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Monday, February 27, 2012

1 student killed, 4 others wounded after teen gunman opens fire in cafeteria - NYPOST.com

1 student killed, 4 others wounded after teen gunman opens fire in cafeteria - NYPOST.com

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Gas prices rising every week | VIDEO
Prices at the pump are soaring, especially in Chicago, where the average gallon of gasoline costs $3.82.

Boy lying on tollway hit, killed
A teenage boy is dead after he was struck by a vehicle while he was apparently lying on the pavement of the Jane Addams Tollway Sunday night near S. Elmhurst Rd.
Hammond mom killed in hit-and-run crash | VIDEO
Police are searching for a suspect after a hit-and-run accident killed a mother and injured four members of her family in Calumet City.
Officer accidentally shoots himself during chase
A Chicago police officer is recovering after he accidentally shot himself in the leg.
Apparent arrest made in 2008 hit-and-run crash
A hit-and-run driver reportedly turned himself in to the family of a woman who was struck and killed by a car in Joliet four years ago.
Chicago street named after comedian Bernie Mac
Bernie Mac is getting a Chicago street named after him in a posthumous honor from his hometown.


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1 killed, 4 hurt in Ohio school shooting A gunman opened fire inside a high school cafeteria at the start of the school day Monday, killing one student and wounding four others, authorities said. A suspect -- believed to be a student -- was arrested a short distance away.

Midwestern girl goes Hollywood Academy Award nominee Melissa McCarthy walked the red carpet in a Grecian-inspired gown, but she may prefer a pair of overalls.

'Artist' wins big at Oscars
Complete Oscar Coverage
Plainfield's McCarthy nominated for Oscar


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Black Male Teachers Are Becoming Extinct in America; Black Women Greatly Outnumber Black Men at HBCU's; New Jim Crow Social Justice Movement Heads to Nebraska; Only 4% of U.S. College Students Are Black Males

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Making Progress; Moving Forward!
Black Male Teachers Becoming Extinct
Who Will Black Prorfessional Women Marry?
New Jim Crow Social Justice Movement Heads to Nebraska
Are Charter Schools An Engine for Segregation?
Olny 4% of U.S. College Students Are Black Males
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Black Male Teachers Becoming Extinct
Black Star Logo"There are African American men all over the country with skills, and with passion, that can serve these boys in so many capacities that they don't even know," King says. "It makes a huge difference because [the students] are able to be comfortable with themselves, they're able to see what they'll become one day, and if those images are positive, it raises their self identity to another level."
King hopes that by reaching his young black boys early, he'll be able to help them build a strong educational foundation that will allow them to buck another troubling trend: the low number of African American males entering and graduating from college. A recent report from the Department of Education showed that males are now a distinct minority on campus-even at historically black colleges and universities.
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Black Women Greatly Out Number Black Men at HBCU's.  Who Will Professional Black Women Marry?
Black Star LogoOf Black males who make it to an HBCU, only 29 percent will graduate within six years, which is worse than the 33 percent national average of black males at all colleges. Nationally, the six-year graduation rate is 57 percent.
The gender gap is magnified at Clark Atlanta University, where a staggering 74 percent of the students are female. Last fall, as the school welcomed one of the largest freshman classes in history - more than 1,000 - fewer than 100 were men.
Michelle Alexander and The New Jim Crow
Social Justice Movement Arrive in Nebraska
on Saturday, March 10, 2010 
People in Omaha, Lincoln, North Platte and Grand Island, Nebraska;  Sioux City, Des Moines, Davenport and Iowa City, Iowa; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Minneapolis and Rochester, Minnesota; St. Joseph and Kansas City, Missouri; Overland Park, Topeka and Kansas City, Kansas; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Denver, Colorado are encouraged to attend this event.  
"Much like a great explorer, Michelle Alexander has discovered another America--a bizarro world where prejudice and discrimination have replaced truth and justice. An America that is as intent on destroying young Black men as it is at proclaiming its passion for freedom and fairness. Even some of the most conscious and best-intentioned Americans can't see The New Jim Crow and their roles in supporting it. Michelle Alexander holds a mirror up to America and reveals a monster!"  - Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project 
Take Young Men and/or Young Women to a Free College Basketball Game
through a
 Million Fathers Club Events
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UIC Women vs University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee  
7:00 PM
Thursday, March 1, 2012
 525 South Racine Street
UIC Pavilion
 Chicago, Illinois
Call Bruce Walker at 773-285-9600 for more information or to reserve your FREE tickets! 
Click Here for information about other free college games.
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Charter School Segregation
Target Of New Report
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Charter schools often promise to bring greater equity to education, but a new brief starts with the assumption that they fall short in delivery - and provides recommendations to fix the alleged injustice.
"Charter schools tend to be more racially segregated than traditional public schools," said author and Penn State law professor Preston Green III, who sat on a board that considered charter-school applications in Pennsylvania. "What we tried to do is write ways to enable charter schools to promote desegregation rather exacerbate segregation."
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Report: Only 4 percent of college students are black males in U.S.
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Observer-Dispatch, Feb 17, 2012  
Next week, Thomas R. Proctor High School senior Julius Blackshear will visit several colleges during winter break.  By the end of the week, he will have a better idea of which college he might attend in the fall.
Blackshear's winter-break activity represents that of many high school seniors, but he's somewhat of an anomaly among black males, according to a study by the Washington, D.C.-based Council of the Great City Schools that found only 4 percent of college students are black males.
One of the best options for educating Black students in America -- Saturday University
Please call 773.285.9600 to learn how to start a Saturday University in your city.  We have 15 free Saturday Universities operating in and around Chicago.  Please call 773.285.9600 to register your child for free academic enhancement or for more information about Saturday University.
Campaign for Black Male Achievement Impact Index
This report provides a summary of the accomplishments of the Open Society Campaign for Black Male Achievement since its inception in 2008. It contains the rationale for developing the campaign, a breakdown of its grantmaking goals and strategies, various collaborations that have been created, and descriptions of grantees in each key strategy area. The result is a publication that targets a variety of networks including funding partners, with the hope of leveraging more money to the black male achievement field. 

Monday's Daily Brief

'The Artist' Takes Best Picture
Monday, February 27, 2012
White House Helped Pay For Surveillance Of Muslim Neighborhoods In NYC
Wikileaks Publishes Millions Of Confidential Emails From Security Firm
Santorum Requests Secret Service Security
Plot To Assassinate Vladimir Putin Reportedly Foiled
PHOTOS: The Oscars 2012 Red Carpet Roundup!
Michael Smerconish: The Unfaithful Candidate
What separates us from Iran or al-Qaeda if we are going to pick our presidents according to religious litmus tests? Perhaps Romney could have quoted the First Amendment and reminded people that it ensures every American's ability to exercise his faith. But he remained silent.
Mohamed A. El-Erian: The World Wishes Mandela Well and Needs Him
Mr. Mandela, we wish you a quick and full recovery. You have materially improved the well-being of millions and you continue to be a beacon for the many who struggle daily for a better and more just world.
Bill Moyers: Contagion and the Conflict Between Religious Beliefs and Immunization
Now seven states are considering legislation to make it even easier for mothers and fathers to spare their children from vaccinations, especially on religious grounds.
Sen. Mark Warner: A Billion+Change: Supporting Nonprofits Through Skills-Based Pro Bono Service
In tough times, we need to find more creative ways to help. Many American businesses have agreed to partner with their employees to donate pro bono services, leveraging the extraordinary talents of their workforce to help support community needs.
Nancy Doyle Palmer: Elizabeth Reaser on Broadway, Breasts and Playing Opposite the Big Boys -- Brave and True
Elizabeth Reaser talks a little about the sexuality of this role and the physical challenge of the playing both a young teen and a grown woman who is particularly well-endowed.

National Memo: How Fragile Is Obama's Lead?

The National Memo
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Monday, February 27, 2012
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The Big Story, By E.J. Dionne
If the election were held right now, President Obama would likely win by about the same margin that propelled him into office in 2008. But how fragile are his current advantages? READ MORE
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Featured Column: Leonard Pitts Jr.
Do you watch "Mad Men"? If so, you know that one of the things that drama about a 1960s advertising agency does best is transport you back to the days when women still were "gals." We think we remember what that was like. We use words like "sexist" and "paternalistic" to describe it.

When Rick Santorum's Super PAC sugar daddy Foster Friess describes how things were "back in my days," it is worth remembering that those are the days he is referring to. READ MORE
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GOP Primary
Rick Santorum has begun to call out Ron Paul and Mitt Romney for their bizarre alliance in the Republican presidential primary as he seeks to unite the broad majority of his party that has rejected Romney's suspect politics for something more pure (and fiery).

"We need to go out and say we don't need the Ron Paul faction and the moderate establishment teaming up to attack the real conservative in this race," he complained. READ MORE
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Around The World
The U.S. and its allies dismissed the Syrian regime's referendum on a new constitution Sunday as a "farce" meant to justify the bloody crackdown on dissent. But voters in government strongholds suggested why some Syrians have not joined the uprising against President Bashar Assad: Loyalty, distrust of the opposition, and fear his fall will ignite a civil war. READ MORE
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My Front Pages, By Joe Conason
Seeking applause from a right-wing audience in Michigan, Mitt Romney vowed on Saturday: "I will cut spending, I will cap spending and I will finally balance the budget," saying that he will end federal funding for all the usual Republican budgetary scapegoats -- the Public Broadcasting System, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

But Romney must think the Tea Party "conservatives" he is courting are very stupid indeed, if he's promising to balance the federal budget by eliminating the miniscule amounts spent on the nation's cultural programs. As the former businessman and governor certainly knows, his numbers -- including the massive tax cuts and defense increases -- simply don't balance, ever. READ MORE
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Pop Culture
"The Artist" won five Academy Awards on Sunday including best picture, becoming the first silent film to triumph at Hollywood's highest honors since the original Oscar ceremony 83 years ago. READ MORE
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Cartoon of the Day
Danziger Cartoon
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