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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Obama administration heeds judges' health care order - CNN.com

Obama administration heeds judges' health care order - CNN.com:

The Justice Department obeyed a federal appeals court's unusual order Thursday in a legal and political spat over the health care law championed by President Barack Obama. Administration lawyers met their deadline and filed a three-page, single-spaced letter -- following the specific instructions of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is hearing a challenge to the health care law. The letter affirmed the government's stance that federal courts indeed have the authority to decide the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act -- and any other law Congress passes. "The power of the courts to review the constitutionality of legislation is beyond dispute," said the letter, signed by Attorney General Eric Holder.

It added that the Justice Department "has not in this litigation, nor in any other litigation of which I am aware, ever asked this or any other court to reconsider or limit long-established precedent concerning judicial review of the constitutionality of federal legislation." Referring to comments by Obama that set off the imbroglio, the letter concluded: "The President's remarks were fully consistent with the principles described herein."

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chicago Cubs Opening Day 2012 at Wrigley | VIDEO
Baseball is back in Chicago as the Cubs begin their 2012 season with their home opener Thursday.

Trial begins for Hudson murder suspect | VIDEO
Jury selection began Thursday for a man charged with murdering three members of Jennifer Hudson's family.
2 charged in chase, crash that injured 4
Two people have been charged after two children were hurt in a police chase and crash near 89th Street and Ashland.
Ill. top court allows suit vs. assault weapon ban
Gun rights advocates scored a victory Thursday when the Illinois Supreme Court decided to allow a challenge to Cook County's assault weapons ban to proceed.
Woman severely burned after smoking in bed with oxygen tank
A 60-year-old woman is in the hospital with severe burns after smoking in her bed while using an oxygen tank.
Chicago to open tourism offices in Brazil, Germany, Japan | VIDEO
The city has a new plan to help Chicago become one of the top five U.S. destinations for international visitors.


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I-Team Report: The Cool War ABC7's Chuck Goudie is back from Havana with a story you didn't hear when Pope Benedict XVI visited Cuba last week.

Benedict XVI hopes to renew church in Cuba
Benedict arrives in Cuba in footsteps of John Paul
Chicago mob part of Havana's history
Pope to bless thousands, meet with Mexican pres.
Cuba ready for Pope Benedict XVI

Send ABC7 your Cubs photos! Send your photos from Wrigley Field to useeit@abc7chicago.com! The Chicago Cubs play their 2012 home opener at 1:20 p.m.

Chicago Cubs Opening Day 2012 at Wrigley
PHOTOS: Chicago Cubs Opening Day 2012
PHOTOS: Cubs Spring Training 2012
PHOTOS: Historic Wrigley Field


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Thursday, April 5, 2012
Arianna Huffington: You'd think a ten-and-a-half year war would be a major issue in a presidential campaign -- especially a war going as badly as the one in Afghanistan. But our political and media establishments seem to regard being in a constant state of war as simply part of the "new normal" (to go along with over 8 percent unemployment). The first rule of military action should be: do no harm to your own national security. But right now we are doing a lot of harm, losing hearts and minds every day and making our country ultimately less safe as a result. "War is destructive of the human spirit," military scholar Andrew Bacevich said recently. "War compromises our humanity." This one is now compromising our humanity, our national security, our standing in the world, and our claim to the moral high ground.
President Obama Locks Horns With Chief Justice Roberts
Santorum's Poll Tumble Puts Romney Ahead In Pennsylvania
Live Video Q&A: Sandra Fluke Sits Down With HuffPost
Current TV Could Get Kicked Off Time Warner
Syrian Troops Launch Assaults On Several Towns
Chris Mooney: Stephen Colbert, Scientific Pioneer
Truthiness is the quality of knowing something in your gut or your heart, as opposed to in your head. Colbert didn't just diagnose a deep malady in American political discourse. He also used phrases that anticipated research results on the differences between liberals and conservatives.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Reforming Washington & Restoring Our Faith in Congress
If we are going to restore the trust the American people have in Congress and rebuild their faith in government, increasing transparency and accountability in many aspects of how Washington does business is imperative. The STOCK Act is just a start.
Greta Van Susteren: First the President Is a Bully... and Now the Judiciary -- Here Is My Free Advice to AG Holder
What President Obama did two days ago when he bullied the Supreme Court and called them "unelected" and essentially threatened them was wrong. It also made him look like a fool. He was certainly not acting like a leader but a schoolyard bully who wants his way at any cost.
Gary Burr: Second Acts: Once Again...Why Am I Doing This?
That was a time when it felt like I would write a song on Monday, it was cut on Wednesday and by Friday it was on the radio. I liked those days very much. Very much indeed. Nothing stays the same.
Dr. Michael J. Breus: Sleepless in the City
Real Age has just published its ranking of the best and worst cities for sleep in the U.S., part of its "2012 Oldest and Youngest Cities" report.

Will Bankers' New Super PAC Target Elizabeth Warren?

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FEATURED Joe Conason Carl Hiaasen Connie Schultz E.J. Dionne Gene Lyons Jonathan Alter
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April 05, 2012
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Mitt Romney raised eyebrows by delivering a speech on Wednesday suggesting that President Obama is an unreliable figure, devoid of principle, program, and purpose. "He wants us to re-elect him," the presumed GOP nominee practically sneered, "so we can find out what he will actually do." Someone clearly advised him that an audacious attack could distract voters from his own opportunistic gyrations while creating a new, resolute self-portrait.

But as a nominee who spent the primary season erasing his own political record, Romney may have eliminated any positive rationale for his candidacy. After disowning the most important programs and positions he advocated as Massachusetts governor, what can he present as his qualifications for the presidency? Please don't say Bain Capital. America is in no mood to elevate a ruthless private equity mega-millionaire into the Oval Office. READ MORE

Rachel Maddow image #2
Frustrated that they occasionally don't get exactly what they want from Congress, big bankers have formed a Super PAC -- innocuously titled "Friends of Traditional Banking" -- to reward political allies and punish enemies. READ MORE

Even in the Easter season, it's hard not to notice that Christianity hasn't been presented in its own best light during this election year because Christians have not exactly been putting forward their best selves. There are right and wrong ways to apply religion to politics, and much that's happening now involves the wrong ways. READ MORE

The Pentagon said Wednesday it is ready to resume a trial at Guantanamo Bay for the acknowledged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks and four other men, more than two years after President Barack Obama halted the case in an ultimately failed effort to prosecute them in a civilian court. READ MORE

Fox News anchor Heather Childers -- who does straight news ("fair and balanced") programs on weekends -- sparked a controversy on Tuesday afternoon, when she suggested on Twitter that President Obama's campaign threatened to murder Chelsea Clinton to keep her parents quiet about Obama's alleged foreign birth.

Seriously. READ MORE

Hallelujah, Washington has finally heard the people's cries for jobs! In an urgent bipartisan push, Democrats and Republicans have joined hands across the aisle to pass the JOBS Act. In this time of "The Great Hurt" -- with widespread unemployment, middle-class incomes tumbling and the price of gasoline skyrocketing -- we can all applaud our stalwarts in the capital city for meeting the No. 1 need of America's hard-hit economy: deregulating Wall Street.

Huh? I thought this was a jobs bill? READ MORE
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