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Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's Daily Brief

Monday, December 12, 2011
Supreme Court To Rule On Arizona Immigration Law
Julia Bacha: Pay Attention To Nonviolence
Putin's Billionaire Challenger
208 New Species Discovered In Threatened Region Of Southeast Asia
Protesters Eye West Coast Ports
Robert Redford: Keystone XL and Jobs: Just More Pipe Dreams
This week the GOP leadership, once again, has sided with Big Oil against the will of the American people. They are trying to circumvent President Obama's decision to further investigate the impacts of the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. GOP leadership is instead advocating for granting the permit now, or else they will hold up important legislation meant to benefit real people's real lives. They want you to believe it's about jobs, but that's not what the facts bear out. Is there anything more cynical than Big Oil and its Washington allies playing on heartland hardship by pretending a dangerous tar sands pipeline can put folks back to work?
Ari Melber: The Underminey Backlash Against Newt, Starring Peggy Noonan
The essence of fame, of course, is people knowing of you without knowing you. Gingrich's hope, then, is to keep these worlds apart and his fans at a distance.
Lord Weidenfeld of Chelsea: An Icy Winter Threatens
Gloomy weeks for the western world: the elections in Egypt and Russia threaten to transform the Arab spring as well as the hoped for political thaw with Moscow into an icy winter.
Stephanie Madoff Mack: I Still Don't Understand Mark's Suicide
Last year, nearly two months before my husband Mark Madoff committed suicide, he and I were out to dinner celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary.
Chris Kelly: Mitt Romney's Honor Is Worth $10,000 and Not a Penny More
When you really think about it, this brouhaha is a perfect illustration of why it's so hard, in Obama's America, to be a super-rich white businessman.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Explosion blows front off Skokie building | VIDEO
An explosion blew the front off of an apartment building in the 8700-block of Kimball Avenue in north suburban Skokie. Flames ripped through the roof.

Single mom, 2 others killed in fires | VIDEO
Fires across the Chicago area and northwest Indiana left three people dead, including a Lake Station mother whose young children survived.
Car strikes person, slams into flower shop | VIDEO
A car struck a pedestrian at a bus stop before crashing into a building at Irving Park and Kimball Monday morning on the Northwest Side.
House in session to finalize Sears, CME deals
The Illinois House returns to Springfield Monday for another one-day session. The House will be finalizing the tax break deals with the CME Group and Sears.
No water in East Chicago after main break | VIDEO
Residents in East Chicago, Ind., are without water after the rupture of a water main early Sunday morning.
Coyote videotaped on North Side | VIDEO
Another coyote has been spotted on Chicago's North Side. This time, it was videotaped.


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