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Monday, February 20, 2012

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Possible code violations at funeral home | VIDEO
Chicago police and building inspectors are investigating possible code violations at Carter Funeral Chapels on the city's South Side.

2 dead ID'd in drive-by shooting | VIDEO
A 14-year-old boy is in stable yet critical condition following a drive-by shooting that killed two people on the city's Southeast Side.
Parents to protest CPS turnaround changes | VIDEO
A group of parents plans to let the Chicago Public Schools know they don't like the plan for the future of some of their schools.
Guardian Angels patrolling Green Line after robberies
Guardian Angels were patrolling the CTA's Green Line Monday morning following a series of robberies.
More whooping cough reported in suburban school district
Five more cases of whooping cough have been reported in Park Ridge-Niles School District 64.
Police: Robber shoots self during struggle
Police say a suspected robber accidentally shot himself Sunday night in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side.


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50 years since Glenn orbited Earth John Glenn plans to mark the 50th anniversary of his historic spaceflight with a series of events Monday at Ohio State University, including a celebratory dinner and a chat with the International Space Station.

PHOTOS: Glenn orbits earth in 1962

King Cake Recipe Chef Toni Marie Cox from Toni Patisserie & Cafe makes a traditional King Cake just in time for Mardi Gras.

Chicago's best gumbo at Lagniappe
Fat Tuesday: Mardi Gras parade set to step off


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Monday's Daily Brief

Monday, February 20, 2012
Murdoch Makes A Big Announcement
Jeremy Lin Leads Knicks Over Mavericks
Santorum Calls For Ending Public Education, Prenatal Testing
Seoul Begins Military Drills Despite NKorea Threat
Man Survives Two Months In Snow-Covered Car
Paul Brandeis Raushenbush: Rick Santorum's Political and Biblical Mistake
Mr. Santorum should be careful in his efforts to score political points using biblical mandates on the same week that he shows such callousness towards the lives of the poor.
Annie McKee: Balance Yourself, Not Work and Life
Learning to live mindfully and to focus on hope and compassion will help you to ward off stress and balance yourself.
Alan Schroeder: Back From Hiatus: Return of the GOP Debaters
After nearly a month-long hiatus, the reality television series known as the GOP presidential primary debates returns to the small screen on Wednesday. As the players reassemble for their 20th debate of the season, what should viewers expect?
Cat Cora: A Recipe for Fighting Child Malnutrition
Every year, more than 2.5 million children globally die due to hunger and malnutrition. The exciting news is that this crisis is solvable. I saw that firsthand last week on a trip to Ethiopia.
Sherman Yellen: On Rising Eighty: Surprised by Age and by a Wonderful Year
Most of us in America think that anyone who is approaching 80 is declining, if not amongst the walking dead, but having reached that amazing number myself this week I rejoice in my new and unexpected age. No, 80 is not the new 60, but surprise, surprise; it feels great to me.

Use A Library Card and Help Free Hundreds of Thousands of Black Men Incarcerated in America

Black Star Logo
You can help to stop the unjust incarceration of young Black men
Join the movement to stop the American system of The New Jim Crow by checking a book out of your local library or by buying and reading a paperback copy of The New Jim Crow. All high school and college students must read this book!
Step One: Get a library card. They are usually free! 
Professor Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow
Step Two: Ask to check-out a copy of The New Jim Crow at your local, school or neighborhood library.  This is usually free.
Step Three:  If your library does not have The New Jim Crow, ask when they will have it.  If they do not give you an adequate answer, contact the the library commissioner, executive director, principal of your school or the President of the Library Board and let them know that this is a book you want in your library.   
Step Four:  Encourage all of your friends and family to perform steps one, two, three and four.  Encourage all ex-felons or Black men who have had a brush with the law to perform steps one, two, three and four.
Click Here to purchase a paperback copy of The New Jim Crow.
Click Here to view a 25 minute video of Michelle Alexander speaking on Democracy Now about The New Jim Crow.
Click Here to hear a segment of Michelle Alexander on National Public Radio speaking about The New Jim Crow.
Click Here to see a 3 minute trailer of Michelle Alexander speaking about the The New Jim Crow.
Click Here to find out if and when Michelle Alexander might be in your city or state speaking on The New Jim Crow. 
Click NJCevents@gmail.com to discuss bringing Michelle Alexander to your city.
Click Here to become a member of The Black Star Project.
Click Here to learn more about The Black Star Project.
With these few actions, you will become part of the social movement to end the unjust and over-incarceration of Black men in America and to destroy the new system of Jim Crow that is decimating millions of men from Black communities across America. It is as simple as getting a library card in your city or county, checking out a copy of The New Jim Crow, reading it and returning it. 
Please email blackstar1000@ameritech.net or call 773.285.9600 with any questions or if you need support in these strategies.

The Black Star Project | 3473 South King Drive, Box 464 | Chicago | IL | 60616

Boyfriend, Undocumented, Outs Arizona Sheriff

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Monday, February 20, 2012
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The Big Story, By E.J. Dionne
When we talk about hypocrisy in politics, we usually highlight personal behavior. The multiply-married politician who proclaims "family values" while also having affairs is now a rather dreary stock figure in our campaign narratives. But the hypocrisy that matters far more is the gap between ideology and practice that has reached a crisis point in American conservatism. READ MORE
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After enduring two years of relentless criticism and satire, could Citizens United, the case responsible more than any other for channeling unlimited donations into political campaigns, be argued again before the U.S, Supreme Court? That's the possibility raised by the Court blocking a Montana law banning most corporate donations in state races. Two Supreme Court justices have now urged their colleagues to revisit the broader constitutional questions in the era of Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney's 'Restore Our Future', Foster Friess, and Stephen Colbert. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Cynthia Tucker
If there is any system that is worse off than the nation's voter registration rolls, it's the political system that ought to be prepared to fix voter registration. Instead, our politicians are busy dismissing real issues while inventing pseudo-problems that align with their partisan ideals and preconceived notions. Harsh laws that mandate state-sponsored photo IDs will achieve next to nothing. READ MORE
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This Weekend In Stupid
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu built a reputation as a rising star of the right by taking a hardline stance against illegal immigration, attacking the Obama administration, and appearing alongside Sen. John McCain in a 2010 re-election ad in which the Senator urged federal officials to just "complete the danged fence." But on Saturday, Babeu was forced to admit publicly that he is gay -- and was involved with a Mexican immigrant who claims the sheriff threatened to have him deported if he revealed their relationship. READ MORE
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Danziger Cartoon
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