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Monday, April 09, 2012

Chuck Grassley calls Obama 'stupid' via Twitter: White House responds - Tampa Bay Tampa Top News | Examiner.com

Chuck Grassley calls Obama 'stupid' via Twitter: White House responds - Tampa Bay Tampa Top News | Examiner.com:

This "White" Republican Senator is an idiot, a bigot, a racist, and is stupid. We know this is a learned behavior. This learned behavior probably came from his mother and father. This Senator's mother and father must be bigots, racist, and stupid also.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Would-be jurors interviewed for Hudson murder trial | VIDEO
Jennifer Hudson could soon be sitting in a Chicago courtroom as her former brother-in-law goes on trial for allegedly killing three members of her family. Jury selection continued Monday in the trial of William Balfour, the man charged in the murders.

Police conducting 'gang audits' after violent weekend | VIDEO
After a violent weekend during which four people were killed and more than 20 hurt in separate shootings, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Monday the police department is implementing a new gangs strategy using intelligence on the ground level.
Stolen GPS used to track robbery suspect
Chicago police say they tracked down a man who stole $17,000 in merchandise from a Radio Shack by using GPS equipment that was taken from the store.
Man, 26, found dead in Jefferson Park area
A man was found dead on Chicago's Northwest Side early Monday.
Boeing receives 'Dreamliners' order from Russian airline
Chicago-based Boeing Co. has received an order from Transaero Airlines of Russia for four 787-8 aircraft, the company said Monday.
Fire breaks out at South Side building
Flames took over an abandoned building on South Escanaba early Monday. A firefighter who responded suffered minor injuries.


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PHOTOS: White House Easter Egg Roll President Barack Obama greeted children on the South Lawn of the White House Monday for the annual Easter Egg Roll.

Chicago celebrates Easter
Royals Celebrate Easter
Easter vigil Mass in St. Peter's Basilica
Easter Foods: Why ham and eggs?
Gourmet Easter Ham recipe from Chef Joe Pankrath

PHOTOS: Chicago nurse murders on 'Mad Men' The murder of eight Chicago student nurses by Richard Speck in July 1966 had a jarring effect on characters in Sunday's episode of ''Mad Men.''



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Will Tulsa shootings be considered a hate crime? – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs

Will Tulsa shootings be considered a hate crime? – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs:

Special prosecutor will not use grand jury in Trayvon Martin investigation – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs

Special prosecutor will not use grand jury in Trayvon Martin investigation – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs: "Special prosecutor in Trayvon Martin case says she won't send it to grand jury. on.cnn.com/IakCev"

Monday's Daily Brief

Trayvon Martin Case Spotlights Florida Town's History Of 'Sloppy' Police Work
Monday, April 9, 2012
Newt Gingrich: Campaign 'On A Shoestring'
Syrian Forces Shoot At Refugees In Turkey
Blight At The Museum: Why Washington Still Has No Women's History Museum
Bad News About Gas Prices
Tiger Reaches Historic Low At Masters
Trita Parsi: For Peace, Both Obama and Khamenei Must Compromise
If President Barack Obama and Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei do not compromise at the upcoming nuclear talks next Saturday, the region will head towards "total war." For the sake of world peace, both sides must compromise.
Mohamed A. El-Erian: Augusta's Rallying Cry
Augusta will find a way to put the current controversy behind it -- and hopefully do so by changing an inappropriate rule. But the rest of us should not let this stop in Georgia. It should also influence our thinking about other, much more consequential and harmful situations.
Michael Roth: Now That You've Been Accepted: How to Choose Your University
The thousands of students traveling with their families across the country this month will go to classes and athletic contests, musical performances and parties. And they will ask themselves: Can I see myself as part of this community? Would I be happy here?
Abby Huntsman: Time for the Final (Etch-A) Sketch
For instance, yesterday I found that when you type "Romney" as a search term on Google, one of the first auto-complete suggestions is "Romney attacking President." Could a consistently negative tone be part of his messaging problem?
Leo W. Gerard: Hey, Etch-A-Sketch Conservatives: Time to Resurrect Some Honesty
A spring awash with Etch A Sketch conservatives, camera-wielding GOP con men and a bogus deficit reduction budget from House Republicans shows that for the right, wrong is justified when it achieves the desired results.

How Romney Will Re-Elect Obama

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FEATURED Joe Conason Carl Hiaasen Connie Schultz E.J. Dionne Gene Lyons Jonathan Alter
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April 07, 2012
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If Barack Obama prevails this November, it will be in large part because of what has come out of Mitt Romney's mouth in the last year. I'm not talking about gaffes, for which he has a Freudian propensity. The bigger problem is what the soon-to-be Republican nominee has said on substance. The news media doesn't focus much on issues, which are duller than the circus but usually more lethal politically. Unlike gaffes, political positions are fair game for Obama to exploit in front of 60 million voters watching the fall debates. READ MORE

Chris Matthews image #2
Other countries have generated a few homicidal lunatics, but murderous frenzies by gun-toting maniacs are a particularly American form of madness. Future historians will look back on the nation's refusal to enact sensible gun regulations with a wry fascination, much as present-day researchers ponder witch-burnings. READ MORE

Why are Americans so distrusting in government? New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who made waves when he spearheaded the fight to take on the banks, warns that we've been led to believe in the "magical market" that supposedly guides us to equality and prosperity.

"It's like the conservatives are pretending they've found some missing pages of Genesis that the rest of us are missing," he said. READ MORE

The U.S. job market slowed in March as companies hit the brakes on hiring amid uncertainty about the economy's growth prospects. The unemployment rate dipped to 8.2 percent, but mostly because more Americans stopped looking for work. Yet this bad news doesn't reverse the mildly positive trends of the past few months: The jobless rate has dropped nearly a full percentage point since August and is now at its lowest level since January 2009. READ MORE

President Barack Obama on Friday showered attention on America's women, while warning that they cannot be reduced to an interest group and "shouldn't be treated that way."

"When we talk about these issues that primarily impact women, we've got to realize that they are not just women's issues," he said at a White House forum on women and the economy. "They are family issues. They are growth issues. They are issues about American competitiveness. They are issues that impact all of us." READ MORE

Top executives at three companies bailed out by U.S. taxpayers during the 2008 financial crisis were ordered to take pay cuts by the federal government. The Treasury Department says nearly 70 executives at American International Group Inc., Ally Financial Inc. and General Motors Co. had their annual compensation reduced by 10 percent. The CEOs of each company had their pay frozen at 2011 levels. All three companies have yet to fully repay what they received from the $700 billion Treasury bailout and therefore are subject to controls on executive compensation. READ MORE
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