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Monday, April 23, 2012

Who is sponsoring George Zimmerman's legal fees?

In the wake of the killing the Trayvon Martin ... The company Koch which manufactures paper products is paying for Zimmerman's legal fees because they feel he had legal right to bare arms and shoot  Trayvon we are asking that people everywhere ban together with us and pass this information on and not purchase any of the following items because your money will be paying for Zimmermans lawyer fees.   Please do not purchase any of the following items :  Angel soft toilet paper  Brawny paper towel  Dixie plates,bowls napkins cups  Marci gras napkins and towels  Quilted northern toilet paper  Soft and gentile toilet paper  Sparkle napkins  Vanity fair napkins  Zero napkins
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Jennifer Hudson arrives at courthouse for murder trial | VIDEO
Jennifer Hudson arrived Monday at a Chicago courthouse for the start of the trial of William Balfour, the man charged with killing three members of Hudson's family, as opening statements were set to begin.

Truck overturns on OB Stevenson near 294 | VIDEO
A semi dumped 43,000 pounds of steel on outbound I-55 near the Tri-State Tollway, leading to a significant traffic backup.
4 injured in school bus, SUV crash in Naperville | VIDEO
A toddler was ejected from an SUV after the vehicle collided with a school bus in Naperville.
Wrigleyville fake-bomb suspect pleads guilty
A Chicago man accused of placing a backpack he thought held a bomb near Wrigley Field has pleaded guilty.
School mourns death of Hoffman Estates boy | VIDEO
Counselors were on hand Monday at a northwest suburban school after an 11-year-old boy died over the weekend.
Bruce Springsteen to add another Wrigley concert
Fans who missed out on the first round of tickets to the sold-out Bruce Springsteen performance at Wrigley Field will get another chance.


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Hefner thanks Chicago as Playboy moves to LA Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner is officially bidding Chicago goodbye.

PHOTOS: Chicago's Original Playboy Club
Playboy to close on April 30
Hefner in Chicago for movie premiere

Chicago doughnut shop named best in US Chicago is not the second city, it's number one when it comes to doughnuts!


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Trump and Koch

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Dear National Memo Reader:

The billionaire Koch brothers, Donald Trump and assorted other GOP fat cats are pouring money into the Wisconsin recall election, as they keep pushing to roll back your rights. Only a major grassroots effort can stop them now. Please consider this important message from the Democratic Governors Association to learn what you can do.

Harold Itzkowitz
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Friend --
Breaking news: The Republican Governors Association raised $12.3 million this year -- and we just found out that the Koch brothers and Donald Trump are among their biggest donors.

Trump and the Kochs are dropping $100,000 and $1 million gifts, which is paying for a lot of lie-filled TV ads in Wisconsin.

Extremist billionaires will stop at nothing to save Scott Walker and protect the far-right agenda.

There's just 44 days until the recall election. The polls are tied. We need you to join our effort now to show the pundits we're serious about fighting back against the RGA's lies.

Click here to add your voice to our petition calling on Scott Walker and his allies to stop their smear campaign. .

It's critical we make a stand in Wisconsin. Republicans are intent on suppressing Democratic voters, rolling back women's rights and attacking workers.

We have to stop them in their tracks and take back Wisconsin. If we don't stem the tide, these radical policies will spread across the country, state-by-state.

We have to send a message to Republicans that they can't trample on our rights and hold our states hostage. We need you to help us right now.


Kate Hansen
Director of Campaigns
Democratic Governors Association

Paid for by DGA Action, Benjamin Metcalf, Treasurer, www.democraticgovernors.org, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's agent or committee.

Monday's Daily Brief: HuffPost and Freakonomics, George Zimmerman Released, Walmart Probe

Monday, April 23, 2012
Arianna Huffington: Our culture has a way of collectively falling into the groove of conventional wisdom, whether that means seeing everything through the outdated prism of left vs. right or willfully blinding ourselves to unpleasant or inconvenient facts. So, I'm delighted that today HuffPost Business is presenting a video collaboration (freakoration?) with Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics. Dubner brings his trademark humor, willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, and passion for starting conversations to three very different topics, and in doing so, reinforces two very important truths. First, that the forces influencing our economic life manifest themselves in many unexpected and surprising ways. And second, that conventional wisdom is often dead wrong.
George Zimmerman Released From Florida Jail
Huntsman Slams GOP: 'Is This The Best We Could Do?'
China Seizes 77 Million Capsules In Crackdown Of Tainted Pills
ALEC Hit With Serious Accusation
Mexican Vexation
Marlo Thomas: What You Don't Know About Cancer -- Hope on the Horizon
So this being Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it might make us all sleep a little better to ask some of the top cancer scientists in the country to tell us some things (or even one thing) that makes them optimistic about the ongoing battle with cancer.
Anne Sinclair: The Beginning of the End
The next two weeks will be violent. Nicolas Sarkozy likes a good brawl. And he'll surely enter the ring now that he has nothing to lose. Francois Hollande prefers to avoid conflict, but he'll have to put up a fight, especially against those who say that the chips are down.
Leo W. Gerard: End the Delays Deadly to Workers
Saturday is Workers' Memorial Day, a time devoted to commemorating those killed on the job. No one volunteers to sacrifice their life for corporate profit, yet every day in workplaces across this country, the lives of 12 workers are taken, not given.
Michael Sandel: What Money Can't Buy: The Skyboxification of American Life
At a time of rising inequality, the marketization of everything means that people of affluence and people of modest means lead increasingly separate lives. You might call it the skyboxification of American life. It's not good for democracy, nor is it a satisfying way to live.
Edward Norton: Earth Day 2012: This Isn't About Tree-Hugging Anymore, It's About The Way We Live
My parents' generation sacrificed care-free youth to carry the torch of civil rights and social equality. And now, I feel confident saying that my generation has accepted the environmental movement as our cause and that we are ready to rise to the challenge.

Walmart Hid Mexican Bribery Scandal

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April 23, 2012
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Francois Hollande, a mild-mannered French Socialist, is heading toward a presidential runoff election against conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in a vote that could alter Europe's political and economic landscape.

Hollande heads into the May 6 second round with the upper hand after narrowly edging Sarkozy in the first round of France's voting Sunday, according to near-complete official results.

Nearly one in five voters chose far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, handing her a solid third place with her anti-immigration platform that targets France's millions of Muslims. READ MORE

Rachel Maddow image #2
We are about to have the worst presidential campaign money can buy. The Supreme Court's dreadful Citizens United decision and a somnolent Federal Election Commission will allow hundreds of millions of dollars from a small number of very wealthy people to inundate our airwaves with often vicious advertisements for which no candidate will be accountable. One would like to think that the court will eventually admit the folly of its 2010 ruling and reverse it. But we can't wait that long. READ MORE

Government officials declined on Sunday to comment on the allegations contained in a New York Times report, which said Wal-Mart Stores Inc. failed to notify law enforcement after its own investigators found evidence that company officials paid millions of dollars in bribes to spur the company's rapid expansion in Mexico. READ MORE

Sometimes, it seems as if every tabloid and magazine has a headline about some actress or personality and her crusade to find -- or keep -- a man. Either she has been dumped or he has cheated, or she is thinking of taking him back, or she is lonely without him, or she is struggling to conceive, or the wedding is off, or the wedding is back on, or she has found new love after the divorce, yadda, yadda and yadda. It is life as soap opera story arc or country music lyric. And here is the thing: you will almost never see a male celebrity as the object of one of those headlines. READ MORE

An audio recording has surfaced of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio playing his refusal to cooperate in a federal investigation for laughs. Taped at a fundraiser for an anti-illegal immigration group in Texas, Arpaio ridicules politicians who sought the probe and displays contempt toward federal authorities who are still investigating him on two fronts. READ MORE

In an unusually low-key turn to a high-profile case, George Zimmerman was released without incident around midnight Sunday from a Florida county jail on $150,000 bail as he awaits his second-degree murder trial for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin. READ MORE
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