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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

National Museum of African American History and Culture groundbreaking - The Style Blog - The Washington Post

National Museum of African American History and Culture groundbreaking - The Style Blog - The Washington Post:

None of the Republican candidates attended this ceremony this morning. The Republican candidates for President of the United States are not interested in the African American. We are not part of their society or interest. They talk about being Christian, but have no idea of Christian principles, ethics, behavior, and character. They need to be informed. They need to listen to Dr. Winfred Neely.

Dr. Winfred Neely serves as professor of Preaching and Pastoral Studies at Moody Bible Institute. He is a skilled Bible expositor and has extensive experience as a pastor and church planter, both in the United States and overseas. Before coming to Moody Bible Institute, he trained pastors in western Africa for nine years. Dr. Neely has also served as teaching pastor at Lawndale Community Church in Chicago. In addition to his role on the faculty at Moody Bible Insitute, Dr. Neely serves as senior pastor of Living Hope Community Church in South Holland, Ill. He has contributed to the Moody Handbook of Preaching. Listen to him on the Moody Radio Station at http://www.moodyradio.org/todayintheword/

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Protest grows on day of CPS vote | VIDEO
Chicago Public Schools' board meeting could be a heated one Wednesday as members vote on a controversial plan to close some schools and restructure others.

Wrong-way driver causes Kennedy crash | VIDEO
Another accident, this time involving a driver going the wrong way Wednesday on the Kennedy Expressway, has seriously injured an innocent driver.
LIVE VIDEO: Quinn budget address at 12 p.m.
Gov. Pat Quinn will outline the state's budget at noon. Watch it LIVE at noon on ABC7Chicago.com.
Road repairs cause traffic delays
Road repairs on the Stevenson caused major backups on area expressways Wednesday morning.
CPD: Drunk passenger causes crash into building
Two people were hurt after a car crashed into a building in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.
Aardvark born at Brookfield Zoo
A Chicago-area zoo has announced its newest addition -- an aardvark born Jan. 12.


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Toronto: Anatomy of a Protest ABC7's Paul Meincke went to Canada's largest city to get a sense of lessons learned in the Toronto experience.

Special Segment: Toronto's Experience

SW Side shrimp house serves up seafood for Lent It's Ash Wednesday, which also signals the beginning of Lent. And for many Catholics, that means giving up meat and consuming more fish, at least until Easter.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012
White House To Propose Cutting Corporate Tax Rate
American Reporter Killed In Syria
WATCH: Obama Sings AGAIN
Dozens Wounded In Afghan Demonstrations Over Quran-Burning
Credit Agency Downgrades Greece, Says Default 'Highly Likely'
Robert Reich: The GOP's Big Investors
Whoever emerges as the GOP standard-bearer will be deeply indebted to a handful of people, each of whom will expect a good return on their investment. And this is just the beginning. We haven't even come to the general election.
Ellen DeGeneres: Right Here in Black and White
The Oscars are this Sunday, and I have a feeling The Artist is going to do very well. It's nominated for 10 awards, and if I hadn't lost all my money on the Super Bowl, I'd be placing my bets.
Mike Lux: What Bible Is Santorum Reading?
There is simply no way to read the Bible I read and not come to the conclusion that it is overwhelmingly supportive of helping the poor, showing mercy to the weak, refraining from judging, treating others as you would treat yourself, calling on the wealthy to give their money to the poor, and all kinds of other liberal, lefty, progressive values.
Evan Shapiro: TV > Film: For Curing a Case of the Cubas, There's Nothing Better Than TV
Consider what is now reality -- television is an important way to expand your talents, extend your career and rid yourself of cubas (named for the epitome of the post-Oscar slump, Cuba Gooding, Jr.). With that in mind, here are 11 Oscar Winners Who Need a TV Show, STAT.
Judith Acosta: The Luxury of Divorce
With less expendable income, there are less expendable marriages. Our new economic realities may be forcing yet another belt tightening -- or heart tightening -- process: People can no longer afford to get divorced.

Today In Stupid: 'Radical Feminist' Girl Scouts

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012
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The Big Story, By Matt Taylor
Sorry, America, the cash isn't coming out of politics anytime soon.

Reform advocates who had expressed cautious optimism that the Supreme Court might reconsider the Citizens United decision while reviewing a Montana Supreme Court case are likely to see their hopes dashed -- especially because there's no indication that swing voting Justice Anthony Kennedy regrets allowing corporations and individuals to funnel unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. "The Supreme Court has fundamentally changed the rules of the game here," former Supreme Court clerk and Harvard legal historian Noah Feldman told The National Memo. "But if it doesn't particularly look like it affects partisan outcomes, people may not care." READ MORE
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Today In Stupid
On Monday the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette obtained a letter from Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris, in which he warns his fellow Republicans about a "radicalized organization" that promotes feminists, lesbians, and abortions: the Girl Scouts of America. READ MORE
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A second, 130 billion Euro ($172 billion) bailout and a deep debt write-off for financially stricken Greece will ward off a financial disaster in Europe. Economists, however, only give the deal a slim chance of putting the Mediterranean nation on the path to recovery -- and steadying its place in Europe's currency union. READ MORE
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Featured Column: David Cay Johnston
If you make more than about $33,500 a year, your federal income tax burden is probably lighter than you think. The portion of your income that you pay in taxes is your "effective tax rate." But when politicians and pundits talk about effective tax rates, the data they typically use relies on an incomplete measure for income. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Carl Hiaasen
As political miscalculations go, this one could be epic. If you're looking for a sure way to galvanize female voters against your own party, attack birth control. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Gene Lyons
The feel-good story of Jeremy Lin, the underdog Chinese-American player from Harvard, has made NBA fans of millions who scarcely know the 24-second clock from a goaltending call. Here's hoping they stick around, because it's a heck of a show. Meanwhile, how about if we dialed down the ethnic sensitivity meter until the kid settles in? READ MORE
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