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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Alter: Why Senator Rubio Is No Dream Veep

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Saturday, December 03, 2011
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The Big Story, By Jonathan Alter
Although he claims to have no interest in the job, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the most likely VP choice for any Republican nominee. But in truth, Rubio is not the ideal vice-presidential candidate to solve Republicans' trouble with Hispanics. READ MORE
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My Front Pages By Joe Conason
Marketing genius is perhaps the most appropriate way to describe Donald J. Trump's newest incarnation as the announced host -- he can hardly be called a "moderator" -- of a post-Christmas Republican debate sponsored by Newsmax, the conservative magazine and website. Why would the candidates agree to join this spectacle? READ MORE
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Tax Cut Fight
The failure of most Republicans to back an extension of the payroll tax cut opens up vulnerable senators to charges of hypocrisy -- especially in a political environment of resurgent populism across the spectrum, where Republicans are even more likely than Democrats and Independents to support continuing those tax breaks. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Bruce Judson
Members of the 'Occupy' movement are planning to begin a nationwide action protesting the foreclosure crisis. Whatever your views of the movement itself, they are casting a bright light on the place where capitalism, our democracy, and our society have all failed: the housing crisis. READ MORE
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The Cain Scrutiny
Ever since Georgia businesswoman Ginger White went public with her claim that she was involved with Herman Cain in a 13-year extramarital affair, his poll numbers have plummeted and he has acknowledged that he is having trouble raising money. Despite a range of reports, nobody knows exactly what Cain plans to do. But when even Mark Sanford -- the former South Carolina Governor who stayed in office after his secret love affair was revealed and his wife divorced him -- is saying that it's time to go... READ MORE
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The U.S. unemployment rate fell last month to its lowest level in more than 2½ years. More people out of work either found jobs, or else gave up looking and -- in a peculiarity of government economic analysis -- were no longer counted as unemployed. READ MORE
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