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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ex-neighbor's testimony leads to motion for mistrial in Peterson case | VIDEO
Accusing the prosecution of ''intentionally bringing before the jury evidence the court had excluded,'' defense attorneys for Drew Peterson asked for a mistrial on Wednesday.

Some Chicago charter schools back in session | VIDEO
The calendar may say August 1, but it is time for some students to go back to school.
Water main breaks near Union Station
It could be slow going around Union Station Wednesday as crews repair a broken water main.
Cowboy bank robber holds up NW Side branch
The search was on Wednesday for a cowboy hat-wearing bank robbery suspect.
Person of interest in CPS basketball star's shooting death
Chicago police say they are questioning a person of interest in connection with the shooting death of former CPS basketball star Michael Haynes.
Man found electrocuted on Blue Line tracks
Investigators in Chicago are trying to figure out what happened to an unidentified man who was found electrocuted on the Chicago Transit Authority's train tracks.


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Wednesday's Daily Brief: Did Mitt Pay No Taxes?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Gore Vidal Dead At 86
U.S. Gymnastics Takes Gold In Women's Team Final
Florida Mogul: I Was 'Personally Responsible' For Bush's 2000 Victory
8 Badminton Players Accused Of Throwing Matches
Teenager Tweets Picture Of Man Dying But Doesn't Stop To Help
David Bromwich: Romney, Netanyahu, and George Washington's Warning
What does it signify, for an American like Mitt Romney, unskilled in international politics and innocent of the complexities of the Middle East, to back the pressure now being exerted by Benjamin Netanyahu against the advice of the American president and against the advice of high-ranking intelligence and military officers in Israel? It means that Romney is not friend of Israel so much as he is a friend of Netanyahu. Or rather, for Romney, as for the billionaires he had in tow on his Israel trip, the personal is political. For them, Netanyahu is Israel.
Sen. Harry Reid: Republicans Renew War on Women
Asking American women to continue denying themselves the care they need is unacceptable. Only by focusing on America's best interest, rather than our own political interests, will we have a stronger, healthier future together.
Jesse Kornbluth: Gore Vidal (1925-2012): He Did It His Way (And Loved Every Minute)
Vidal had no self-doubt. He used his legendary intellect in the service of opinions that drew blood. Feuds thrilled him. And he never lost the swagger that comes from knowing that -- at least in his youth -- he was a stunner. Want a guided tour?
Dr. Peggy Drexler: How to Talk to Kids About the New Normal
Sexuality is a big deal. But when talking about gay, straight, or anything else, the principles of how we want to teach our kids to live are the same as any other discussion about growing up right: Practice kindness and love and treat others as you'd like to be treated. Plain and simple.
Sec. Kathleen Sebelius: Giving Women Control Over Their Health Care
Women's health decisions shouldn't be made by politicians or insurance companies. Rather than wasting time refighting old political battles, this Administration is moving forward and putting women in control of their own health care.

Worst Leaks Since 9/11

Worst Leaks Since 9/11

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The National Memo
August 01, 2012
                       Are We Suffering The Consequences Of Global Warming Now? Are We Suffering The Consequences Of Global Warming Now?
Amid the deadliest drought of the century, even deniers are wondering.
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                               The Six Worst Intelligence Leaks Since 9/11
The Six Worst Intelligence Leaks Since 9/11
The White House leaks that led to the Iraq War -- and more.
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                                Your Help Can Keep Kids from Going Hungry This Summer
Your Help Can Keep Kids from Going Hungry This Summer
Help spread the word!
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Good Violence, Bad Violence
Why is the U.S. far more dangerous than other developed countries?    Read »
President Obama Wins Another Day
The polls keep ticking up as Mitt returns from his foreign swing.    Read »
Why Pennsylvania Is No Longer A Swing State
And the rest of the best of the web.    Read »
Lawrence O'Donnel
                               A Troubled Deal With South Korea
A Troubled Deal With South Korea
Could President Obama's favorite trade treaty cost 150,000 jobs?
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                               Cartoon Of The Day
Cartoon Of The Day
The Romney boys consider military service.
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