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Thursday, March 01, 2012

House passes resolution marking Selma voting-rights march - The Hill's Floor Action

House passes resolution marking Selma voting-rights march - The Hill's Floor Action

Rush Limbaugh calls law student a ‘slut’ for wanting contraception to be covered by health insurance at religious institutions - NY Daily News

Rush Limbaugh calls law student a ‘slut’ for wanting contraception to be covered by health insurance at religious institutions - NY Daily News

Rush Limbaugh Doubles Down On Sandra Fluke, Offering ‘As Much Aspirin to Put Between Her Knees As She Wants’ - ABC News

Rush Limbaugh Doubles Down On Sandra Fluke, Offering ‘As Much Aspirin to Put Between Her Knees As She Wants’ - ABC News

Sandra Fluke Issues Statement On Limbaugh's Comments And Public Support - Democratic Underground

Sandra Fluke Issues Statement On Limbaugh's Comments And Public Support - Democratic Underground

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

1 dead, 1 hurt in Chicago school stabbing | VIDEO
Classes are canceled at Infinity School after two students were stabbed by a classmate Thursday morning. One of the victims died.

Principal accused of attacking students | VIDEO
A Rogers Park elementary school principal is under investigation after several students made disturbing allegations against him. They say he crossed the line when he disciplined them.
Cook Co. makes morgue more accountable | VIDEO
The Cook County board passed a series of ordinances Thursday that will bring more accountability to the medical examiner's office.
Clinton in Chicago for jobs announcement | VIDEO
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is set to make what his office calls a big announcement about jobs and economic development for the city.
Robber hits 3rd Cicero T-Mobile store | VIDEO
Cicero police are searching for a suspect who is believed to be behind three armed robberies in recent weeks of T-Mobile store outlets, including one this past Wednesday in the west suburb.
3 arrested after confrontation with officer
Three men were in custody Thursday after a confrontation with an off-duty Chicago police officer in the Little Village neighborhood.


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Harrisburg survivors found in rubble Hours after a tornado destroyed their home, an elderly couple in Harrisburg, Ill., was located inside the bathtub where they sought shelter during a storm that killed 13 people across the Midwest.

Tales of chaos after deadly pre-dawn storms
6 dead in Harrisburg after S. Ill. storm
12 killed as violent storms ravage Midwest, South
Weather Service urges radios for storm readiness
Severe storm damages homes in SW Ind. river town

No such thing as a free burial As bodies piled up at the Cook County Morgue, Catholic Cemeteries offered to ease the crisis by providing free grave sites.

County exec on the hot seat in morgue scandal


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Thursday's Daily Brief

Timothy L. O'Brien: Introducing "Breakdown: Americans on the Edge"
Thursday, March 1, 2012
Making Sense of Dollars and Cents: Announcing HuffPost Money
BofA To Charge Customers Unless They Buy More Products, Have Enough Money
Mitt Romney Backtracks On Comment Opposing Blunt Amendment [UPDATE]
Andrew Breitbart Dead: Conservative Blogger Dies Suddenly
Rebels Retreat From Besieged Neighborhood
Bill Maher: The Great Thing About Having Been Poor
If you grow up in America, it's pretty rare if you don't love money. One of the first things I ever remember being punished for was stealing money. Five dollars, off my father's dresser.
Bob Cesca: The He-Man Woman Haters Club
The most popular radio talker in the world just called an ordinary citizen a slut and a prostitute in front of 15 million people. 15 million Americans tune in specifically to hear him say horrendous things like that.
Richard Cordray: Advancing Consumers' Interests
We have heard story after story of consumers being hit with fees they did not expect and do not understand. We take these complaints very seriously.
Sheila Bair: It's 2012: Do You Know Where Your Money Market Fund Is?
Would you take money that your daughter needs for braces and make a short term loan to a Wall Street firm? Probably not, but if you've put your ready cash in a prime money market fund, those are the kinds of places where your money may be sitting now.
Menachem Rosensaft: A Neo-Nazi in the GOP: Where's the Outrage From On High?
Arthur Jones, a neo-Nazi, outspoken anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, wants to be a Republican congressman from the Land of Lincoln.

Gay Donors Get Creative In Super PAC America

The National Memo
Rachel Maddow image #1
Thursday, March 01, 2012
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In this Citizens United era of unregulated campaign cash, gay activists and donors are finding innovative ways to reward Barack Obama, who despite his equivocation on marriage equality is often lauded as the greatest friend to the LGBT community of any president in American history.

"This kind of Republican campaign has mobilized the community like I haven't seen since 1992," said David Mixner, a veteran progressive strategist Newsweek once called the most powerful gay man in America. "There's a lot at stake. I have no doubt people will be involved in some way in Super PACs. You can count on the major donors of this community dong whatever they have to do to assist in the re-election of this president."

There's also the prospect of what one leading strategist called the "Holy Grail" -- electing Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin the first openly gay U.S. Senator. READ MORE
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Rachel Maddow image #2
Maybe Rick Santorum is helping Mitt Romney after all: Santorum's wacky statements about college and snobbery, along with his upset stomach over a 52-year-old John F. Kennedy speech, are distracting attention from Romney's extremist economic ideas. Romney's plan is simultaneously extreme and very, very boring. It draws on the one and only idea that today's conservatives offer for solving any and every problem that comes along: just throw yet more money at rich people. READ MORE
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So, let's tally the score in this Keystone pipeline deal: The American people's environment would be put at risk, foreign nations would get the fuel, pipeline and oil investors would get the tax-subsidized profits, and we'd all stay hooked on deadly polluting oil. Meanwhile, the financial speculators and supply manipulators who are artificially causing our gasoline prices to rise escape scrutiny, while self-serving politicians (tanked up on Big Oil's and Wall Street's campaign cash) divert attention to the bugaboo of Obama's pipeline decision. READ MORE
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Social Security and Supplemental Security Income are two very different programs. Their only similarities are their names and the fact that they're both managed by the Social Security Administration. Many people who are getting Social Security disability benefits think (and constantly tell me) that they're getting SSI. Here's an example of how that can lead to all kinds of confusion. READ MORE
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North Korea has agreed to suspend uranium enrichment as well as nuclear and long-range missile tests in a breakthrough in negotiations with the United States. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called Pyongyang's suspension of nuclear activities a "modest first step" but also "a reminder that the world is transforming around us." READ MORE
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James Murdoch, son of 80-year-old media titan Rupert Murdoch, is stepping down as executive chairman of News Corp.'s U.K. newspaper arm, the company said Wednesday. His role at News International has come under scrutiny by law enforcement amid Britain's expanding phone-hacking scandal at Murdoch-owned titles. READ MORE
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