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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief: Obama Appeals To Activists On Fiscal Cliff

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Pelosi Makes Big Announcement
Petraeus To Testify: Reports
Toyota Recalls 2.77 MILLION Cars
Man Who Accused Elmo Puppeteer Of Underage Sex Recants Story
PHOTOs: Channing Tatum Named People's 'Sexiest Man Alive'
Robert Reich: The President's Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain (II): Put a Trigger Mechanism in the Legislation
The Congressional Budget Office and most independent economists say it will suck so much demand out of the economy that it will push us back into recession. That's the austerity trap of low growth, high unemployment, and falling government revenues Europe finds itself in. We don't want to go there.
Christine Pelosi: Enough With the Mad Men Mores: The Generals Are Not the Victims
There they go again -- powerful men having illicit affairs while their apologists blame the women. Didn't we just vote to reject these Mad Men mores in last week's election? Apparently not everyone got the message.
Tom Engelhardt: The Meaning of a Do-Nothing Election
This country is stuck in a hell of its own making that passes for everyday life at a moment when the world, for better and/or worse, is coming unstuck in all sorts of ways.
John Pavley: Mobile, Live, Streaming: Countdown to the Near Future of Media
Humans are really bad at predicting the near future. Our minds have evolved to handle the immediate situation (fight or flight) as well as the long-term trends (winter is coming). Predicting how events will turn out in only a few months can leave us shell-shocked. But I'm going to take a big risk here a make a near term prediction: The mobilization of live streaming media is going to hit in the next six to 12 months, and hit big. By this I mean that consumers who are currently streaming recorded news and entertainment on their TVs and laptops are going to phase-shift to interactive streaming live news and entertainment on their phones and pads. The big live events of 2012 showed that interactive streaming -- sharing up as well as streaming down -- is about to become part of our national consciousness.
Lisa Belkin: The Petraeus Affair: Why Is There No Male Equivalent for 'Mistress'?
Colloquial English language has no word for that -- no label we use to describe the man with whom a married woman cheats. Gigolo doesn't really cover it. Lover, perhaps, but no newspaper account would use it in a situation like this because their goal is to talk about sex without directly mentioning it. Paramour? That just sounds ridiculous.

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The other ... other woman: Florida socialite emerges at center of Petraeus scandal
Jill Kelley — the latest woman named in the widening scandal that has already taken down a four-star general and former CIA director — is a raven-haired beauty who lives with her surgeon husband in a…

Obama Promised (Again) That He'd Close Gitmo. So Can He?
There are still a lot of obstacles to closing the controversial detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

FBI Agent in Petraeus Case Under Scrutiny
A federal agent who launched the investigation that ultimately led to the resignation of CIA chief David Petraeus was barred from taking part in the case over the summer due to superiors' concerns that…

Microsoft is entering a new era
As Microsoft's business changes, the company needs its groups to work cooperatively. The polarizing working style of former Windows head Steven Sinofsky may not have fit that mandate. Outgoing…

AMD shouldn't look to private equity
Chipmaker AMD gives private equity "a cold sweat." FORTUNE -- Earlier today, Reuters reported that chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) "has hired JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) to explore options, which could include a…


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