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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Evergreen Park teachers strike for 5th day | VIDEO
Teachers in Evergreen Park were manning the picket lines again Tuesday after contract talks with District 124 officials broke off without an agreement.

Jerry Sandusky sentenced to at least 30 years | VIDEO
Jerry Sandusky was sentenced Tuesday to at least 30 years in prison - effectively a life sentence - in the child sexual abuse scandal that brought shame to Penn State and led to coach Joe Paterno's downfall.
Last day to register to vote for 2012 election | VIDEO
With four weeks until the presidential election, if you're not signed up to vote, Tuesday is an important day.
Batavia schools open after Legionnaires' bacteria found
Classes were back in session Tuesday at three schools in Batavia where traces of the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease were found and removed.
Report: Preckwinkle considering 'violence tax' on guns
Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is reportedly considering a violence tax.
Ind. man allegedly robbed Lockport, Glen Ellyn banks
Charges were pending Tuesday against an Indiana man suspected of robbing a pair of suburban banks.


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Columbus Day to see closures, parade

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Tuesday's Daily Brief: Romney's Bain Made Millions On Big Tobacco

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
New Obama Ad Goes After Mitt Romney On Big Bird
Republican Calls For Children's Death
Supreme Court Revisiting Contentious Issue
Zetas Drug Cartel Leader Reportedly Killed
PHOTOS: Lioness Befriends Baby Antelope
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Mr. President: Next Debate, Make Moral Choice Clear
Mr. President, when you walk on stage in the next debate I would like to hear you say that the choice is not just about whose tax plan you like or who has the better health care strategy. It's much more fundamental than that. This is a choice about our national character.
Paul Rieckhoff: Big Bird Gets a Mention, Vets Left Out Entirely. Will VP Debate Be Any Different?
No veteran should come home to an unemployment check. Candidates need to do more, and all Americans need to demand answers on how they plan to support new veterans and their families -- on jobs and other critical issues.
Gordon Brown: The Tragedy of Child Brides
Our guarantee on International Day of The Girl Child is that we will do everything, everywhere to ensure that the millions of girls who have not gone to school today will get their chance of an education and have their basic human rights respected.
Marlo Thomas: A Size Zero Dress Does Not Equal Success
We all know that carrying too much weight can cause serious health problems. Obesity can lead to diseases that can threaten our lives. But that needn't force us to hold ourselves to one ideal. And, hey, who gets to decide what's beautiful?
Joseph C. Wilson: Voter Intimidation and Suppression Come to New Mexico
The Republicans want to work people into a lather over fictional voter fraud while the real problem is Republican led voter suppression, intimidation and outright cheating.

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Which Candidate is Best
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