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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coyote cornered on city's South Side | VIDEO
Chicago police and animal control officers captured a coyote in a fenced-in area near 72nd and Dobson around 9 a.m.

Amber Alert canceled: Girl, 2, found safe | VIDEO
A 2-year-old Racine, Wis., girl who was abducted after her mother was killed is safe in Chicago, police said.
O'Hare Airport to test lower-hassle screening
Want to leave your shoes on when you fly? Some passengers who register for a TSA program will get to do that.
Gang symbols on Chicago city stickers? | VIDEO
Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza faced an unusual task Wednesday morning. She's checking out allegations that the new vehicle sticker may contain gang symbols.
Ind. stage builder cited in state fair collapse | VIDEO
The State Labor Department says the company that built the stage ahead of last summer's deadly Indiana State Fair collapse showed "plain indifference" to safety standards.
43 puppies found in vehicle
Dozens of puppies who were found in cages inside a vehicle are now in the custody of Chicago Animal Care and Control.


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Special Segment: Waiting to Enlist What is behind the delays encountered by men and women who are ready to serve our country?

Arlington Heights adds downtown restaurants Two restaurants -- Grand Station and Mago Grill and Cantina -- inside the Metropolis Performing Arts Center are pumping new life into downtown Arlington Heights.

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Making Progress and Moving Forward on Issues of Black Males!!!

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Making Progress; Moving Forward!
Progress for Black Males
Violence on South Side Chicago
Illinois Fatherhood Essay Contest
Press Rease for Awards to Black Men
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Campaign for Black Male Achievement Impact Index
This report provides a summary of the accomplishments of the Open Society Campaign for Black Male Achievement since its inception in 2008. It contains the rationale for developing the campaign, a breakdown of its grantmaking goals and strategies, various collaborations that have been created, and descriptions of grantees in each key strategy area. The result is a publication that targets a variety of networks including funding partners, with the hope of leveraging more money to the black male achievement field.
In South Side Chicago Neighborhood, Violence Still Hard to Shake
Until recently, the sound of gunfire crackling in the streets of Englewood came from at least two or three blocks away, giving La'Keisha Gray-Sewell and her young family a fragile sense of safety and distance from the mayhem. 
15th Illinois Fatherhood Initiative Essay Competition
 All Illinois students should apply for this wonderful opportunity to connect fathers with their children.   
In Canada, Black Boys Need More Support

When it comes to their three sons, school principal Karl Subban and his Montserratian-born wife, Marie, were very clear about a couple things: the boys would attend school regularly, succeed academically and participate in any sports activity they liked.

Males a distinct minority at HBCUs

February 8, 2012
By Ernie Suggs, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
It is not hard for Rodney Perry to stand out on the campus of Clark Atlanta University.  Impeccably dressed in all black and a crisp white shirt, he brushes back his shoulder-length dreadlocks as he mingles and laughs with fellow students on a recent freezing Wednesday morning.
A freshman class president straight out of central casting, Perry is part of a harder-to-find breed on college campuses - particularly historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) - a man.
The New Jim Crow Is An Instant American Classic
 "Much like a great explorer, Michelle Alexander has discovered another America-a bizarro world where prejudice and discrimination have replaced truth and justice. An America that is as intent on destroying young Black men as it is at proclaiming its passion for freedom and fairness. Even some of the most conscious and best-intentioned Americans can't see The New Jim Crow and their roles in supporting it.  Michelle Alexander holds a mirror up to America and reveals a monster!
Phillp Jackson, The Black Star Project
Press Release: Black Male Activists in Detroit and Philadelphia Win Leadership Award.
BME Award Winners Receive a Combined $443,000 to Strengthen Communities
NEW YORK -Twenty men-teachers, businessmen, writers and pastors-have been named winners of the BME Leadership Award, created to honor black men in Philadelphia and Detroit who step up to lead the community.
"Spook Who Sat By the Door" Screening
"Shortly after it opened in theaters, the film vanished altogether - pulled by its distributor, some allege, bowing to pressure from the FBI. The narrative, about disciplined efforts to take down The Man through brain power and armed revolts, was intentionally controversial, and it doesn't take a leap of the imagination to presume the film made those in certain corridors of power nervous enough to "disappear" the movie altogether.
See it Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 1:30 pm.

Daddy/Daughter Dance Sweeps Young Women Off Their Feet

Men and women across America should/can plan and host a Daddy/Daughter Dance for Valentines Day or for Saturday, February 18, 2012. Call us at 773.285.9600 for an organizing kit to host a Daddy/Daughter Dance in your community or in your city.  Men in Chicago can register now for our February 11, 2012 Daddy/Daughter Dance at The Black Star Project by calling 773.285.9600.

The Black Star Project | 3473 South King Drive, Box 464 | Chicago | IL | 60616

Wednesday's Daily Brief

Arianna Huffington: Nothing Provincial About It: Introducing Le HuffPost Québec
Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Arianna Huffington: I'm delighted to announce the launch of our fourth international edition, Le Huffington Post Québec, which joins HuffPost Canada in covering America's neighbor to the north. This is the first time we'll have two HuffPost editions in the same country, a reflection of our commitment to being a hub of reporting, comprehensive curation, group blogging and engagement across all of Canada. This French-language edition will encompass all things Québec and be run by a strong locally-based editorial team with deep personal and professional roots in the province. So, for everyone in Québec -- as well as those of you who speak French, and are interested in Canada's largest province -- check out Le Huffington Post Québec, and join the conversation.
Santorum Sweeps Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota, Embarrassing Romney
Prop 8, California's Same-Sex Marriage Ban, Declared Unconstitutional
Amazon Could Announce Netflix Challenger As Soon As This Week
Sandusky Worries Local Elementary School
WATCH: Ron Paul Gets Excited
Dr. Michael J. Breus: Your Brain on Sleep
There's still a great deal of information about the effects of sleep on the brain that we don't yet understand, so any research that sheds light on this subject is exciting and potentially important.
Thomas B. Edsall: Conservatives vs. Liberals: More Than Politics
The contest for power between Democrats and Republicans pits two antithetical value systems against each other; two conflicting concepts of freedom, liberty, fairness, right, and wrong; two mutually exclusive notions of the state, the individual, and the collective good.
Timothy P. Shriver: Putting Our Citizen Sector First
Our leaders must recognize the corrosive effects of poverty, but also realize there are tens of millions of Republican and Democratic citizens alike who stand ready to tackle this issue. And citizens need small amounts to make a big difference.
Regina King: Southland Has a Big Surprise in Store for Det. Lydia Adams
In this week's episode ("Identity"), my character Lydia joins the fray with a surprising storyline of her own. Early in the hour, we learn a shocking secret that she's kept from her colleagues for some time.
Sofi Papamarko: Single on Valentine's Day? Here's Some Advice
Valentine's Day is like the New Year's Eve of couple-dom; high-pressure, high expectations, absurdly expensive and generally kind of a letdown. But it doesn't have to be like that! Here are a few ideas that will make Valentine's Day work for you.

Mitt Romney Can't Make Rick Santorum Go Away

The National Memo
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Wednesday, February 08, 2012
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The Big Story
Mitt Romney will still probably be the Republican nominee, but Tuesday night's caucus and election results proved that voters aren't thrilled about it. He may have done well in Colorado, but former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, riding a wave of evangelical support, crushed him in the other two contests. Minnesota might be the most embarassing: Romney won the state in 2008 and had racked up the endorsement of former Governor and presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty. Last night, he finished third, behind Ron Paul. READ MORE
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While partisan politics hindering routine business in the United States Senate is surely nothing new, Republicans are blocking President Barack Obama's plainly qualified (and uncontroversial) judicial nominees longer than ever -- harkening back to the Southern states' attempts at nullification, or abrogation of federal law, in the prelude to the Civil War.

"This is an experiment under the radar," Noah Feldman, a legal historian and Harvard Law professor, told The National Memo. "It's analogous to the campaign finance absurdity that has emerged in the wake of Citizens United, except the public trusts the government to get this stuff right. The question is how far can they go?" READ MORE
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The Obama re-election campaign, insisting it cannot "afford to play by two sets of rules," has announced publicly that it will encourage donations to Priorities USA, its allied Super PAC -- and is working hard to justify the decision in the face of inevitable media (and partisan) blowback.

The National Memo's Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason appeared on MSNBC's Jansing & Co. Tuesday morning to discuss the matter -- and questioned Republican outrage over Obama's choice. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Gene Lyons
After being elected in large part because he'd opposed a "dumb" war in Iraq, President Obama finds himself confronting an even dumber one in Iran. Bombing raids alone can't achieve the alleged goal: preventing the Ayatollahs from acquiring nuclear weapons. Slow them down, probably. Stop them, no. Short of a full scale invasion and occupation of a nation three times larger than neighboring Iraq in population and five times larger in land area, that can't be done. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Leonard Pitts Jr.
In the history of pro sports, men have done all sorts of things to commemorate their feats on the field or the court. They have flopped like seals, walked like gorillas, head-butted like bighorn sheep. They have high-fived, low-fived, dog-piled, chest-bumped, wept, kissed their own biceps. Yet Tim Tebow becomes a figure of national fascination, consternation and controversy because he takes a knee and bows his head in a gesture of Christian faith? READ MORE
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Today In Stupid
Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) rushed to his Facebook page over the weekend, posting a link to an article titled "Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex" with the comment, "More on Planned Parenthood, abortion by the wholesale." The problem, of course, is that the article is a parody published by the satirical publication The Onion. The story cited by Fleming claims, among other things, that the Abortionplex can terminate a pregnancy every three seconds, and features such luxurious amenities as the largest rock-climbing wall in Kansas. READ MORE
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Danziger Cartoon
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