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Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday's Daily Brief: Mitt Romney Closes Gap

Monday, October 8, 2012
Obama Pokes Fun At Own Debate Performance
Pair Share Nobel Prize In Medicine
Bill Nye Blasts Congressman For Remarks On Evolution, Big Bang
PHOTO: Mila Kunis Named 'Sexiest Woman Alive' By Esquire Magazine
Gary Hart: Myth and Its Dangers
Myths play a central role as metaphor in many world religions, but myths in politics are dangerous. They are a conscious hiding place from a changing, challenging, and often uncomfortable new world.
Menachem Rosensaft: Mitt Romney's Moment of Truth
Here are three issues Governor Romney should be asked about at the next debate or in any media interviews he might give between now and Election Day.
Leo W. Gerard: Mitt Romney: Magic Man
Now you see severely conservative Romney, now you don't. The GOP nominee asks Americans to engage in magical thinking -- to believe his hocus-pocus is not just a stage show but will actually painlessly solve problems.
Dr. Peggy Drexler: Mom and Dad and TMI: Are You an Over-Sharer?
We're always hearing about children and teenagers who share too much: with their friends; with their parents; online, with the world. But what happens when it's Mom and Dad dabbling in TMI? How do we know how much--and what sort of--information our kids can handle?
Jared Bernstein: Make Up Your Mind, Dude: Deficit Hawk or Dove!
There's a time for larger deficits and a time to be moving toward budget surplus. We want and need cyclical budget deficits to offset slumps; we do not want structural budget deficits that get larger when the economy hits its expansionary stride, which it has not as of yet.

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