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Friday, July 27, 2012

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Former CPS basketball star shot, killed | VIDEO
Rising college basketball star Michael Haynes, 22, was fatally shot Thursday evening near 116th and Vincennes.

Police find Manteno shooting suspect's car
Police say they have found the car belonging to Rene Flores on Chicago's Southwest Side. He is wanted in a shooting at a warehouse in Manteno earlier this week.
Gas station clerk fatally shot during robbery | VIDEO
A gas station store clerk was shot and killed during what police said was a robbery.
Lollapalooza makes changes to protect Grant Park
More fences and increased security will be in place for the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago's Grant Park in an effort to avoid landscape damage and to prevent gate-crashing.
NYC mayor disagrees with Chicago, Boston on Chick-fil-A
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he strongly disagrees with the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco over Chick-fil-A's position on gay marriage.
US drought getting worse; Illinois in 'extreme drought'
The widest drought to grip the United States in decades is getting worse with no signs of abating, a new report warned Thursday, as state officials urged conservation and more ranchers considered selling cattle.


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2012 Olympics | Wait over, London lifting curtain on Olympic dreams Britain is greeting the world with an extravagant celebration that includes Bond, the Bard and a Beatle -- and a formal welcome from no less a figure than its jubilee queen.

Cacophony of bells rings in London Olympics
Olympics 2012: Michelle Obama arrives in London, meets U.S. athletes
Romney resume from 2002 in focus amid Olympic rift

Argentina asado on Saturday nights at Province Province, a West Loop restaurant, is recreating a traditional South American feast every Saturday night.


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Friday's Daily Brief: Mitt's Disastrous Day In London

Friday, July 27, 2012
Romney Now: 'It Looks Like London Is Ready'
42 Religious Groups Condemn Michele Bachmann's Anti-Muslim Allegations
Sneak Peek At Olympics Opening Ceremony
WATCH: USA Olympic Swim Team Sings 'Call Me Maybe'
Fans Boo Madonna: Paris Concertgoers Blast Pop Star For Brief Show
Arianna Huffington: Women Who Wouldn't Go Away
Last month we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Title IX. This week, we are celebrating the progress women athletes have made so far -- and acknowledging the work yet to be done -- with Kavitha A. Davidson's Huffington story about the milestones for women athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games.
Sen. John Kerry: Keeping the Special Relationship Strong
As Gov. Romney lands in London this week, he would be wise to realize that our European alliances are not something that holds us back. Our alliance helps to move our national security agenda forward.
Robert L. Borosage: Mitt Romney: The Gated Candidate
The wealthiest Americans often choose to live in gated communities, designed to shield them from the intrusion of those Ann Romney calls "you people." Now, Mitt Romney is applying that same notion to his campaign for the presidency.
David Beckham: Make Children the Real Winners of London 2012
The eve of the London 2012 Olympics is finally here. For the next two weeks we will all be cheering on Team GB, hoping our athletes will realise the Olympic dreams they have trained so hard for. But I hope they will not be the only winners of these Olympic Games. I hope the 180 million children who are currently suffering from the hidden hunger crisis - known as stunting - will be able to steal some of the limelight too.
Lucy Danziger: Why Michael Phelps' Abs Matter (and Other Olympic Theories)
When you watch the Olympics in the next 14 days and feel inspired, think about what it is that moves you. Then realize this: It doesn't really matter. Just get moving!

Mitt's Five Big Foreign Policy Fails

Mitt's Five Big Foreign Policy Fails

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The National Memo
July 27, 2012
                       Romney's Five Biggest Foreign Policy Fails Romney's Five Biggest Foreign Policy Fails
Mitt's "Anglo-Saxon heritage" didn't save him from these blunders.
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                               Up Today -- Down Tomorrow?
Up Today -- Down Tomorrow?
Tracking the daily polls and media perils of a hard-fought, high-stakes national campaign.
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                                Your Help Can Keep Kids from Going Hungry This Summer!
Your Help Can Keep Kids from Going Hungry This Summer!
Help spread the word!
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The Republican Convention Will Try To Kill The First Amendment
But the voice of the people cannot be silenced.    Read »
Romney Pretends Not To Like Dressage
He probably isn't fooling anyone.    Read »
Founding Father Thomas Paine Agrees: 'You Didn't Build That'
And the rest of the best of the web.    Read »
Al Sharpton image #2
                               Yahoo's New CEO Is A Triumph For Feminism
Yahoo's New CEO Is A Triumph For Feminism
Even if she doesn't realize it herself.
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                               Cartoon Of The Day
Cartoon Of The Day
Tim Geithner tried to warn London about LIBOR...
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