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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Strong Jobs Report Bodes Well For Obama

The National Memo
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Saturday, March 10, 2012
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The United States added 227,000 jobs in February in the latest display of the economic recovery's surprising breadth and brawn. Though unemployment remained at 8.3 percent, the past three months have brought the strongest job growth since the Great Recession, boosting President Obama's re-election prospects. READ MORE
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Rush Limbaugh, certainly, has spewed heaps of putrid commentary; the talk meister has done his part to rip apart the fabric of tolerance and compromise. But Limbaugh didn't teach Republican politicians to use harsh language replete with demeaning phrases to describe their opponents' policies. That was Gingrich's great accomplishment. READ MORE
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Mitt Romney -- who has previously praised the height of Michigan's trees and sung of his love for Davy Crockett in Tennessee -- has been telling Mississippi crowds that he loves grits. "I got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits," he said. "Delicious!"

Romney later repeated the line, explaining that he's becoming an "unofficial southerner." READ MORE
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Paying Manhattan rents to live in a trailer in North Dakota sounds absurd. What's really crazy, however, is that it costs so much to live in New York in the first place. READ MORE
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Access to safe and reliable contraception has helped make possible the hard-won gains that women in the United States have achieved during the past 40 years in education, employment, and participation in public life. And no irony was lost in the fact that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives marked International Women's Day by holding another in what has been a constant drumbeat of hearings on some piece of legislation that would roll back fundamental reproductive rights and further politicize women's health. READ MORE
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It's almost six years since Twitter was founded. What's the next web tool poised for explosive growth? It may be Change.org, which boasts almost 10 million active users and is adding more than a million users a month. READ MORE
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Page: In Limbaugh squabble, Ron Paul rises above GOP frontrunners | The Town Talk | thetowntalk.com

Page: In Limbaugh squabble, Ron Paul rises above GOP frontrunners | The Town Talk | thetowntalk.com:

Who are our storytellers? If Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer or storyteller, why do politicians listen to them? Does the excuse of entertainers or storytellers suffice for the truth of events? Are we a people damned to our product of thought and speech? How we define ourselves will be our legacy.

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform: Change Amidst Uncertainty - Capco

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform: Change Amidst Uncertainty - Capco:

Republican O'Malley attempts to block the implementation of Dodd-Frank. How should we tell a story about Dodd-Frank and regulation of the derivatives. As you know, Dodd-Frank was created due to the housing "bubble" collapse. The procedural hurdle of O'Malley attempts to stop Dodd-Frank's implementation by going to the "OMB" to undermine the process.

What are the rules of Dodd-Frank? There are 300 rules of cost/benefits analysis. Regulators paralyzed by opposing Wall Street "giants" because of the litigation produced when implementation is attempted. Does Dodd-Frank go far enough in regulating Wall Street? Its about credit to defaults swaps between "ghosts" sellers and buyers.

Speculation drives the oil prices up. Wall Street interest gets paid every time the price of gas goes up. What are you going to do about it? Dodd-Frank was put in place to avoid this oil/gas fiasco. How do we put the rules of Dodd-Frank in place as the Congress and the people have demanded?