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Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow on the way, thundersnow possible | VIDEO
Get your shovels ready, and allow plenty of time for travel time: heavy, wet snow is expected in the Chicagoland area Thursday evening into Friday morning.

Cheerleading coach stabbed trying to stop fight | VIDEO
A cheerleading coach is recovering at a Chicago hospital after being stabbed in the chest Wednesday near Al Raby High School.
Parents, teachers angry over CPS turnaround vote | VIDEO
Parents, students and activists protested but could not stop the Chicago Public Schools board from approving a controversial plan to close some schools and turn around others.
2 file lawsuit after Park Forest explosion | VIDEO
Two women have filed a lawsuit after an explosion last year destroyed their homes.
Firefighter hurt in North Side restaurant blaze | VIDEO
A Chicago firefighter was injured on the job early Thursday morning.
Scrap metal truck overturns, causes delays
A truck accident caused delays overnight where two expressways meet.


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Cloudy with a mix of snow and rain this afternoon

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I-Team Report: Blooming Rage Angry Valentine's Day customers say they never received flowers ordered from one of America's most recognizable names.

FTD Response #1
FTD Response #2

Daley talks about late wife, Maggie For the first time since her death, former Chicago mayor Richard Daley spoke publicly about the loss of his wife, Maggie.

Daley on Maggie, 'I knew I was going to marry her'


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Don't Snooze on Summer Planning I February 23, 2012
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Thursday's Daily Brief

Thursday, February 23, 2012
7 Marines Reportedly Die After Helicopters Collide During Training
Newt Gingrich Calls Obama An 'Extremist' Who Supported 'Infanticide'
Wave Of Attacks Kills At Least 50, Injures More Than 200 In Iraq
Consumer Privacy 'Bill of Rights' Seeks To Give Web Users More Control Over Their Data
Cat Saves Woman's Life Hours After Being Adopted
Bill Maher: Republican Debate Review
The Republicans sure have the right symbol with the elephant. Republican debates are nothing but elephants in the room. The biggest of which must be: to someone out there who's hurting, they spend the whole two hours yammering away about earmarks and illegal immigrants and contraception and every other peripheral, wish-I-had-the-time-to-worry-about-it issue they can think of. Then there is the elephant of how they all -- with the sometime exception of Ron Paul -- nod along to insane statements just because they don't want to ever look like they're to the left of anybody, on anything, especially the evilness of Barack Obama. So Wednesday night Newt said the president of the United States had a history of practicing infanticide... yep, yep, yessir, that's what he does alright. Clubs infants like baby seals in his spare time. Ike played golf, Kennedy liked boating...
Marlo Thomas: Women Break New Ground in This Year's Oscar Race
What is fresh about this year's movies is the range of choices the actresses had. I was struck by the fact that this year's crop of women have moved into areas previously inhabited by male actors -- and, wow, were they good.
Robert Scheer: The Gang That Couldn't Bomb Straight
Here we go again. With the economy showing faint signs of life and their positions on the social issues alienating most moderates, the leading Republican candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, have returned to the elixir of warmongering to once again sway the gullible masses.
Ellen DeGeneres: Lady Be Good
If I've said it once, I've said it 18 times, Meryl Streep is brilliant as Margaret Thatcher. I said it would earn her an Oscar nomination and it did. I can't believe how unbelievably believable she was.
Eva Longoria: Hope for a Brighter Future for Latinas
Throughout our country, Latinos live in and contribute to, an increasingly diverse America. And for women especially, balancing the demands of intertwined cultures can be challenging. In recognition of this, I am creating the Eva Longoria Foundation.

Open Society Foundations' Campaign for Black Male Achievement Is Improving America

Black Star Logo
Open Society Foundations' Campaign for Black Male Achievement Is Improving Outcomes for Black Males, their Communities and for America!

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A Welcomed Spotlight Turns to Enhancing Conditions of Young Black Men

From direct community programs to compelling video presentations, there are a growing number of initiatives aimed at uplifting Black male youth.

By Jonathan P. Hicks
Black Star Logo
In the period since the nation was rocked by the economic recession, nothing has been as heartbreaking to observe as its impact on the employment prospects of African-American young men. Young men in their late teens and 20s are among the most challenged and underserved segment of the nation's population. In New York City alone, just one of every four young Black men has a job, according to the Community Service Society of New York.

The impact of those numbers has been well-chronicled. Prisons are bulging with young, African-American men. There has been a growing absence of young Black men in the lives of their children. It is a scenario that has been portrayed - on the rare occasions when the media focuses on it at all - as a miserable, bleak and unsolvable feature of American life.

What is heartening, however, are the growing number of institutions, organizations and initiatives that have sprouted in recent years to address the employment condition of young Black men. There has been growth in programs aimed at assisting young men of color with their educational preparedness, their job-readiness and their ability to avoid confrontations with the police.

Some of the programs involve vast sums of money and influential benefactors. For example, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has committed more than $30 million of his own money to pay for programs to improve the circumstances facing young Black and Latino men in New York. That money was matched by Bloomberg's fellow billionaire and hedge fund manager, George Soros.

There is the Open Society's "Campaign for Black Male Achievement," an outstanding set of programs, funded largely by Soros, that aims to address Black men and boys' exclusion from economic, social, educational and political life in the United States.

Also, there is the fine work being undertaken by Black Male Engagement, a program in Detroit and Philadelphia designed to highlight the Black men and boys engaging and leading others to service in their cities.

Some projects take a novel approach. In fact, there is an innovative video called "Question Bridge: Black Males," which includes interviews with 150 Black men in 11 cities. It is a reflection of 1,500 videos of conversations with men representing a range of geographic, generational, economic and educational levels.

The video centers on images of Black men reflecting on themselves, their challenges and their responsibilities. But it also offers, in a medium that speaks more profoundly to young people, an opportunity for Black men to evaluate themselves through the experiences of others in their age group and older. The project can be seen at the Brooklyn Museum and the Chastain Art Center in Atlanta.

There can be no stone unturned in the effort to ease the plight affecting young Black men in America. It should involve not just targeted federal programs, such as many of the initiatives included in President Obama's recent budget plan. It will have to involve the efforts of the nation's predominantly Black civic groups and fraternities, as well.

America is in a period in history when Republican forces are seeking to reverse a number of gains that have positively affected life for Black and Latino citizens, in areas ranging from education to voting rights.

What is encouraging about this period is that there are others who have taken seriously the challenge of crafting solutions and strategies to assist and elevate the conditions of some of the most vulnerable and overlooked Americans. And it couldn't have come a minute too soon.

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of BET Networks. 
Click Here to learn more about the Campaign for Black Male Achievement 

Click Here to learn more about the work of The Black Star Project
With schools in Black communities across America being seized and with only 4% of U.S. college students being Black males and only 3 out of 100 Black boys in Chicago earning a college degree by age 25, why is there so little concern or outcry from the Black community?
Black Star Logo
Black Parents United from the cities of
Oak Park, Evanston, Aurora, Harvey, Waukegan, Markham, Ford Heights, Bellwood, Hopkins Park, Westchester, Calumet City, Riverdale, University Park, Chicago Heights, Maywood, Bolingbrook, Robbins, North Chicago, Homewood-Flossmore, Country Club Hills, Romeoville, Mattison, Evergreen Park, Joliet, Kankakee, Blue Island, Richton Park, Broadview, Summit, Elgin, Melrose Park, Park Forest, LaGrange, Glenwood, Schaumburg, Lansing, Thorton, Naperville, South Holland, LaGrange park, Burnham, Crete and Chicago in Illinois and East Chicago, Hammond and Gary in Indiana
Should Join
Black Parents United
Saturday, February 25, 2012
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The Black Star Project
3509 South King Drive, Suite 2B
Chicago, Illinois 60653
to plan strategies and programs to help Black and African children and students become globally competent.  Our success depends on us!  Please call 773.285.9600 for more information.
The Black Star Project | 3473 South King Drive, Box 464 | Chicago | IL | 60616

Slurring And Slandering Barack Obama

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Thursday, February 23, 2012
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The Big Story
Primed for a fight, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum traded testy accusations about health care, spending earmarks, and federal bailouts Wednesday night in the 20th and possibly final debate of the roller-coaster race for the Republican presidential nomination -- with Ron Paul chiming in against the upstart Pennsylvanian as a "fake." READ MORE
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Book Excerpt: The Fox Effect
As the first months of Obama's presidency progressed, the differences in coverage between Fox News and other networks continued to emerge. Fox became a breeding ground for Republican talking points. This link grew so tight that Fox began airing Republican press releases verbatim, presenting them as original reporting with no citation. They even forgot to take out the typos. READ MORE
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Featured Column: E.J. Dionne
They say that President Obama is a Muslim, but if he isn't, he's a secularist who is waging war on religion. On some days he's a Nazi, but on most others he's merely a socialist. It's simply astonishing that a man in his fourth year as our president continues to be the object of the most extraordinary paranoid fantasies. READ MORE
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The ink wasn't even dry on a settlement with the nation's top mortgage lenders when Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon laid claim to a chunk of the money to avert a huge budget cut for public colleges and universities. He's not the only politician eyeing the cash for purposes that have nothing to do with foreclosure. Like a pot of gold in a barren field, the $25 billion deal offers a tempting and timely source of funding for state governments with multi-million dollar budget gaps. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Jim Hightower
The choices for our country's rising forces of economic and political democracy are not limited to corporate or government control. There's another, much better way of organizing America's economic strength: The Cooperative Way. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Leonard Pitts Jr.
How many times do you suppose Jeremy Lin had people tell him there was no way a Chinese guy could compete in a game dominated by African-Americans? Yet there he is, ballin' at the highest level. READ MORE
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Danziger Cartoon
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