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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Follow the Lead of Poughkeepsie, New York to Eliminate New Jim Crow

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Every City in the Country Should Follow the Lead of Poughkeepsie, New York to Help Eliminate The New Jim Crow with Thought and Actions During March and April 2012
With more Black men in jails and prisons than colleges and universities, it is time for the Black Male Achievement Movement to get to work!
Please call 773.285.9600 to design a program like the one in Poughkeepsie in your city. The efforts of Michelle Alexander and her book,The New Jim Crow, are stimulating a social justice movement with public hearings, reading groups, praying warriors and action teams. It is time for good men and women to get to work!
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During the months of March and April 2012, people in your city can: 
  • Host a reading circle for The New Jim Crow book at your church, high school or college
  • Communicate with your elected officials about ways to changes laws that sweep Black men and boys into the criminal justice system
  • Mentor youth in juvenile detention facilities
  • Visit incarcerants in prisons and jails (men and women)
  • Work to get records expunged for the formerly incarcerated
  • Welcome returning citizens (from prison) back to your community
  • Help returning citizens get jobs
  • Council first-time offenders so that they remain crime free
  • Speak to youth in schools about not becoming part of the criminal justice system
  • Become a court watcher to ensure that Black men and boys are treated fairly by the criminal justice process
  • Write a letter to a jail or prison encouraging men and women who are incarcerated to keep their spirits high  
To become one of the the Servant Leaders in your city planning and directing this effort, please call 773.285.9600. We will provide you with an organizing kit that will help you step-by-step to create, manage or support an outstanding New Jim Crow Social Justice Movement program in your city.  We will also provide technical assistance and ongoing support. Churches, schools, faith-based organizations, fraternities, Masonic organizations, veterans associations, community-based organizations, affinity organizations, military service personnel, social service agencies, companies and corporations will participate in this effort.  Most events will occur between March 1, 2012 and April 30, 2012 
Click Here to purchase a paperback copy of The New Jim Crow. 
Click Here to view a 25 minute video of Michelle Alexander speaking on Democracy Now about The New Jim Crow. 
Click Here to hear a segment of Michelle Alexander on National Public Radio speaking about The New Jim Crow. 
Click here to see a 3 minute trailer of Michelle Alexander speaking about the The New Jim Crow. 
Click here to find out if and when Michelle Alexander might be in your city or state speaking on The New Jim Crow.  
Click NJCevents@gmail.com to discuss bringing Michelle Alexander to your city. 
Click Here to become a member of The Black Star Project.
Click Here to learn more about The Black Star Project.

The Black Star Project | 3473 South King Drive, Box 464 | Chicago | IL | 60616

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 charged in NYE Logan Square sex assault | VIDEO
Two teenagers are now charged with robbing and sexually assaulting a Highland Park teen near Chicago's Congress Theater on New Year's Eve.

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More details about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to add speed cameras to city streets are now available.
CTA bus stop destroyed in crash
A truck crashed into a bus shelter at Sunnyside and Broadway in Chicago's North Side Uptown neighborhood Tuesday morning.
Robbers assault man, steal iPhone in CTA pedway
Police are looking for two robbers who assaulted a man and stole his iPhone in a Loop subway tunnel.
Crews respond to CO leak in Lombard
Emergency crews are responding to reports of high levels of carbon monoxide at an apartment building in west suburban Lombard.
Report: Derrick Rose buys Trump Tower condo
Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose will soon be living sky high in a new home in downtown Chicago.


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Obama Movie: Tom Hanks Narrates His Bin Laden Moment

The National Memo
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012
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For everyone who originally supported the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to oust the Taliban, the question today is how whether what was once a righteous mission can end in anything but ruin. Blaming the Bush administration's neglect and incompetence for the critical failures of the first several years is fair enough, but it is not easy to argue, let alone prove, that the Obama administration has improved upon the mess it inherited. The same corruption prevails in Hamid Karzai's Kabul and the same incompetence and lassitude plague the Afghan security forces. The only realistic option, unpalatable as it may be, is negotiation with the Taliban. But recent events have made that prospect even more elusive, as the Afghan people become still more alienated. READ MORE
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One of the first Occupy Wall Street activists to run for Congress -- a former Barack Obama presidential campaign worker who lives outside Philadelphia -- was thrown off the ballot earlier this month when the incumbent Democrat pulled a move right out of Obama's playbook: She challenged the validity of the insurgent's nominating signatures. Close followers of Barack Obama's political career will recall that he got his start in 1996 when supporters used similar tactics to clear the field in an Illinois State Senate district, handing the young Chicago lawyer a victory by default. READ MORE
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At the time of his confrontation with Barack Obama, it seemed as though Joe the Plumber gave a voice to the nation's small business owners, tired as they were of high taxes and strict regulations. But two things proved wrong with this picture: Joe the Plumber, it turns out, is not a plumber at all, he's merely worked for one. Also, he is woefully ill equipped to speak on behalf of small business owners. READ MORE
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I feel so bad for my precious Rush-Muffin.

Middle of breakfast, the man from Clear Channel calls to say that a bunch more advertisers have pulled out of the radio show -- that's 42 so far! READ MORE
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In newly released footage, Vice President Joe Biden explains how Obama reached his decision to raid Osama Bin Laden's compound, and Bill Clinton showers praise on the decision. "He took the harder, and the more honorable path. When I saw what had happened, I thought to myself, 'I hope that's the call I would've made,'" he says. READ MORE
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According to a new Public Policy Polling survey, Republican voters in Alabama and Mississippi remain deeply skeptical of President Obama's Christian faith.

In Mississippi, only 12 percent of GOP voters believe that Obama is a Christian, compared to 52 percent who believe that he is a Muslim and 36 percent who aren't sure. In Alabama, 14 percent believe that Obama is a Christian, compared to 45 percent who believe that he's a Muslim and 41 percent who aren't sure. READ MORE
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