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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell, Fox News Politics, and 3 others have Tweets for you

Here's what's happening on Twitter

House oversight committee schedules contempt vote for Holder
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has scheduled a contempt vote for Attorney General Eric Holder, Fox News has learned.

BREAKING: Governor Rick Scott Announces Florida Will Sue Obama Administration Over Voter Purge
During an appearance on Fox News Monday afternoon, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) announced that the state will sue the Department of Homeland Security to obtain access to a database that it believes will…
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Ed Schultz

Even the Supreme Court won't touch this 'birther' case
More bad news for birther-in-chief Donald Trump and his radical birther buddies, like Rep. Mike Coffman, Arizona Sec. of State Ken Bennett and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The U.S. Supreme Court is refusing to…
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Ed Schultz

Panel Plus: 6/10
Watch the 'FOX News Sunday' panel, Bill Kristol, Charles Lane, Liz Cheney and Mara Liasson, as they discuss the Wisconsin recall and California ballot initiatives, in our web exclusive Panel Plus
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Fox News

American Crossroads Apologizes For Tweet Joking That Bryson Was Drunk Before Wrecks
In the rapid-fire world of Twitter, the snark often flows before the facts. A spokesperson for American Crossroads, the GOP-backing super PAC associated with Karl Rove, tells TPM that's what happened…
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Ed Schultz


Scott Walker @ScottKWalker 05 Jun
President Reagan died on June 5, 2004. Let's win one for the Gipper!
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John C Maxwell @JohnCMaxwell 09 Jun
You can impress people at a distance. But you can impact them only up close. -Howard Hendricks
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The Associated Press @AP 05 Jun
BREAKING: US official: CIA drone strike in Pakistan kills no. 2 al-Qaida leader.
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NBC News @NBCNews 06 Jun
NBC News projects that Governor Scott Walker wins the # WisconsinRecall
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Frances Martel @francesmartel 05 Jun
Um, can someone remind every network ever that the reason America exists is so we don't have to watch 18 hours of non-stop Queen coverage?
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CNN Breaking News

Shellie Zimmerman, the wife of George Zimmerman, has been arrested on a charge of perjury, authorities said.
A Florida judge earlier this month revoked bond for George Zimmerman, a Florida man charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.
At the time, Seminole County Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. accused George Zimmerman of having misrepresented how much money he had when his bond was set in April. Prosecutors said he had $135,000 when Shellie Zimmerman told the court, under oath, that they were indigent.

Don't let the KKK adopt a highway

Dr. Fred -- There's a new Change.org petition gaining attention, and we think you might be interested in signing it:
Tell Georgia's Highway Department to not let the KKK adopt a stretch of highway
Sign Nioshii's Petition
Started by: Nioshii Wilde, Atlanta, GA
The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is an organization intent on promoting white supremacy through terrorism and political violence. Throughout their 150+ years of activity, they've organized and carried out lynchings, bombings, cross burnings and actively campaigned against the Civil Rights Movement and desegregation. Anyone who does not fit their narrow definition of being a "true American"- white and Christian- is a target of their violence, including African Americans, Catholics, Jews, immigrants, communists, etc. Their death toll numbers are in the thousands and the damages they have inflicted on our country are immeasurable.
And now, the Ku Klux Klan wants to "adopt" a highway in Georgia.
The "adopt a highway" program allows local civic-minded organizations to help clean up stretches of highways in return for free advertising along the road. Meaning the KKK would be able to advertise their organization and increase their membership on public land, for free.
Harley Hanson, the leader of the Klan's Realm of Georgia who filed the application for the Klan, says: "I love my race. Does that make me wrong? I'm proud to be white."
As a Georgia resident, I do not want a highway funded by taxpayer dollars to become an advertising site for an organization that has murdered, maimed and terrorized American people for 150 years.  The KKK is not a civic-minded organization; they are a domestic terror group. 
"What's next, are we going to let Neo-Nazis or the Taliban or al-Qaida adopt highways?" asks State Rep. Tyrone Brooks.
And I agree. So now I'm calling on the Georgia Department of Transportation to reject the KKK's application to adopt a highway. Terrorists have no place on the sides of our highways.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chicago cops to work overtime on weekends | VIDEO
An outbreak of shootings has the Chicago Police Department considering a move to put more officers on the street this summer.

'NATO 3' in court on terror charges | VIDEO
Three people are expected to be indicted on the first state terrorism charges ever filed in Illinois.
Lawyer Philip Corboy dies at 87 in Chicago | VIDEO
A nationally known lawyer in the realm of personal injury lawsuits has died in Chicago.
2 boys, 15, charged in Elgin teen's murder
Two teenagers are charged with murdering an Elgin boy last week.
Emanuel appears on 'Conan' in Chicago
Former Chicago resident Conan O'Brien returned to the Chicago Theatre to tape his TBS show for the week. And Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined him Monday to quiz him about the city.
It's a boy! Shedd's baby dolphin 2 weeks old
The Shedd Aquarium announced Tuesday its newborn Pacific white-sided dolphin is a boy.


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