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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald stepping down
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is leaving office effective June 30. He has held the position since 2001 and oversaw the prosecution of governors George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich.

Teachers to rally, march downtown today | VIDEO
Days after NATO protesters flooded Chicago's downtown streets, teachers are planning to do the same later Wednesday.
'Mummified' body found in Blue Island house
Police in suburban Blue Island say a ''mummified'' body has been discovered in a home.
Chicago eliminating E. coli swim bans | VIDEO
The Chicago Park District is making changes that mean the beaches may never close for high bacterial levels.
Google buys Libertyville-based Motorola Mobility
Google has completed its $12.5 billion purchase of device maker Motorola Mobility in a deal that poses new challenges for the Internet's most powerful company as it tries to shape the future of mobile computing.
Chicago ranks 14th in national park space survey
Chicago's large network of green space means that 90 percent of the city's residents are within a half-mile's walking distance of at least one neighborhood park, Cook County Forest Preserve or public space.


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Chicago ranks 5th of bike-friendly cities Chicago ranks fifth among the 50 most bike-friendly cities in the country and has jumped five rungs from its last ranking, according to Bicycling Magazine's 2012 list.

Emanuel on hand as city bike lane project begins
Bike the Drive in Chicago
Bike Sharing Project in Chicago
Quinn signs bicycle legislation into law
Bike racks installed at 6 CTA, Metra stations

Hidden Loop diner dishes out homemade everything Tucked into a corner of the city's Loop, Eggy's is a hard-to-find, don't-miss diner.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE - Safer Foundation Legislative Advocacy

Winter Header
Public Policy and External Relations
May 23, 2012

Calls to Senators needed TODAY for SB2621
Sponsored by Senators Kwame Raoul, Michael Noland, John J. Millner, Mattie Hunter, Thomas Johnson, Pamela J. Althoff, Annazette Collins and William Delgado
Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie

SENATE BILL 2621 was not called to the Senate floor last week and needs one more push to get it out of the Senate and into the House. This bill has bi-partisan support and Senator Dillard and Senator Raoul need to know that people support this bill.
Please email or call them TODAY and ask your colleagues, associates ,and clients to do the same. SB2621 provides a safe, cost-effective way to reduce Illinois' prison population.
For the past several months, many members of the Coalition for Prison Reform have worked hard to put together SB2621 to address Illinois prison overcrowding. We need Senator Dillard and Senator Raoul to receive messages in their offices today urging them to move SB2621 for a full Senate vote.
Please email or call Senators Dillard and Raoul today and send them this message:
  • "Subject: Move SB2621 today"
  • "Please move SB2621 today. Your support is critical. This bill will help relieve prison overcrowding and protect the safety of inmates, prison staff, and the public."
Contact information -
Senator Dillard:
Email: Senator@kdillard.com
Call: 217.782.8148

Senator Raoul:
Email: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001NcPKFEznDeX17pRQrH_idn6oz3pfERGPKFM-JBgIepl8rMzshYH4rc9iylxSITahrUvkm22O_1iuY55oePDrZvZy-XXTthIsoEU7JDJQo3UHJBWFPpaXA5SGna0jyawcfRGpOlI3HEWEYc26f3JjHLCmtcC76ZWe 
Call: 217-782-5338
Thank you for your continued support!
SB2621's Sentence Credits Will Provide A Safe, Cost-Effective Way To Reduce the Prison Population
  • Sentence credits will protect the safety of staff and inmates by incentivizing good behavior.
  • Sentence credits encourage participation in programming, which studies show to be the most effective way for prison officials to reduce recidivism .
  • Sentence credits are not available to violent offenders.
  • Sentence credits require eligible inmates to earn time off their sentences.
  • Sentence credits' implementation will be open and transparent through an annual reporting requirement.
  • Sentence credits are standard correctional practice in prison systems throughout the country.
  • John Howard Association
  • ACLU of Illinois
  • A Safe Haven
  • Appleseed Foundation
  • Cabrini Green Legal Aid
  • Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM)
  • Coalition for Prison Reform; Illinois Prison Talk
  • League of Women Voters of Illinois
  • Metropolis Strategies
  • Protestants for the Common Good
  • Roosevelt University's Institute for Metropolitan Affairs
  • Roosevelt's Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy
  • Safer Foundation
  • Sergeant Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
  • TASC
  • Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.
 If you have any comments or questions, please contact:
Esther Franco-Payne, Program Director
Metropolis Strategies
(formerly Chicago Metropolis 2020)
30 West Monroe Street, 13th Floor
Chicago, IL  60603
312/332-6293 phone
312/332-2626 fax
"Protecting our nation's children and young people from violence is a responsibility that every American shares. For today's Justice Department, this work is one of most important, and most urgent, priorities." --Attorney General Holder.
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Follow @SaferFoundation on Twitter for more updates on criminal justice news and more information about the organization. We appreciate your support! 
Public Policy and External Relations Contacts
B. Diane Williams, President / CEO

Veronica Cunningham, Vice President, Public Policy and External Relations

Jon Kaplan, Director, Marketing and Communication

Anthony Lowery, Director, Policy and Advocacy

phone: 312-922-2200

* Many articles refer to people with criminal records as "ex-offenders" or "offenders". While we appreciate all the positive press these issues receive, we are working to use other terms to describe our clients that do not carry such negative connotations. These terms include "people with criminal records" or "people reentering society".
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Wednesday's Daily Brief: Facebook IPO Investigated, Romney Leads Obama, Egypt Polls Obama, Plus Kerry Kennedy, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Van Jones

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Doctor Who Helped US Find Bin Laden Sentenced To Prison
Polls Open In Historic Egypt Elections
Government Report Contradicts GOP On Dire Situation
Nasdaq Official: We Should Have Had 'The Right Solution Before Moving Forward' With Facebook IPO
Romney Picks Up Surprising Lead In New Poll
Van Jones: More Solar, Not Less
Central to the move towards localized clean energy is a little-known policy called "net metering." Today, there are over 100,000 rooftop solar energy systems in California and net metering is the policy responsible for 99% of them.
Bernard-Henri Lévy: Kerouac at the Cinema
I can see myself, talking about one of those books of life, a source of sustenance for young people refusing the inevitability of an timid existence, one somehow cracked or just rocked softly into precocious old age, a book like a bible, a treatise on savoir-vivre for the use of future generations, Jack Kerouac's On the Road.
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Voter Suppression Is Treasonous
It is an affront to our democracy that you need a specific identification to vote for a candidate, but not to finance one. Why is it so easy to buy a government, but becoming so hard to vote for one?
Paul Brandeis Raushenbush: "Whom Shall I Fear?" The Incomparable Testimony Of Civil Rights Icon Rep. John Lewis
Congressman John Lewis is the last living leader of the civil rights movement. I spoke with him about his new book and the role that faith, nonviolence and reconciliation played in the civil rights movement.
Kerry Kennedy: Ode to My Best Friend -- Mary Richardson Kennedy
Let's not remember Mary for her despair, but let's take inspiration from her determination to heal the woundedness in herself and in those she loved.

The 8 Worst Campaign Supporters

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The National Memo
May 23, 2012
                       The 8 Dumbest Things That Campaign Supporters Have Said This Cycle The 8 Dumbest Things That Campaign Supporters Have Said This Cycle
With friends like Cory Booker and the guy who said "etch-a-sketch," who needs enemies?
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                               ANOTHER NEW LOW: Bidding War Breaks Out For Vial Of Reagan's Blood
ANOTHER NEW LOW: Bidding War Breaks Out For Vial Of Reagan's Blood
Will Mitt Buy It To Appease The Right?
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                               Stop Fracking Near An Elementary School!
Stop Fracking Near An Elementary School!
Act now, before they start drilling!
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The Desperation Of 'Black, Metrosexual Abe Lincoln'
How the Republican business model is literally dying.    Read »
THE LIST: Rubio's Extremely Corrupt Florida Friend
And the rest of the best of the web.    Read »
The Billion Dollar Bait-and-Switch
What happened to all the money that states were supposed to use to help struggling homeowners?    Read »
Rachel Madow
                               Sir Mitt's Very Thin Skin
Sir Mitt's Very Thin Skin
Why America's aristocrats are feeling so hurt.
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                               Cartoon Of The Day
Cartoon Of The Day
Mayor Booker has cleaned up Newark...almost.
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