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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teachers strike looms on 1st day at CPS | VIDEO
Thousands of kids started their first day of school as a potential teachers strike loomed six days away.

Closing arguments in Drew Peterson trial | VIDEO
Jurors in the Drew Peterson murder trial could begin deliberating the fate of the ex-Bolingbrook police sergeant as soon as today.
Chicago police exchange gunfire with teen
Chicago police and a teenager exchanged gunfire Tuesday morning in the 8900 block of S. Union.
Highland Park girl killed by car; police investigate
Police in the Highland Park are investigating the death of a young girl who was struck and killed Monday by a car while she was walking with some members of her family.
CTA public hearing on service changes
The CTA is holding a public hearing Tuesday night to discuss proposed service changes.
'Green Mile' star Michael Clark Duncan dies
Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, who grew up in Chicago, has died at the age of 54.


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ABC7 at the DNC: LIVE coverage from Charlotte ABC7's Alan Krashesky and Charles Thomas report from Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention.

LIVE VIDEO from DNC, starting at 4 p.m.
Charlotte Democratic National Convention 2012 begins
Tensions at DNC between top Ill. Dems, labor leaders
Chicago GOP calls on Rahm Emanuel to cancel DNC speech
Obama embraces 'Obamacare,' says it's here to stay


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Hell Yes, We're Better Off

Hell Yes, We're Better Off

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The National Memo
September 4, 2012
                       Republicans: Are We Better Off Than Four Years Ago? Republicans: Are We Better Off Than Four Years Ago?
Yes -- and the reason raises a sore subject that the GOP would prefer to forget.
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                               Can't Make It To Charlotte?
Can't Make It To Charlotte?
Watch the Democratic Convention live with The National Memo!
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                               Have You Spoken Out Against Industrial Carbon Pollution?
Have You Spoken Out Against Industrial Carbon Pollution?
Now is the time.
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Why Do We Need To Debunk Paul Ryan's Big Lies?
Because anyone who doesn't is an accomplice to his mendacity.    Read »
WATCH: Pollster Stan Greenberg Lays Out Obama's Mission In Charlotte
How can the president and his party lay the groundwork for victory?    Read »
The Man Who Swallowed The Republican Party
An excerpt from the brand-new book that is infuriating Karl Rove.    Read »
                               Where Have We Seen Mitt Romney's Economic Plan Before?
Where Have We Seen Mitt Romney's Economic Plan Before?
In 2008...and 2006...and 2004...
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                               Photo Of The Day
Photo Of The Day
Wyoming's wolves may land back on the brink of extinction after a new law.
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Tuesday's Daily Brief: Democratic Convention Begins

Democratic Convention Kicks Off
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
The Social and Political Implications of Downward-Facing Dog
How NAFTA (And Other Policies) Fueled The Drug Trade
Texas Gathers Testimonials On Drug War Violence Along Border (VIDEO)
The Case to Fund Addiction Treatment Right Now
Democrats Release Their 2012 Party Platform (READ)
Richard Branson: To Win the Drug War: Follow the States
Legalization of marijuana is not a silver bullet. However, if we can get U.S. political leaders to understand the opportunity and take action, we have a very real chance to turn the tide on the war on drugs and end needless suffering.
Steph Sherer: Could Pro-Pot Candidate Gary Johnson Be Obama's Ralph Nader?
Without Democrats standing up for progressive values and reversing the Obama administration's unpopular anti-medical marijuana policy, a spoiler candidate in a Western state is an increasingly likely outcome.
Ted Galen Carpenter: Romney and Obama Foolishly Ignore the War on Drugs
After waging a futile war on drugs for more than four decades, while causing horrific unintended consequences both here and abroad, it is well past time to try a different approach.
Paul Reiser: A Moment With Michael Clarke Duncan
The term "gentle giant" may be overused, but I can't imagine a soul for whom the words could be better intended.
Bob Herbert: How We Can Bring Millions of Americans to the Middle Class
The decline of the middle class was a result, in part, of public policy choices. Today's downward mobility can only be reversed by a range of new choices consciously aimed at helping working Americans regain their financial footing.