symbol of Occupy protests

Special Segment: Triumph Over Tragedy Chicagoans were touched by the story of a 2-year-old boy who nearly lost his life in a car crash 23 years ago.


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Illinois BUDGET-Veto Session update

CORE-Illinois: Advocating for Recovery
Be the Voice

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Dear Fred,

Extra day added to veto session
Last week the House to the usual step to added one more day to the fall legislative session. Legislators will return on Tuesday November 29th in an attempt to finalize some details. The bad news for the addiction world is the General Assembly did not take up any specific budget issues; rather they worked on a number of issues surrounding the budget. For an review of the session Rich Miller editor of the Captialfax wrote a short article in the Chicago Sun-Times and article entitled a "Two weeks of nothing in our messed up state."   With the limited progress made on so many topics, it appears very unlikely that the Human Services and Addiction treatment budget will be addressed in any way on the 29th. However, your legislator will be home for the next two weeks-and it is a good time to contact them, continue to build relationships, and educate them about the need to fix the budget error. While we may not prevail later in November we need to prepare for the spring session, and begin the fight to reverse the funding cuts for addiction services. When the General Assembly returns in 2012, it will signal the start of the election year and your voice will be an even more powerful tool.

CORE attends Inaugural training event
Bill Johnson, Executive Director of CORE-Illinois attended the first Executive Directors Leadership Academy in Detroit, Michigan on October 21-23. The Association of Recovery Community Organizations at Faces & Voices of Recovery reached out to CORE through Bill, to ensure Illinois was represented in this new initiative.   The Association of Recovery Community Organizations at Faces & Voices of Recovery (ARCO) is a new initiative that brings established and new and emerging groups together to build the unified voice of the organized recovery community by leveraging the profile and unifying force of Faces & Voices for member organizations. After the summit Bill said:
We covered so much in the two and half days of this summit that all I can do is share some of the highlights, In future CORE-ALERTS I will break it down into more specific details
Some of the sessions I participated in were:
  1. The Effective Organization
  2. Servant Leadership/Transformational Leadership
    1. Attributes of Leaders
    2. Models of Leadership
    3. Self-Assessment
    4. Organizational Planning- Challenges and Opportunities
      1. Strategic Planning - Getting to a Preferred Future
      2. Program Planning - (and Evaluation) for impact
      3. Financial Planning - Making decision for Viability/Sustainability
      4. Marketing and Communications Planning from Best-kept Secret to Talk of the Town
      5. Strategies for Effective Public Policy (in the Era of Health Care Reform)
      6. The Fundraising / Fund Development Puzzle  
Some of the session broke out into small groups that lasted most of the day.   One of the issues we discussed in great depth was about educating our people in recovery around Effective Public Policy in the Era of Health Care Reform. We talked about enrollment and retention and the ramifications for getting involved and for not getting involved. Whether you agree with the Health Care Reform that's on the horizon or not, you need to get educated about it and your roll in this reform, to better be able to explain the process to your friends, clients and/or family members. And to help make sure that Health Care Reform works for the recovering community in Illinois. More shall be forthcoming.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions for how CORE can accomplish this education process in Illinois.
Thanks, Bill
To learn more about the ARCO go to:  Association of Recovery Community Organizations  
National Quit & Recovery Registry
CORE has learned about a new research project that may be of interest to some of our members.    
Why do some people succeed in overcoming addictions while others relapse, at great cost to their health, their families, and even their lives?  The National Quit & Recovery Registry taps the insights and experiences of people who have been in recovery from an addiction-whether to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or a harmful behavior-for at least a year. Sponsored by the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, the registry seeks to help scientific understanding of recovery and to inspire those struggling with addiction.  Learn more at: National Quit & Recovery Registry  

October was a banner month for CORE-ILLINOIS as our membership crossed the 500 mark!
     Fax  217-698-8234
By Mail
401 E. Sangamon Ave.
Springfield, IL 62702
Below and to the left is a link that will allow you to forward this CORE-ALERT to your FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CONTACTS.  All information is this ALERT is public and we are asking you to please engage others in your life to our cause.

Tuesday's Daily Brief

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
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Guy Horton: The Death of Occupy Wall Street?
So is this the death of Occupy. My suspicion is that this is, in fact, just the beginning. What form will it take next? It may not have Zuccotti Park anymore, but it increasingly has the intellectual and emotional landscape of the American psyche.
Donna Schaper: You Can't Evict the Human Spirit
I call Occupy my Xanax, my anti-depressant, my ability to sit with peers over dinner or coffee and not become morbid. I had a spiritual and political depression. I don't have it any more. The cops don't have a chance of taking it away from me.
Keli Goff: What Justin Bieber and Gold Diggers Can Teach Us About Feminism
I know not every woman is a gold digger. I just wish so many women out there would stop perpetuating the stereotype that most of us are.
Dr. Frank Lipman: 10 Natural Tips To Boost Immunity This Winter
Flu season is headed our way and in a few weeks many will suffer, but you don't have to be one of them if you start boosting immunity now.
Tammy Nelson, Ph.D.: Affair Proof Your Marriage
Whether you just got married, or you're on your way to your twentieth wedding anniversary, you don't want to think about the possibility that one of you could cheat, right?