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Monday, June 25, 2012

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Parties after parade lead to fights, arrests | VIDEO
Several fights broke out after a record number of people attended the Pride Parade in the Lakeview area this past weekend.

Acting replacement for US Atty. Fitzgerald named
Gary Shapiro will take over for Patrick Fitzgerald as the U.S. attorney at least on an interim basis.
Major overhaul coming for 95th St. Red Line station | VIDEO
A busy CTA station is getting a major makeover. Federal money is coming in to help fund the CTA Red Line's 95th Street terminal expansion and upgrade.
LSD crash with ambulance injures 5
A crash on Lake Shore Drive at Balbo sent five people to the hospital.
McHenry County 'rave' pre-empted by police
About 1,000 ticket holders had to find something else to do last weekend after McHenry County police canceled an unauthorized 'rave' that was planned to take place on a wooded property in unincorporated Harvard.
Kevin Youkilis coming to White Sox from Red Sox
A walk-off win, a nice spot in the standings and a new All-Star third basemen. Sunday was a good day for the Chicago White Sox.


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Supreme Court nixes part of AZ immigration law The Supreme Court struck down key provisions of Arizona's crackdown on immigrants Monday but said a much-debated portion on checking suspects' status could go forward.

Supreme Court opinion on Arizona immigration
Supreme Court discusses health care overhaul
Court: No more life without parole for juveniles

The 43rd Annual Pride Parade ABC7 Chicago broadcast "The 43rd Annual Pride Parade" on Sunday, June 24, from midnight to 1 a.m.

VIDEO: Watch the 43rd Annual Pride Parade
PHOTOS: Thousands gather with Pride


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Good News: Governor Signs SB2621

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Public Policy and External Relations
June 25, 2012

Governor Quinn Signs SB2621 and Other Laws to Improve Public Safety
and Criminal Justice in Illinois
New Laws Will Crack Down on Crime;
Continue to Manage Prison Population and Encourage Positive Behavior
(CHICAGO - June 22, 2012) Governor Pat Quinn today signed several new laws that together will improve public safety and criminal justice in Illinois. Senate Bill 2621 increases accountability in the state's prison system by setting new guidelines that strengthen the Department of Corrections' (DOC) ability to manage the state's prison population. Forty-six other states have adopted similar laws, which also encourage non-violent offenders to pursue positive rehabilitation strategies.
"Ensuring public safety is my top priority," Governor Quinn said. "This is good criminal justice policy and good public safety policy that will manage our prison population and make non-violent offenders less likely to commit crime in the future."
SB 2621, sponsored by Sen. Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) and Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), passed both houses with bi-partisan support and has been endorsed by many criminal justice organizations, including the John Howard Association. The law increases safety inside prisons by allowing DOC to award sentence credit to non-violent offenders who have shown willingness to correct their behavior through successful completion of rehabilitation.
Sentencing credit has existed in Illinois law since 1978 but under the new law, inmates would only be eligible to receive sentence credit after serving at least 60 days in DOC custody. Inmates who display appropriate, positive behavior will be reviewed and evaluated by DOC to determine whether they are eligible to receive credit. Under the new law, DOC will consider and evaluate an inmate's prior offenses, the circumstances of the inmate's current holding offense, as well as the offender's potential for rehabilitation prior to the decision to award sentencing credit.
DOC will also have the right to revoke credit if an inmate demonstrates negative or violent behavior. As a result of the Governor's 2009 Crime Reduction Act, there will also be a risk assessment tool in place this year to ensure that sentences are administered according to individual evaluation of the inmate.
SB 2621 also increases transparency by requiring DOC to provide annual reports to the Governor and General Assembly containing program statistics, how the new policies are being implemented and how sentence credit is being awarded. Additionally, county state's attorneys, county sheriffs and the committing county will receive notification two weeks prior to an inmate's release.
In order to qualify for sentencing credit, inmates will be required to successfully complete rehabilitation treatments, which could include substance abuse treatment, adult education, and behavior modification or life skills programs. Inmates may also receive sentence credit for passing the Test of General Educational Development (GED) while in DOC custody.
"Presenting inmates with an additional incentive for good behavior will improve the environment inside our facilities and allow the department to focus our efforts on violent criminals," said Illinois Department of Corrections Director S.A. "Tony" Godinez. "Eligible inmates will now have the benefit of receiving sentence credit appropriately and responsibly as the department continues to look for effective, safe and secure methods of managing state prisons."
SB 2621 is effective immediately.
Additional Legislation Signed:
Governor Quinn also signed additional laws to increase public safety and protect children from predators. Senate Bill 3579, sponsored by Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) and Rep. Sandra Pihos (R-Glen Ellyn), prohibits sex offenders from participating in holiday celebrations where minors are present, for example handing out candy on Halloween. The law goes into effect January 1.
Senate Bill 3809, sponsored by Sen. John Mulroe (D-Chicago) and Rep. Darlene Senger (R-Naperville), enables park districts to have criminal background checks performed to determine whether a job applicant is a delinquent minor for committing certain offenses, such as sexual assault. The law goes into effect immediately.
Senate Bill 3258, sponsored by Sen. Iris Martinez (D-Chicago) and Rep. Scott Penny (D-Belleville), clarifies violations included in the Sex Offender Registry, and prevents arrest records for reckless driving from being sealed before the offender reaches the age of 25. The law goes into effect January 1.
House Bill 4590, sponsored by Rep. Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago) and Sen. Tim Bivins (R-Dixon), adds new information, such as known gang affiliations, to inmate record files housed at the Department of Corrections. The law is effective immediately.

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Monday's Daily Brief: Supremes Rule On Arizona Immigration Law, Eurozone Crisis Fears, Tortoise Subspecies Extinct, Plus Mohamed A. El-Erian, Gary Hart, Leo W. Gerard

Monday, June 25, 2012
Lonesome George Dead: Last-Of-His-Kind Galapagos Tortoise Dies At 100
Obama Pushes Back On 'Doing Fine' Attacks
Biden Sounded Serious Warning To Obama
Eurozone Crisis Sparks Fear Of 'Replay Of 2008 On Steroids'
Mohamed A. El-Erian: Greece Needs to Chart a Different Course
Greece's political leaders still don't seem to get it, and neither do its official creditors. The longer this problem persists, the greater the challenge of turning around a country already beset by recession, insolvency, distressingly high unemployment and rising poverty.
Doug Kendall: Obama's Dream and the Right's Crocodile Tears
Do folks like Marco Rubio, Michele Bachmann, war-on-terror architect John Yoo, and columnist Charles Krauthammer really believe the Constitution means one thing when a Republican is in the White House, and something entirely different when the President is a Democrat?
Laura Rowley: 20 Years After Break Up, Couple Reunites At High School Reunion
Melanie Young, 57, is big on reunions. "Everyone I know -- whatever age they are -- if they're single, I say 'Go to your reunions!'" That's because 17 years ago, at a high school reunion, Melanie's life changed forever for the better.
Leo W. Gerard: Robin Hood Tax: Economic Justice
The American Robin Hoods are seeking economic justice. They want Congress to resurrect the financial transactions tax. Britain, home of Robin Hood, already charges a form of it. Ten European Union countries plan to institute it. America needs it.
Gary Hart: Legalizing Watergate
Who would have thought, forty years after the greatest political scandal and presidential abuse of power in U.S. history, that the Supreme Court of the United States would rule that the practices that fueled and financed that scandal were now legal? Yet that is essentially the effect of the Citizens United decision.

Not Joking: Paul Ryan For V.P.?

Not Joking: Paul Ryan For V.P.?

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The National Memo
June 25, 2012
                       Will We Love The Health Care Law If It's Killed? Will We Love The Health Care Law If It's Killed?
We won't know what we've got 'till it's gone.
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                               LOL Of The Week: Team Romney Vets Paul Ryan For V.P.
LOL Of The Week: Team Romney Vets Paul Ryan For V.P.
Is Mitt pandering to billionaires again -- or does he actually believe this is a good idea?
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                               Stop Companies Denying Millions The Chance To Escape Extreme Poverty
Stop Companies Denying Millions The Chance To Escape Extreme Poverty
Tell our leaders not to be swayed by corporate lobbying!
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Obama's Immigration Order Was Totally Political
But it was also the morally right thing to do.    Read »
Leonard Pitts Jr.: We Still Need Journalists
Why Sarah Palin's latest bonehead idea -- unlike most -- is worth rebutting.    Read »
THE LIST: 6 Things You Need To Know
Start off the week with a jolt of the best of the web.    Read »
Rachel Madow
                               WATCH: Darrell Issa Accidentally Brings Up His Gamy Past
WATCH: Darrell Issa Accidentally Brings Up His Gamy Past
Was he alluding to gun violations, suspected arson, or those car theft charges?
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                               Cartoon Of The Day
Cartoon Of The Day
Dick Cheney's daughter gets married.
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