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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Phones Crashing

The National Memo
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Dear National Memo Reader:

In the final moments of the Wisconsin recall campaign, the right-wing supporters of Scott Walker have resorted to dirty tricks. The Republicans are going all out to win Tuesday's election because the stakes are so high for all of us, but democratic turnout can still beat the Koch Brothers' money. Please read the message below to learn how you can fight back, protecting Wisconsin and our nation from further assaults on our rights.

Harold Itzkowitz
Associate Publisher on behalf of The National Memo Team

BREAKING: A conservative group supporting Scott Walker has shut down Democratic candidate Tom Barrett's phone system.

They're using a phone number connected to Tom Barrett's campaign headquarters in their latest attack. The calls flooded the campaign, crashing their phone system.

It's a new low, with under a week until the election. I can't believe they've stooped to this.

After all his attacks on workers and women, now his campaign is shutting down his challenger's phones? This is what Walker's supporters will do to win. Anything. It's wrong. Wisconsin deserves better.

We need your contribution immediately to fight back against these disgusting tactics. The Democratic Governors Association is helping the on-the-ground effort to get out the vote on Tuesday -- and to make sure everyone knows we won't stand by while Walker tries to steal the election. But we need your support now to win.

Will you help the Democratic Governors Association oust Walker and return to a Wisconsin free of these dirty tricks by giving $20 or more right now?

Backed by the Koch Brothers' billions, there are no lies Walker won't tell. Nothing he won't try. No one he won't attack.

Let's not miss a chance to send him packing and protect our Democratic values.

There's no place for him and his attacks in our politics. Click here to help do what it takes to defeat Walker.


Mark Giangreco
Deputy Communications Director
Democratic Governors Association

Paid for by DGA Action Wisconsin, Benjamin Metcalf, Treasurer, www.democraticgovernors.org, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's agent or committee.

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"Hurling Acid" At Women Senators? What?

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