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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

6 Andersonville garages catch fire | VIDEO
Bomb and arson squads are investigating after six garages caught fire in the 1600-block of West Farragut and 1600-block of West Berwyn in Rogers Park early Wednesday.

Drew Peterson sat in on Stacy's police interview | VIDEO
As a ''courtesy'' to a fellow officer, ex-Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson was allowed to sit with Stacy while police questioned her shortly after his third wife was found dead.
Girl, 17, reports sex assault in Logan Square | VIDEO
Police are investigating a report of a sexual assault in an alley in the 2700-block of North Artesian in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood in broad daylight.
FBI: Page died of self-inflicted gunshot
Wade Michael Page died of a self-inflicted gunshot after opening fire at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on Sunday.
Memorial for doctor who saved kids from lake
A memorial service will be held Wednesday for Dr. Donald Liu.
Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari have baby
Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and reality TV star Kristin Cavallari have reportedly had their baby.


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Earthquake in California rattles LA area There are no reports of damage from a late-night moderate earthquake widely felt in Southern California.

4.4-M earthquake, 2.7 aftershock rattle SoCal

Penguin roams free at Brookfield Zoo ''Pepe'' the penguin weighs just 6 pounds and stands less than 2 feet tall and yet he has been promoted to ambassador at Brookfield Zoo.

PHOTOS: Penguin greets Brookfield Zoo visitors


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Wednesday's Daily Brief: Bain Capital Linked to Death Squads

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
WATCH: Hillary Clinton Dances In South Africa
Shep Smith 'On Thin Ice' For Outspokenness, Former Fox Newser Says
Texas Executes Man With 61 IQ
Pizza Delivery Chain Raising Prices Because Of Obamacare
WATCH: Diver's Embarrassing Flop Dubbed The Worst Olympic Dive
Howard Fineman: Rush Limbaugh Has Had It With Me
I have news to report: Rush Limbaugh has finally had it with me. He has decided that I'm rooting for America's decline and that I'm a part of President Barack Obama's "crop of Democrats." None of that is true, but it's worth recounting how Rush and I got to this point.
Sandra Fluke: Why I'm Standing With President Obama Today
As we register to vote -- as we walk into the voting booth -- we must remember the choice we're making. One option is a candidate who promises to turn back the clock on women's rights and our access to health care. Thankfully, we have a far better option: President Obama.
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Madame Voldemort Is Wrong: Public Employees Are American Heroes
She said this about public employees: "Government jobs, we're for losing government jobs." Well, guess what: Those NASA scientists hold government jobs. Officer Murphy has one of those awful government jobs. A huge number of nurses, teachers, and our soldiers are public employees.
Bill Moyers: What LBJ Taught Me About Medicare, and Why Everyone Should Have It (Video)
I read a news story this week that sent me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. This past Monday, July 30th was the 47th anniversary of Medicare.
Rev. Al Sharpton: Cheaters Never Win
Facing the reality of an ever-diversifying electorate, and their own party's failure to broaden its horizons, some Republican lawmakers have resorted to implementing tricks and roadblocks in the voting process.

Reid Pays Romney A Compliment

Reid Pays Romney A Compliment

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The National Memo
August 08, 2012
                       Five Republicans Who Just Aren't That Into Mitt Five Republicans Who Just Aren't That Into Mitt
These prominent right wingers don't even pretend that they -- or America -- will ever fall in love with Romney.
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                               Harry Reid Paid Romney A Compliment
Harry Reid Paid Romney A Compliment
After all, isn't paying zero taxes Mitt's ultimate goal?
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                               Millions Are Being Denied The Chance To Escape Extreme Poverty
Millions Are Being Denied The Chance To Escape Extreme Poverty
Tell our leaders not to be swayed by corporate lobbying!
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What Really Happened To Chavis Carter?
How did a handcuffed teen die of a gunshot wound in the back of a locked police car?    Read »
Who's Up? Still The President
But will Mitt change the game with a "bold" VP selection?    Read »
Obama Slams 'Romney Hood' For Taking From Poor, Giving To Rich
And the rest of the best of the web.    Read »
Ed Schulz Photo
                               WATCH: The Best Obamacare Ad You've Ever Seen
WATCH: The Best Obamacare Ad You've Ever Seen
The Romney campaign is going to hate this video.
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                               Cartoon Of The Day
Cartoon Of The Day
The banks mete out justice, their way.
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