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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Racist Ron Paul Newsletters Posted Online

The National Memo
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Saturday, December 24, 2011
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Occupy Wall Street protesters will hold an "Occupy Christmas" 24-hour vigil at Zuccotti Park beginning late on Christmas Eve, hoping to inject the perceived moral authority -- and mainstream cultural appeal (not just dirty hippies!) -- of Christian faith into the cause, much like Civil Rights leaders did to great effect in the 1960s. READ MORE
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When we embrace an unbroken record of terrorism convictions as proof that the federal court system worked, we are embracing a deep and unsettling irony. We have no doubt that a jury of twelve American citizens is capable of convicting, but can they entertain the possibility of an acquittal in a terrorism prosecution, especially when the case revolves around instances of free speech that many of us find objectionable? READ MORE
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In 2011, Mitt Romney claimed that President Barack Obama "went around the world and apologized for America," and Michele Bachmann claimed that the vaccine to prevent human papillomavirus can "cause mental retardation." These and other contenders for this year's Lie of the Year title are worth cataloguing, but let's remember that not all big fat ones inflict equal damage on our politics. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Margaret Carlson
Ron Paul's late surge this year may help nudge Iowa back toward political obscurity. Giving the nod to a novelty candidate like Paul would further undermine Iowa's already shaky claim to first-in-the-nation status. READ MORE
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A new National Action Plan aims to fully integrate women in diplomacy and defense, but holding on to the progress they've already made may be a greater challenge. READ MORE
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The blog "Et tu, Mr. Destructo?" has obtained scans of over 50 copies of the various Paul newsletters, and posted them online. Some of the entries are racist; some are homophobic; some seek to incite violence against the government; all are deeply damaging to Paul's presidential ambitions. READ MORE
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