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Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Daily Brief: All About Joe At VP Debate

Friday, October 12, 2012
Afghanistan: Our Longest and Least Talked About War
Biden Calls Out Ryan For Stimulus Hypocrisy
Martha Raddatz Gets Accolades For Debate Performance
European Union Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Walmart To Pay Former Employee $1.49 Million
Jared Bernstein: The VEEP Debate
I understand the Republicans are calling it a draw, which should tell you that Vice President Biden did very well Thursday night against Representative Paul Ryan in their first and only debate.
Mark Cuban: My Opinion On The Governor Romney Tax Plan
After watching interviews of Governor Romney and the debates, both Presidential and VP, I'm starting to fully get my arms around how Governor Romney works and the details of his tax plan.
Cecile Richards: Teens, Sex and Why Talking Matters
If we want to help our kids to make healthy decisions, we have to be clear about our values and about the information we give them on how to stay safe. Nowhere is this truer than those seemingly awkward conversations with teens about sex.
Marlo Thomas: Women and the 2012 Vote: It's Our Year!
The economy may be sagging, the unemployment rate may be dispiriting, and the presidential candidates may be at each other's throats, but here's the good news: Women can decide the fate of the nation.
Mehmet Oz, M.D.: The HPV and Cancer Stats You Can't Afford to Ignore
The scary truth is that many women don't know they have HPV. You may believe you aren't at risk anymore if you're married or in a monogamous relationship. This simply isn't true.

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