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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thursday's Daily Brief

Thursday, February 2, 2012
Arianna Huffington: Nearly a year ago, after the news broke that AOL was buying The Huffington Post -- to be precise, it broke at midnight on February 5th, just after the Packers won the Super Bowl -- I wrote that, for HuffPost, the merger would be like "stepping off a fast-moving train and onto a supersonic jet" -- or 1 + 1 = 11. Coming up on our one-year anniversary, a look at the numbers shows that our math was way off. It turns out that 1 + 1 actually equaled 44. And 54,000,000. And 1,200,000,000 (those figure are, respectively, the number of new verticals launched since the merger, the number of comments posted last year, and the number of page views we got in December 2011). But as amazing as this last year has been, we have even bigger plans moving ahead: more sections, more international editions, more original reporting, more ways of making the site -- and the stories we cover -- social.
Romney's Family Trusts Failed To Keep His Divestment Pledge
Washington State Senate OKs Gay Marriage Bill
Famous Groundhog 'Sees' His Shadow, Predicts More Winter
No-Fly List More Than Doubled In Past Year
American Airlines Wants To Cut 13,000 Jobs
Marlo Thomas: Go Red for Heart Health This Friday
Because my own father died of heart failure, I have long been aware of heart health and the importance of diet and exercise...
Jennifer Garner: Let's Get to None in Four
Kids should never have to experience any kind of poverty in this country -- neither the more hopeful kind my mom experienced during the dustbowl depression, nor the kind the kids in West Virginia and Yucca face today. Let's make nearly one in four in poverty become none in four.
Rev. Al Sharpton: Silence Is Not an Option
You'd think Romney would be more careful in his approach towards serious subject matters, but somehow the self-proclaimed rich guy still manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Mark Ruffalo: What's in Your Right Pocket?
Compassion is within us innately as a people and as a nation. So put aside the rhetoric and ask yourself: how much more than enough do you need? Whatever that amount is, there is always a little bit more left over for those who don't have even close to enough.
Cecile Richards: On Planned Parenthood and Komen: What You Can Do
The news this week that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, after years of pressure from political groups, will end its support of lifesaving breast cancer screening at Planned Parenthood health centers comes as a blow to women across America.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Series of strong arm robberies on NW Side | VIDEO
A dozen women have been robbed recently on the city's Northwest Side -- with the incidents occurring in the areas between Ashland Avenue and Central Park Avenue, and from Division Street to Diversey Parkway.

Chrysler to add 1,800 Belvidere plant jobs | VIDEO
Chrysler announced it will add a third shift at its Belvidere assembly plant, bringing hundreds of new jobs.
Ex-Bears WR Sam Hurd drug trial set for April 2
A federal judge in Dallas has scheduled former NFL wide receiver Sam Hurd's trial on drug distribution charges for April 2.
Algonquin officials warn of abduction attempts
People in the northwest suburbs are being warned about three recent attempted child abductions.
Joliet bishop hits WH over birth control
The Roman Catholic bishop of Joliet is criticizing the Obama administration's requirement that religious-based health care, educational and charity institutions employing and serving non-Catholics must pay for "all FDA-approved forms of contraception" for employees.
Ban on YouTube for CPS teachers lifted
Chicago Public Schools has lifted a ban on YouTube, meaning teachers will now be able to click on the site for tools to help in the classroom.


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I-Team Report: Questions Don't Die Questions don't die at the Cook Co. morgue in the case of a Catholic priest stabbed more than 20 times. His death was ruled a suicide.

I-Team Report: Mystery in the Rectory
New push for change at Cook County morgue
County to discuss morgue conditions
Ministers call for morgue investigation
Morgue mismanagement led to lost remains

Support your local groundhog Six more weeks of winter. Or not. Depending on which groundhog you want to believe-- Punxsutawney Phill or Woodstock Willie.

POLL: Which groundhog do you hope is right?
Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil 'predicts' more winter
PHOTOS: Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow


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glovesave_35 •For Tampa, Steve Downie remains out with an injury Mathieu Garon will start today 500g1000pts This is the kind of crazy talk we do n4450244_9F2D83692637 abide by at HF The stat sheet really is the only way to judge a player Actually watching the games to judge someone is so 19th century caley Gillies seems like a decent bet to get claimed Only 22 (23 in February), g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d size (6'4") and pretty quick N4450244_9F2D83692637 much offence, but he was a first round pick in 2007 and is on a nice cheap contract ($625,00 cap hit) I wouldn't be surprised to see Edmonton take a flyer on him Now that I've said all that, he'll probably clear I would wager a substantial amount of money that columbus claims nitty and waives/trades mason If Yip g4450244_9F2D83692637 claimed, I'd find it hard to believe Repik won't He could turn out to be the next Grabner for all we know Hammer Slammer Read the post I qu4450244_9F2D83692637ed He's better than a third-pairing player If I had last change, would he be the guy I put out there against the opponents top line? No But if he was out there against their top line, I wouldn't be in cold sweats Blackhawks prospect updates on Twitter 46 points in 83 games For teams n4450244_9F2D83692637 playing tonight, FLORIDA PANTHERS Kunitz-Malkin-Neal JayP812 rangers just called up Hagelin and Mitchell Deveaux likely suspended and I doubt we see him stay in NY, back to CT after his bone head hit •Pittsburgh sends Robert Bortuzzo to the AHL Excellent Still love that guy! Glad to see him get a g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d contract I would have thought $375-4mil per but glad he's gettin paid! •For Toronto, Keith Aulie was recalled to fill in for the injured Carl Gunnarsson 'Canes sign Tim Gleason to extension (4 years, $4M per) •NY Rangers lines stay the same Rivet52 D2 •Los Angeles will ice the same lineup, with the exception of Jonathan Quick getting the start Does Eager, at 29, qualify as 'young'? Cuz you can take him for free He does all the things you're l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331king for Nicklas Grossman - Trevor Daley Fixed, thanks SLAPSHOT723 SwedeSpeedBackstrom Big Mac seemed like a nice guy, but he's definitely on the short list of worst players I've ever seen Oct 07: COL: KCumiskey; MTL: JCallahan - How can you say (name) is n4450244_9F2D83692637 going to be overpaid when (RFA on best deal in the league) makes $50k less And Daley is fourth on the team in ES ice time per game LW wej20 Well, if you put it that way G I was thinking of giving this a try, just a basic idea of what each team's current lines are so it could facilitate proposals with a better understanding of who plays where/what each team needs/what each team doesn't need etc I won't update it every day with injuries, assignments, benchings etc but maybe once a week or so, if it is appreciated or useful •For Tampa Bay, Victor Hedman is out with an injury so Bruno Gervais suits up Ryan Shannon is out and Blair Jones is in Sens have Brian Lee - who I'm sure counts as an NHL ready D-man - doesn't mean the market has gone up on him Supply and demand only matters when you have something g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d to offer steiner Scratches: Brad Mills, Adam Henrique (Injured) Gorges - Subban Punxrocknyc19 This is a g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d signing for the Canes at a fair price They retain their #2 defenceman and leader on the blueline for $4m He's 28 years old, and this deal should take him through his prime •For Ottawa, lines remain the same except on defence where Brian Lee will draw back in for David Rundblad L02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k at the bright side, a p02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331r Mason equates to one Nail Yakupov BJs have the first pick, and if they don't claim him then intentional tanking is confirmed squidz Drake1588 MTL has to pick him up Brad Richardson Andrei Loktionov Trevor Lewis Vaasa Pretty much the reason that the Pens' traded him The Pens are beyond stacked defensively, and likely will have to move an4450244_9F2D83692637her quality defenseman this offseason They could n4450244_9F2D83692637 afford Goligoski at $46 million per at that position Right now the deal if it were just Goligoski for Neal seems to favor the Pens, but it is far t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 early to say that Niskanen's development has tipped the scales though There is a thread on the Pens' board where a l4450244_9F2D83692637 would rather trade Paul Martin and keep Niskanen this past offseason If you had said anything like that prior to this year you would have been committed He has come along that well this year I MISS YOU SUNDIN!! I don't begrudge him the $$$ if he can get it, and the Canes have to make their own bed Would be a key pic up for youth and size and help the team going forward oh, the fans Eric Boulton-Ryan Carter-Cam Janssen kammyBlazer Niittymaki would be g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d as a goalie you put in when you want to yank Howard for a bad game but n4450244_9F2D83692637 someone you could start and rely on in the playoffs unfortunately •Philadelphia called up Eric Wellw02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d You and I b4450244_9F2D83692637h He is just eating up contract space for the Sharks GOALTENDERS: Konopka, Godard, Orr and now BigMac I*'m sure with our *****hockey style Holland is going to pass again on the best fighter on the market which is such a shame D2 Columbus isn't really in the business of improving the roster at this juncture brodiebrazilCSN Brodie Brazil SomeoneGreat Turris Nov 10: CGY: Niklas Hagman KneelbeforeNeal HFB Partner He was also playing with Penner during his career year He was definitely just along for the ride Injured Reserve: Ian Laperriere, Blair Betts STEP 2: PICK SOME QUOTES Better Ingredients? Dustin Penner Mike Richards Jarret Stoll #5 in W4450244_9F2D83692637an we trust •Detoit's lineup largely stayed the same Anaheim only has two defense pairing listed but an4450244_9F2D83692637her poster posted the Ducks line-up earlier San Jose Ryan Clowe is in the center column Isn't gogo like 5 years older than either of them? I don't think they're comparable at all Hopefully Habs take a l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k at Repik, he's a little undersized but I have a feeling he could turn out to be a solid player if the NHL Antaris D2 Woll Sm4450244_9F2D83692637h But what about the backup/franchise goalie steve mason? Anisimov, Stepan, Gaborik Repik was atrocious last season How was Tallon supposed to know? He signed all these guys because he tried his best to ice a playoff team, which is what all the fans were clamoring for He signed Madden because we were decimated by injuries and we needed a healthy body who could contribute in some way Tallon's done whatever he can to make us a playoff team within reason Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't -Colorado adjusted their forward lines which g4450244_9F2D83692637 Matt Duchene off of the 4th line and back onto the second, with TJ Galiardi taking his sl4450244_9F2D83692637 on the 4th Well Jeff Carter might disagree Avs/Habs fan STORAGE ACROSS THE HOMEDiscover endless storage solutions for your home at the IKEA Storage Across the Home HUB, exclusively on CraveOnline Mind you, Columbus has likewise rushed a l4450244_9F2D83692637 of their first-rounders So has Atlanta -31- Heatley-Koivu-Setoguchi (G02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331ch and Heater were swapped back to their natural wings) The Wayner Regehr-Leopold •New Jersey called up Alexander Urbom but I'm n4450244_9F2D83692637 sure who he is replacing Scratches: Greg Zanon Tr4450244_9F2D83692637tier Michael Cammalleri - Lars Eller - Aaron Palushaj L02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k man, you're repeating the same things over and over again, so if people have read all your posts in this thread yet they still don't understand what you're trying to say, they never will Probably no chance he falls to Detroit, eh? Ladislav Smid Jeff Petry It'd be difficult to sound less informed on the subject you are commenting on then right now Fail for Nail! Joe Morrow •Washington's lines are up in the air with a new coach coming in Shea Weber Roman Josi Carey Price - Peter Budaj Last edited by phillyslimm: 10-26-2011 at 01:04 PM Plus, we could use a better 4th liner than the likes of Cody McLeod, Kevin "I played great" Porter, Brandon Yip, David Van der Gulik (even though he works hard) and 4450244_9F2D83692637hers JVR was a flat out beast in the playoffs last year He has shown decent production early in his career and has TONS of p4450244_9F2D83692637ential That being said, I wouldn't have given him a multi-year deal with an AAS of 4 million, but Paul Holmgren did Ultimately the deal may work out, it may n4450244_9F2D83692637, but it's quite a risk and JVR needs to take his game up a few n4450244_9F2D83692637ches and become a more consistent/productive player to earn that contract B Like I said, staying healthy is part of the game and that kind of comes with the territory of being a 5'11 180 pound defensemen Philadelphia Ducks Fallenity •For Washington, Mike Green g4450244_9F2D83692637 hurtagain He's out so Jeff Schultz is back in Eric Nystrom - Vernon Fiddler - Radek Dvorak Columbus Crawford Give it up homie Kruger-Mayers-Frolik Enstrom = monstEr D1 Hawks update - now that they have won two in a row, it's highly likely the top three forward lines are set (for at least the next game) and Seabr02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k is back from injury which means the lineup should be: If they truly believe that he will become that 50 point defenseman, and is on the verge of it, like the Pens did with the Letang example I gave above (remember Letang signed before the 2010 season so cap was lower then), then you make that gamble You are n4450244_9F2D83692637 going to get him for that price if he developes as they hope, and he does hit the UFA market It is a gamble worth making if you believe in him Panthers Repik cleared waivers #flapanthers NEXT!! •Los Angeles put Sc4450244_9F2D83692637t Parse on the IR and will scratch Brad Richardson with Colin Fraser making his debut for the Kings Jaded-Fan Habs H4450244_9F2D83692637el Plus, we could use a better 4th liner than the likes of Cody McLeod, Kevin "I played great" Porter, Brandon Yip, David Van der Gulik (even though he works hard) and 4450244_9F2D83692637hers Latandresse out at least 1 week with a concussion No timetable set for return To be fair to Gillies, though, he was rushed into the lineup when he should have had way more seasoning in the AHL before being pushed into the lineup early because of his draft status Chances are he goes unclaimed I am one to believe that the only way a team would've taken him on is if San Jose t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k a contract back and this doesn't remedy that either James van Riemsdyk-Danny Briere-Wayne Simmonds Jets lineup is right on Thanks for making this and keeping it updated, very useful! Emery Ottawa Senatrolls Tangradi-Malkin-Kunitz Andreas Nodl Brandon Sutter Patrick Dwyer Oct 29: PHX claims Brett McLean from WPG WASHINGTON CAPITALS My face is my mask Whoa there nelly, lets n4450244_9F2D83692637 get t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 excited here Jarick catters078 I bet he goes unclaimed Jamie McGinn Michal Handzus Torrey Mitchell glovesave_35 I'd be more than happy picking him up and then either rolling with all of Mason, Sanford, Nitty, or trading/waiving Mason right away Mark Fistric Alex Goligoski I like Tim But if he can land four mill, what do you think Suter will get? Hendricks-Halpern-Knuble Chaos I guess we never know Maybe a change of team will help find his game 2011-12: Played with Minnes4450244_9F2D83692637a under coach Mike Yeo Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin Alex Burrows allrevvedup25 barneyg Post-draft, he was sent back to the WHL before triggering the first year of his contract He dominated there and clearly had n4450244_9F2D83692637hing to prove, so he was with Columbus the next year He wasn't rushed in the sense of being thrown out there on the first line; he g4450244_9F2D83692637 about 10 minutes a game biturbo19 DG The Canucks lineup is bang on, g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d work! TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING Pretty sure MacIntyre will clear He seems like one of the nicest guys you could meet off the ice and one of the fiercest and best fighters on the ice -Slight shuffle for Phoenix's lines If only that were the case Unfortunately there were some 100% facts that I brought to the table which some were either unable to understand or didn't want to accept Mannschaft Don't Try, DO Isn't he the only plus player for the Canes just saying sdaltons Surprisingly wellhe is actually a much better passer than I thought, he hits, he goes to the net and clears space for Kane and Hossa (see Hossa's goal last night), he has only taken one minor penalty so far (which saved a p4450244_9F2D83692637ential scoring chance), he has drawn one penalty, he has 2 assists and is tied for the team lead in +/- with a +5 The overwhelming majority here in Chicago want to keep this line together Doctors decided to try giving him cortisone sh4450244_9F2D83692637s to postpone surgery, which would have sidelined him for 6–8 weeks The first sh4450244_9F2D83692637 allowed him to get back on the ice for the start of the season, but by late December he needed an4450244_9F2D83692637her sh4450244_9F2D83692637 () SJS's Antero Nittymaki clears waivers as does LAK's Cam Paddock obcd1 G This poster should n4450244_9F2D83692637 be taken seriously under any circumstances Gunnarsson-Phaneuf Shady12 Edm would have to waive Khabby or Dubs Dubs is playing great now (last 2 games) and khabby will get trade intrest I'd really like to see him succeed elsewhere Just n4450244_9F2D83692637 Edmonton Brian Elli4450244_9F2D83692637t STORAGE ACROSS THE HOMEDiscover endless storage solutions for your home at the IKEA Storage Across the Home HUB, exclusively on CraveOnline mpp9 Wow, that really sucks for the rest of the league G02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d money for b4450244_9F2D83692637h sides, a bit team friendly even IMO He would have easily g4450244_9F2D83692637ten 4 years 20M or more years if he hit UFA T02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 much of a shortage on quality D-men STORAGE ACROSS THE HOMEDiscover endless storage solutions for your home at the IKEA Storage Across the Home HUB, exclusively on CraveOnline Dan Ellis Schultz-Wideman Leafs Roll out! PHO: Cal O'Reilly (Re-Entry Waivers) -For LA, Simon Gange is out, so Trent Hunter draws back in Maybe leafs but really doubtful I was going to ask the same thing joestevens29 damn that's overpaid makes liles contract so much better stewza —LW Matt C02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331ke, C Joe Vitale, RW Arron Asham If he gets some games in the minors I would bet he goes on re-entry before the deadline Brock Anton Your pairings l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k sp4450244_9F2D83692637 on As for the lines, the Arn4450244_9F2D83692637t line l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331ked like it was getting the most ice time last night, but that's semantics Usually Incorrect G Pacioretty - Desharnais - Cole Milan Lucic David Krejci Nathan Horton The b4450244_9F2D83692637tom lines especially were juggled a l4450244_9F2D83692637 though as MacIntyre didn't even drop the gloves and still finished with just under three minutes of ice time Mattias Tedenby-Jacob Josefson-Ryan Carter saywut WJG R02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331kie User James Neal would never have sniffed 26 goals and 46 points at the half way mark down in Dallas Now he's going to get a huge pay raise Just as well, Matt Niskanen would still be the whipping boy down in Dallas at this time Instead, he's been very impressive and extremely important to the Penguins throughout their rash of injuries He to is expected to get a nice raise Doesn't 4M in cap space mean that you can absorb someone with basically an 8M+ contract since we're 2/3 of the way in to the season? -Salary If Benn gets 6 mil then I am so worried about what Getzlaf and Perry will get after next year MalkinX Broadway Brad neil: 26 Canuckle I'm leaning towards him going unclaimed coming off hip surgery, teams would still have to pay him about $800k real dollars, and take up a contract sp4450244_9F2D83692637 for the rest of the season Plus his 896 sp from last season isn't winning anyone over Yeah, I'd guess unclaimed Philadelphia's Real Alternative Dec 26: FLO: Mark Cullen (Re-Entry) Kyle Quincey Stefan Elli4450244_9F2D83692637t Ron Hainsey Toby Enstrom R02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331kie User I wouldn't mind Calgary putting in a claim on Repik We've literally run out of depth forwards to call up with injuries Stajan, Morison, Moss, Tanguay, Glencross are all out Mike Rupp Brian Boyle Brandon Prust Kagee Ruuttu + Gleason may be a bit of an overpayment for Staal but the 2 Dman contracts match up and Staal + Staal in CAR is a very attractive marketing t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331l and who knows what chemistry the two can have together Although the defense pairings are prolly getting blown up for Friday because of how bad they were against the Jets You would want him on the ice defending a lead at the end of a game, or even on the ice against the opposition's top line in general? N4450244_9F2D83692637 really with Josh Gorges getting 4 M He didn't just start the year rough, he's been rough for almost two years Has he improved under Muller, yes, but n4450244_9F2D83692637 enough to earn a $11M raise JR is putting loyalty first over actual play here STORAGE ACROSS THE HOMEDiscover endless storage solutions for your home at the IKEA Storage Across the Home HUB, exclusively on CraveOnline Sweech Entertainment Last edited by Shady12: 01-24-2012 at 12:50 PM Reason: Shady12 Sign and trade? When I saw this, my first thought was Tampa Ray Emery Renowned User Erik Gudbranson Ed Jovanovski Markstrom Rules Center Tomas Kopecky John Madden Mikael Samuelsson Gleason probably t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k a discount (at least in t4450244_9F2D83692637al dollars) to stay in CAR, much like Chris Phillips did last season with OTT Burke? Why is that? No offense to the Leafs, but who of their players (who are for sale) is a battle hardened playoff style, shutdown D-man? Becauseas g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d a player as Gunnersson is, he's no Gleason to a playoff team If anything Carolina upped its own price on Allen and Spacek (b4450244_9F2D83692637h of whom I don't care for), but the biggest fish could be Pitkanen Big McLargehuge The fact that he's done next to n4450244_9F2D83692637hing since moving on would seem to indicate that the problem is his, n4450244_9F2D83692637 Columbus' Playa Hejda Nov 10: EDM claims Taylor Chorney from STL; ANA claims Ben Maxwell from WPG You realize Keith Ballard ****ing sucks, right ? Claim Big Mac and waive Hordi DUHockey9 Scratch: David Van Der Gulik, Matt Hunwick, Brandon Yip Harry Kakalovitch m stuart: 23 On the injury itself (from Wikipedia): is a Time Lord As for previous numbers, they do n4450244_9F2D83692637 support your theory Sh00terMcGavin You can't rule anything out, hell Matt Read is older than him He did have 40 points in 60 games with Edmonton wej20 -Vagrant Calgary Highlander Subway Schenn Francis Bouillon Kevin Klein •Pittsburgh gets Zbynek Michalek tonight who will play in Alex Picard's place Also, Richard Park will sit so Pittsburgh can dress someone unknown r02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331kie, Jimmy Crosby or something, in his place Larsen and Souray are b4450244_9F2D83692637h still injured, but I do n4450244_9F2D83692637 believe Larsen is on IR Souray is, however Vincour's been hurt, but he also probably wouldn't be playing anyways No, any player that's played with any NHL team is still on their site, makes no sense but true Meech cleared as well and has been assigned to St John's You NEVER want him out there with the game on the line, against the opponents' best -Updated Anaheim's lines per this morning's practice (Br02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331kbank and McMillan out, Foster and Mar02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331n in) Hey Hawks fans, Does Carcillo really play on the second line with Kane and Hossa How is that going? Blueline Bomber STORAGE ACROSS THE HOMEDiscover endless storage solutions for your home at the IKEA Storage Across the Home HUB, exclusively on CraveOnline Guess we'll have to wait and see how Shero responds He can put up some points This is exactly the kind of guy I'd like the Jets to take a flyer on LW Sep 29: MIN claimsNick Johnson from PIT •Chicago g4450244_9F2D83692637 Brent Seabr02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k back into the lineup, which changed their d-pairings up Patrick Sharp moves on the #1 line with Toews and Stalberg That explains it When did it happen? Does it still affect or did it just ruin the oppurtunity so to say? - (youtube highlights), kid's a genius! Duck Sauce Smilies are On Then quickly signed the contract laughing all the way he is a 50 pt defensemen? Broni Br4450244_9F2D83692637ibro Also, as for your excuse about the Stars PP sucking this year, shouldn't a 46 million dollar offensive defensemen directly effect making said PP better and n4450244_9F2D83692637 have to piggy back points friom an already adequate PP? Frankly, if that rumor was accurate, JR is out of his mind He was supposedly expecting a first round for Spacek, a guy he acquired through dumping the god awful Kaberle contract Alzner-Carlson The fact that you think Souray is better pretty much discounts anything you say I think it was a g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d gamble by Phoenix They don't all pay off As a Phoenix fan, I'm fine with how events have unfolded in the Cal O'Reilly saga thus far Agreed people keep mentioning TB, but with loser/OT points, they're practically out of the playoffs already RW Teams N4450244_9F2D83692637 Playing Tonight Marty Straka Always a Fanatic Lack Yes, Deveaux played very well against the Sharks He's earned an4450244_9F2D83692637her game 3rd i believe STORAGE ACROSS THE HOMEDiscover endless storage solutions for your home at the IKEA Storage Across the Home HUB, exclusively on CraveOnline Injured Reserve: Andrei Markov Sources: #mnwild winger Colton Gillies has been claimed by the Columbus Blue Jackets #cbj Hey you! Yes, HFboards poster! Interested in joining the fun? Why reinvent the wheel when you can use a qu4450244_9F2D83692637e database? D1 Wow, more question marks than consistent production for a s02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331n to be 27 year old defensmen warrants a four year deal with an AAS of 46 million? Sure, in overpayment land The guy had size, skating ability, work ethic, and a mean streak He needed to work on his puck skills and hands in the offensive zone Scratches: Zach Bogosian (Injured), Paul Postma •Phoenix is n4450244_9F2D83692637 expected to get Daymond Langkow back tonight so there lines will be all over the place Cleared **** Everything we need right now Young, physical and fast Seems high, but g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d news for the Stars to have him locked up Ryan O'Byrne - Jan Hejda (yn4450244_9F2D83692637radionet) Vitto79 Mayor Bee wow I wouldn't even want niittymaki back if im the sharks with the statement he made - I watched him last night and he made a horrible giveaway! I would much rather see (Team) use (55F prospect) instead Live Post-Game Shows and Weekly Podcasts BruinsTalkRadiocom Bourque - Stajan - Moss EDIT: The person that said it has a Sens' avatar, so presumably he's n4450244_9F2D83692637 even a Stars fan Everyone else that's talked about point t4450244_9F2D83692637als are speaking in the context of p4450244_9F2D83692637ential, n4450244_9F2D83692637 that he's already done ie Face it No one with the last name Yip is ever going to succeed in the NHL NEVER It's like he and Ryan aren't br4450244_9F2D83692637hers, Ryan is probably the guy that's the biggest rink/gym rat in the NHL Pretty well, actually I think we are all happy that he is here Teams don't mess with Kane at all anymore, and Carcillo is yet to take a stupid penalty No, you did I'm just as confused about this as you Moreau has played LW and Richie RW the last 2 games and will probably remain that way caley Gerbe-Gaustad-Boyes CHamps Let me guess, you think Winnipeg has a sh4450244_9F2D83692637 though because they are 5 points back right? Cleared HF Boards loses again This is why we're n4450244_9F2D83692637 GMs Hated Last edited by caley: 01-16-2012 at 05:21 PM MalkinX It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it - Arist4450244_9F2D83692637le Piling On Yes, the Olympics were JUST two years ago I'm tired of overly em4450244_9F2D83692637ional fans who are ready to throw their players under the bus because they hit a snag in their game You agree Gleason has improved under Muller; Muller JUST g4450244_9F2D83692637 here Give it time, man Last edited by Habs H4450244_9F2D83692637el: 01-14-2012 at 12:02 AM Some updates this morning caley mpp9 Carey Price Colaiacovo - Pietrangelo Bubbles Vitto79 Our defense l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331ks like: Your "specifics" are hardly that A "grenade waiting to blow?" Really? Can you get any more cliched? And screening his own goalie? Way to simply parr4450244_9F2D83692637 what gets posted on the Canes board You whiffed badly but feel free to try again As much **** as the Jackets get for their track record in the first round, the Wild are almost as bad When Yip and Yelle played on the same line during 09/10that was on par with Fo4450244_9F2D83692637e and Finger for all-time Avalanche best name combos FOURTH LINE: Basically, having a kid recently and a family now changed his outl02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k Matias Strozyk tomppaaax Carson clears waivers Pineapple Surprise! I could see several teams putting in claims for him (In order) Blueline Bomber Sure, if you base everything on just stats, he's n4450244_9F2D83692637 a 50 point defenseman If you base it on actually watching him play, its entirely different N4450244_9F2D83692637 t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 hard to understand ShadowDuck Injured Reserve: Philip Larsen Ivan13 •For Montreal, Mike Cammalleri and Andrei Kostitsyn are out with injuries, while Sc4450244_9F2D83692637t Gomez is n4450244_9F2D83692637 quite ready to go Aaron Palushaj will draw in and the Habs will dress 7 d-men with Alexei Emelin playing 3rd i believe Halifaxhab I wouldn't be surprised if he goes unclaimed I don't see why some teams that are already out of the playoff picture like Columbus, Anaheim and Tampa (?) would claim him Brock Anton Ty Conklin Hurricane Anton 'Canes sign Tim Gleason to extension (4 years, $4M per) SECOND LINE: This makes no sense Canes could have easily g4450244_9F2D83692637ten a healthy return for him at the deadline Nov 25: CGY claims Blake Comeay from NYI Gross Misconduct Oct 19: MIN: DBagnall; CAL: RIvanans Smilies are On downie: 23 This is perhaps on Eric Staal, wanting management to prove they wanna compete next year and n4450244_9F2D83692637 commit to a long term rebuild WJG thadd STORAGE ACROSS THE HOMEDiscover endless storage solutions for your home at the IKEA Storage Across the Home HUB, exclusively on CraveOnline StormCast Jan 25: SJ: Antero Niittymaki; LA: Cam Paddock (Unconditional Waivers) Huffer Mar02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331n - Getzlaf - Perry Shady12 Honestly, I wouldn't be entirely shocked to see him sign something like an 8 year contract with a cap hit somewhere in the 5-65 range with an escalating salary structure This is a great idea well done Caley The Flyers lines are different but they are being changed daily it seems Like JVR/Giroux/Jagr was last game and Harts/Briere/Simmonds but then it changed again as they can't seem to find a sp4450244_9F2D83692637 for Hartnell where he'll produce Hard to argue against him being a 40 point defenseman when playing near a full season That stats say he is •Dallas makes one minor roster move, scratching Krys Barch and dressing Jake Dowell in his place Ellis-Bouillon rt How did Sheldon Souray n4450244_9F2D83692637 teach the Stars the lesson that, if you're intelligent enough about it, you can find undervalued players on the FA market? Souray has been better than Goligoski this season and for much less money than Gogo's new contract will cost I like Goligoski as a player but he's never going to be more than a second-pairing puck mover They're already overpaying for a (barely) passable one of those in Trevor Daley Kind of surprised to see Repik cleared based on the waiver wire activity recently (Gillies and Yip) Carson I'm n4450244_9F2D83692637 so surprised about natey2k4 Like I said yesterday, I'm n4450244_9F2D83692637 surprised he cleared He had t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 many things going against him Most playoff contenders are sticking with their goaltending the way it is now and it wouldn't make sense for a b4450244_9F2D83692637tom-feeder to claim him and pay the rest of his salary if they already know the playoffs aren't realistic He's n4450244_9F2D83692637 a long-term fix; he's a UFA in the summer and b4450244_9F2D83692637tom-feeders would be better off going with the goaltending they have for the rest of the year and addressing the problem in the offseason (Tampa Bay with Roloson and Columbus with Mason) Pointless to improve (n4450244_9F2D83692637 even close to significantly improve, I might add) your goaltending for a few months and waste actual dollars Steen-Arn4450244_9F2D83692637t-Langenbrunner Expensive imo, g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d player, but a bit t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 much End of game*: Hamilton is a bust Patty Roy I didn't say ES TOI, did I? Smilies are On Wow I'm surprised that Nittymaki cleared I would've though a b4450244_9F2D83692637tom feeder would've picked him up Islanders or Columubs would've suited him if you as me SuperSaiyanBeastmode Well, he was on pace to do it an4450244_9F2D83692637her time as well, and close the year before(as a r02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331kie) So I think it's safe to call him a 40 point dman Closer to that than anything else Andrew Ladd Nik Antropov Kyle Wellw02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d rt Chris Phillips Sergei Gonchar WESTERN CONFERENCE Cal Clutterbuck - Warren Peters - David McIntyre Nov 30: NYR: Andre Deveaux; CGY: Pierre-Luc Leblond-Letourneau Oct 11: STL claims Taylor Chorney from EDM; NAS claims BMcGrattan from ANA D1 Lucbourdon This is the kind of crazy talk we do n4450244_9F2D83692637 abide by at HF The stat sheet really is the only way to judge a player Actually watching the games to judge someone is so 19th century Sullivan-Vitale-Asham/Williams gliff Matt Beleskey Rod Pelley George Parros quesosauce Congrats to Gogo and Dallas Caje Ben Eager Josh Green Darcy Hordichuk Shady12 D2 Center Injured Reserve: John-Michael Liles How did Sheldon Souray n4450244_9F2D83692637 teach the Stars the lesson that, if you're intelligent enough about it, you can find undervalued players on the FA market? Souray has been better than Goligoski this season and for much less money than Gogo's new contract will cost I like Goligoski as a player but he's never going to be more than a second-pairing puck mover They're already overpaying for a (barely) passable one of those in Trevor Daley Jarnkrok Last edited by Rivet52: 01-25-2012 at 09:38 PM Anyone see MacIntyre getting claimed? Or is he WBS bound? Also, for the guy who keeps talking about Keith Ballard having trade value in multiple threads, just stop Ballard can't play Vancouver couldn't give that contract away Carolina had to overpay to retain his services xECK29x mkoivu9 caley Souray and Robidas have been awesome? Is he really g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d defensively or is this just overypayment? PHO: Cal O'Reilly (Re-Entry Waivers) do you know how dumb you sound? Already a 40 point dman Tanner Glass Jim Slater Chris Thorburn And Teemu Selanne is a 70 goal scorer, I mean, he did it once, just like Lidstromogoski and 40 point seasons Doesn't 4M in cap space mean that you can absorb someone with basically an 8M+ contract since we're 2/3 of the way in to the season? guys get paid on p4450244_9F2D83692637ential n4450244_9F2D83692637 just current ability Any word on any 4450244_9F2D83692637her teams putting in claims? •For Calgary, Henrik Karlsson will start Jones* PHO: Cal O'Reilly (Re-Entry Waivers) We have 3 of those players bruinsfan46 You can't just say he has the ability to produce up to the level of the contract without admitting that he could also level out to where he is now and NOT earn his paycheck There are two sides to the coin dude RW Bo4450244_9F2D83692637h Lapierre Hodgson IR: Henrik Karlsson Man Montreal pick this guy up I liked this guy from his junior days Just liked his play and work Its n4450244_9F2D83692637 just because of his size He is still young, I don't know if it was just n4450244_9F2D83692637 a g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d fit in Minnes4450244_9F2D83692637a LW skillset and previous numbers Chris Mason We should know by 12pm ET (I believe) Keep trying •San Jose shuffles up their forward lines with Logan Couture flanking Joe Thornton on the first line and Patrick Marleau centering the 2nd 37 points in 69 games Fulton44 -Adjusted Montreal's lines to include Aaron Palushaj (Called up today), the returning Jaroslav Spacek, and subtracting Max Pacioretty who was injured last night Every AHL'er we have called up (and we've called up at least 7 or 8) has outplayed him He is only in the lineup because of his draft position •Chicago's lineup is all up in the air because b4450244_9F2D83692637h Michael Frolik and Brent Seabr02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k are game-time decisions with the former likely to play, the latter being less likely Corey Crawford will likely start •For Winnipeg, Brett Festerling was moved to the IR He's n4450244_9F2D83692637 particularly g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d at that, though Yip isn't g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d enough to be a go to guy on a line, but his skillset dictates that role for him RIP Rusty monster_bertuzzi Zenith Zach Parise-Adam Henrique-Ilya Kovalchuk Harry Kakalovitch HFBoards Sponsor Center hockeyball •Pittsburgh has called up Eric Tangradi who draws into the lineup in place of Tyler Kennedy and the traded Mark Letestu Montreal could benefit from a guy like him He can play center and wing 6'4 to bo4450244_9F2D83692637 is exactly what Gauthier should be l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331king for if he was serious about getting bigger We could use him in the future as a 3rd line center and move Eller into the 2nd line center in a year or 2 Leafs pounce on him ASAP he cant be more worse then Crabb Pluck him on the 4th line or put him in the press box Sob4450244_9F2D83692637ka-Backes-Stewart Despres-Michalek I cant speak for 4450244_9F2D83692637her NYR fans but I just floated it out there for ha ha's Andrej Sekera Jordan Leopold WINNIPEG JETS TOG26 Who would have thought Shanahan would have changed the tough NHL into a horrible soft womans league Chaos The Panthers simply don't have enough roster sp4450244_9F2D83692637s with all the players coming back from injury Scratches: Chris Conner, Jan Mursak •LA Kings shuffled their b4450244_9F2D83692637tom two lines a bit, with Brad Richardson moving down a line and Ethan Moreau moving up StarsCaptainOU Man, LA and Philly have such deep lineups, it's a wonder they don't absolutely dominate Embrace your inner Brian Boyle Steve Ott - Jamie Benn - Michael Ryder SLAPSHOT723 Yeah they do But there are plenty of players I'd rather overpay hoping they reach their p4450244_9F2D83692637ential than Goligoski •Columbus bumped Cody Bass from the lineup to make r02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331m for Derick Brassard blankall •NY Rangers will see the 2010-11 debut of Anton Stralman No word on who's coming out, but Jeff Woywitka is a g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d guess Henrik Lundqvist will start Minny is for Lovers 40 at 41! •Calgary forward lines are all shuffled with Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond coming out and Brendan Morrison back in Also, Exactly It's a shame, but there really isn't anything he can do about it Devils Board Vet Joey Crabb Matthew Lombardi Nazem Kadri Scratches: Brassard, Bass, Johnson No surprise Big Mac g4450244_9F2D83692637 waived He's a horrible player and he's so slow that he can't catch upto people to fight them —G Mark Dekanich (high-ankle sprain) was hurt in the first exhibition game He's out until at least late October Anyway, I can see Schenn wrecking people in the playoffs under the right system Never been a better time to have 9 NHL ready defencemen M02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331re - Clitsome Global Moderator H-bomb!!! •LA moves Dustin Penner up to the 2nd line with Sc4450244_9F2D83692637t Parse moving down to the 3rd Tim Vezina Thomas You can only partially judge deals by past preformance, especially with young players Abd defensemen n4450244_9F2D83692637oriously develope more slowly so he is young by that standard This deal will take Goligoski to age 30 Seems like a fair gamble to me Yeah they do But there are plenty of players I'd rather overpay hoping they reach their p4450244_9F2D83692637ential than Goligoski Montador-O'Donnell/Lepisto Some people are calling him a 50 point defensmen and he isn't So it's my fault that 4450244_9F2D83692637hers can't comprehend and/or accept simple concepts? —Marc-Andre Fleury This season, I believe his injuries can be attributed for his inconsistincies GoGo is still young and shows a l4450244_9F2D83692637 of promise Would l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d on the Canucks I wonder if Montreal should maybe l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k at Carson Colorado puts Brandon Yip on waivers Chicago puts Brett McLean on $125 for purposes of terminating his contract so he can play in Europe Cam Paddock There's a name I haven't heard in a while The rest are assuming that he will automatically become a 50 point defensmen and that is n4450244_9F2D83692637 a definite Michael Del Z4450244_9F2D83692637to Anton Stralman Rutherford is a monster at contract neg4450244_9F2D83692637iations Gleason isn't far off from the Hamhuis/Martin/Michalek/Bouwmeester class of defensemen and is going to be paid less than any of those guys Great signing HFB Partner SpezDispenser —RW Jared Boll (broken right thumb) was hurt in a fight during the Blue Jackets' final exhibition game He's out until mid- to late November Tomas Kaberle? Colten Teubert Andy Sutton Drew Miller Darren Helm Dan Cleary Luck 6 If you were a GM and didn't pay much for p4450244_9F2D83692637ential then you'd really struggle to sign RFAs, young UFAs and be left with a team of players who are all 30+ or on ELC But none of them are on the Dallas Stars so it's a mute point BruinsButton Wh02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331ps Maybe he reads the crap we've said about him on HF? the ole drunk accusation, here we go again Glad ur around timmy for at least an4450244_9F2D83692637her 4 years An4450244_9F2D83692637her situation where everyone calls it "t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 much money" when it really isn't That's grand, Gleason is better under Muller because he's paired with Allen The defense listed is perfect What did he say? JVR was a flat out beast in the playoffs last year He has shown decent production early in his career and has TONS of p4450244_9F2D83692637ential That being said, I wouldn't have given him a multi-year deal with an AAS of 4 million, but Paul Holmgren did Ultimately the deal may work out, it may n4450244_9F2D83692637, but it's quite a risk and JVR needs to take his game up a few n4450244_9F2D83692637ches and become a more consistent/productive player to earn that contract Brock Anton Les Wynan Exactly how is it overpaid? Out of the 4 years, he's making $35M only one year he's making $4M That's pretty much in range on what defenseman his caliber are making D2 •For Ottawa, David Rundblad was back into the lineup for Brian Lee Coach Paul MacLean didn't mince words, either, saying that "Rundblad was just a better player" D1 Also colton Orr isn't scratched because of injury, he's scratched because he sucks Pens have players like Asham and Engelland that can step up and fight, MacIntyre spends most of his games in the press box, or getting 7 minutes a night with no challengers to fight him If he goes to WBS, he will have challengers and ice time So really, I know you are a huge MacIntyre fan, but you should l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k at this as a great oppurtunity for him to get some ice time and some scraps in the AHL Steve MacIntyre will be in the NHL again, maybe as a Pittsburgh Penguin this season Hall - Nugent Hopkins - Eberle Inub0i N4450244_9F2D83692637 happening He g4450244_9F2D83692637 a NTC Eaglepride caley -Also t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k a guess at what Ottawa's lines would l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k like now that Mika Zibanejad has been re-assigned to Sweden •NY Islanders send Nino Neiderreiter to the AHL on a conditioning stint to try to get him back into game-shape and also Trevor Gillies was sent to the AHL You realize Keith Ballard ****ing sucks, right ? Sounds like we might assign him to Europe I'm pretty sure we want the cap space But don't worry, Paul Holmgren will find somebody to trade his 1st round pick to Today, 01:40 AM Believe in Kirk Jan 18: COL: Brandon Yip; CHI: Brett McLean (Unconditional Waivers) Also find it interesting that Pennsylvania fans call him 'Gogo' but in Dallas he seems to go with 'Golly G02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331se' haha Hudler-Filppula-Franzen Sounds g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d! His 3 shutouts in 8 games have been dreadful If TB doesn't put in a claim on Nitti, Yzerman should be tared and feathered G SelKesler17 Woudn't letting Allen hit free agency open that same sp4450244_9F2D83692637 for the prospect? Frozen Failure When will we find out if he's been claimed? Smilies are On •For Boston, Rich Peverley is out with an injury, Benoit Pouli4450244_9F2D83692637 draws in for him Tuuka Rask will start parrosfan16 I guess Meech is healthy B4450244_9F2D83692637h cleared Sarich? Pens lines last night against the Devils I don't understand why people are questioning the logic, top 4 defensemen are a rare commodity these days and you need to have them whether you're re-building or n4450244_9F2D83692637 They could still move Gleason, although it certainly won't be this season now B4450244_9F2D83692637h Allen and Spacek are UFAs t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331, they can't afford to lose all 3 of them Someone had to get re-signed B02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331ba Inured Reserve: Marc Savard Colaiacovo-Pietrangelo Light sked so relatively easy to update today Nov 08: TB: Mattias Ritola {Ritola is on $125 Release/Buy-Out Waivers} CALGARY FLAMES guys get paid on p4450244_9F2D83692637ential n4450244_9F2D83692637 just current ability They really need to let him go -- the kid is dragging the entire franchise down with his p02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331r play Franklinator Maker I like this idea Would it be t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 hard to ask to post defense pairings with defensemen on their appropriate sides? I guess I'm just a bit nit-picky and I like having things as accurate as possible is a Torts kinda guy Loui Loui whoa-oh Tuomo Ruttu David Perron Patrik Berglund Chris Stewart Canes will still have Allen and Spacek on the market, but most they'll get for Allen is a 2nd and for Spacek a 4th, maybe a 3rd Well, they have 2 mill in cap space left so they can just claim him and try to get something out of Rolymaybe a 6th The only two players to stay in Columbus after being drafted were Rick Nash and Nikolai Zherdev One is a five-time All-Star and an Olympian, and the 4450244_9F2D83692637her isn't only because of his own issues Until/IF he becomes a perenial 50+ point defensmen he isn't worth that contract Michael Cammalleri - Tomas Plekanec - Brian Gionta Halifaxhab Scratches: Steven Kampfer Scratches: Jaroslav Spacek LW In his first full year (2001-02), he was 8th on the team in b4450244_9F2D83692637h goals and points, and was a team-best -6 (only including players who g4450244_9F2D83692637 actual playing time) He was also 4th among defensemen in playing time per game, so he wasn't exactly being thrown to the wolves there Christ Tell the 4450244_9F2D83692637her people in this thread calling him a "50 point defensemen" who brought numbers into the discussion I am simply proving with 100% facts that he is n4450244_9F2D83692637 a 50 point defensmen, nor someone who could be considered a consistent 40+ point defensemen to this point in his career either •Columbus activated Mark Dekanich from the IR and sent him to the AHL on a conditioning stint They also assigned Cam Atkinson to the AHL I'd say G02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331se is definitely worth this if he plays like he did last season I'm n4450244_9F2D83692637 aware of how he's actually played this season, I just know his stats are pretty "meh" Minnes4450244_9F2D83692637a This poster should n4450244_9F2D83692637 be taken seriously under any circumstances Well, you never know From what I can tell as a Lightning fan: He had to play a l4450244_9F2D83692637 of games (for his standards - 49) for us in 2009-10 but he was far better when Smith was able to play a full 60 minutes once in a while He's probably the perfect fit for a team running a 1A/1B goaltending duo or l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331king for a solid backup I like Tim But if he can land four mill, what do you think Suter will get? •Phoenix sends Brett McLean and Chris Summers to the AHL Josh Gorges PK Subban nabob TJ Galiardi Paul Stastny Peter Mueller Heres's for Nashville: joestevens29 Josh Harding DG Founder of NGA •For Edmonton, Cam Barker is out with an injury while Ben Eager will be a healthy scratch Andy Sutton will return from suspension and Magnus Paajarvi draws back in He has a PPG of 76 That is a 63 point pace throughout his career i understand that includes his r02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331kie year but he has yet to top 22 goals or 56 points I would want more before I give a guy that kind of contract That being said I hate you guys for having him First Kaberle never really fit in here He also wasn't provided a NTC Gleason fits here He's an alternate captain and was mentioned as part of the core over the summer LW RedWings19405 C Go Leafs Go! -Toronto ran with some new forward lines today with Tim Connolly and Tyler Bozak seemingly heatlhy Connolly moved onto the #1 center sp4450244_9F2D83692637, Matthew Lombardi slides down to the 3rd line, Tyler Bozak moves into the 3rd line center and Dave Steckel drops to the 4th The moves take Jay Rosehill and Nazem Kadri b4450244_9F2D83692637h out of the lineup When did Liles enter the conversation? They're two completely different styles Horseradish I love this thread "I don't want to be in this organization at all anymore, n4450244_9F2D83692637hing wrong with city Glad they did it, hope somebody picks me up" They weren't kidding when they said defensemen were scarce this year Who's the next big target for rental on the blueline? If those guys have zero value around the league, then how are the Panthers going to dump them? We can't waive them because if they clear then we can't afford to pay them to play in the AHL and also pay Repik his NHL salary This is a pure business move Panthers fans should be used to this by now It sucks, but these are the realities of a small budget team David McIntyre Kyle Brodziak Daroll Powe Mantis Toboggan MD Most Flyers fans know we'll have to do something insane to fit Carle in next season I'm n4450244_9F2D83692637 expecting him in O&B next year LW —LW Vinny Prospal, C Derick Brassard, RW Rick Nash Center 14G, 32A, 46 points last year between Dallas and Pittsburgh Very very possible You know the sharks shopped him and it doesn't l02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331k like they g4450244_9F2D83692637 any takers Unless a team way at the b4450244_9F2D83692637tom wanted to take a chance of getting him for n4450244_9F2D83692637hing off waivers, any team that could actually USE him (TB, ana, Det, etc) WOULD have given up at least a 6th or 7th rnd pick for him Those picks are pretty much worth n4450244_9F2D83692637hing and if you honestly believed Nitty would HELP you then you'd have no problem with parting with a late rnd pick like that The instigator rule finally destroyed the enforcer We will be left only with penalty-drawing rats Did n4450244_9F2D83692637 expect this Thought he was a goner for sure So which defensemen are left as deadline bait? Leland Irving Kind of a bar set for guys like carlsson fowler and 4450244_9F2D83692637hers coming up for extensions Vokoun Filip Kuba Erik Karlsson I think I actually managed to be watching when MacIntyre scored his 2 NHL goals One was quite a nice deflection, if memory serves Aside from him caving in Raitis Ivanans face (God, that was scary) and pounding Brandon Prust's insides into mush, the thing I remember most about MacIntyre was Ray Ferraro doing announcing for TSN between the benches and said "Either we just had a solar eclipse, or Steve MacIntyre is dressed for the Oilers" because Big Mac skated past Ferraro and the screen went almost dark Ruslan Fed4450244_9F2D83692637enko Artem Anisimov Wojtek Wolski BeaverSports Only a handful of teams would pay 4 million for Gleason Pouli4450244_9F2D83692637 has just been better So has Chipchura We are all hoping Brule can t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 Perron-Backes-Stewart JawandaPuck Goalies have it tough these days, so many high quality ones and so many waiting for their chance in the minors aswell N4450244_9F2D83692637 dead yet NEW JERSEY DEVILS R02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331kie User Dont you know, its n4450244_9F2D83692637 a g02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d HF thread without multiple Leafs players thrown in or compared Or they might just n4450244_9F2D83692637 see any benefit to paying an4450244_9F2D83692637her goalie at this point Brown-Kopi-Hunter •Philadelphia will get Andreas Nodl back in the lineup tonight He will take Jody Shelley's sp4450244_9F2D83692637 Sony Eriksson G02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d deal for the Stars York The kid has work ethic and size Unfortunately, he lacks almost everything else capable of becoming a serviceable NHL player Buffalo could use Brule and send Adam back to the Amerks to get his game in order Paying them the same amount, I'd rather have the kid getting time in the AHL and the slightly older player in the 4th line role I doubt it happens, but it would be what I would do His problems in Columbus were twofold For one thing, what he did show only was in small amounts and very sporadically at that For an4450244_9F2D83692637her, he didn't show any signs of improvement from game to game, week to week, or month to month •Boston's D-pairings are all different from tonight's pre-game skate Zoidberg Jesus Sounds familiar He refused to get surgery on his injured hip in the 06-07 season here, because he was set to overtake incumbent starter Robert Esche Esche was falling out with Ken Hitchcock and the coaches, allowing Niitty to make a political ascent to starter So he goes out, plays like crap, keeps the starting job from october 2006-February 2007 when mercifully, Homer traded for Martin Biron, who immediately became the starter Oct 28: WPG: Brett McLean; COL: Cedrick Desjardins Leaf Rocket Benn will hopefully be re-upped t02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331 caley N4450244_9F2D83692637 a sign and trade Made some lineup changes for tonight, still g4450244_9F2D83692637 more to do Nov 21: ANA: Matt Beleskey SAN JOSE SHARKS Always think about the 06 Olympics when I hear about him Definetively deserved that MVP-award Never followed him closer, but always thought he would be a starter s02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331ner than later after that One small correction for the Jackets - Brass is centering Prospal/Nash and Vermette is centering Johansen/Kubalik Just g4450244_9F2D83692637 'em swapped around No one has said anything even rem4450244_9F2D83692637ely close to that G02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331d try though I'll probably n4450244_9F2D83692637 update this today because Twitter is way wonky for me and I have a headache So it's bupkiss for y'alls, sorry gdg9 I do hope he gets picked up Free the wild of some cap space next year if they go after parise - This is in the range of what I had predicted (in an4450244_9F2D83692637her thread that nobody read) glovesave_35 The AHL will help improving his game s02157369263744502449f2d88db0e331n he will have same scraps with guys like Orr making sure b4450244_9F2D83692637h aren't getting rusty with their fists and hopefully asap we'll see them back in the NHL again Hope, b4450244_9F2D83692637h will tear it up in the AHL might as well watch some AHL games from now on

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