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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Did you catch the latest highlights from the Presidential Debate?

We're your first stop for news, reactions, and analysis from around the country.
Romney and  Obama shaking hands Romney and Obama shaking hands
Top Debate Coverage From Yahoo! News
Romney gesturing
President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney squared off in their first face-to-face presidential debate Wednesday ... Read More
Candidates waving
Top aides to the incumbent argued that the challenger came off as unlikable and failed to offer the policy specifics Americans want ... Read More
Romney and wife
Even before Mitt Romney concluded his final statement, his senior staff and top surrogates had big smiles on their faces ... Read More
Romney and Obama profiles
President Obama compared Romney's economic plan to those instituted by former President Bush in his two terms ... Read More
Big Bird and children
To the list of "unlikely subjects of political discussion, 2012," please add one beloved "Sesame Street" character. ... Read More
Candidates at podium
Yahoo News asked voters what they thought following the first presidential debate. Here are their thoughts ... Read More
Romney at podium
The Undecideds among us were doubtlessly delighted to find both candidates? personalities so vividly on display ... Read More
Candidates gesturing
Does Romney's plan call for $5 trillion tax cut? Are there tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas? What about gas prices? Read More
Jim Lehrer
Debates have a reach beyond the immediate bump or slide in the polls as they offer up ammunition for campaign commercials ... Read More
Obama at podium
What remains is one key question: Did this debate change the minds of significant numbers of voters? Read More
Which candidate is
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#Hashout gives you a voice in the election, with access to panelists from politics, entertainment, and media.
Chris Matthews is still angry about @BarackObama's debate performance: http://bit.ly/UHj6FH
Tonight's debate was the most tweeted about event in US political history, topping the numbers from the RNC and DNC.via @gov http://bit.ly/Wpp9BA
Must-Watch Videos
ABC team ABC team
October 4, 1:45 AM PST, Length: 4:02
ABC News' Nicolle Wallace, Matthew Dowd and Donna Brazile discuss the Denver debate.
Watch Now
October 3, 1:30 AM PST, Length: 0:52
GOP candidate says he'll cut subsidies for PBS, get rid of Obamacare. Watch Now
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