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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Tim Hanrahan, Jay Yeater, and 10 others have Tweets for you

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Congress approves fiscal crisis bill
The 257-167 vote came after a day of high drama on Capitol Hill, during which conservative House lawmakers voiced serious concern about the Senate bill's lack of spending cuts.

Investor enthusiasm over fiscal cliff deal will be short-lived
It doesn't take a math genius to understand that this grand compromise to avoid the dreaded fiscal cliff is highly inadequate. By Cyrus Sanati FORTUNE -- The "fiscal cliff" may have been averted but…

10 IPOs to look for in 2013
Fortune spoke with analysts, VCs, and investment bankers to uncover 10 companies that are prime IPO candidates in 2013.

Poke: A misfire in Facebook's mobile strategy
The hubbub over Facebook's latest mobile app says a lot about what the social network needs to do better in 2013. FORTUNE -- Facebook can't catch a break, from the furor over Instagram's Terms of…

Sandy Hook survivors welcomed at new school
Children who escaped last month's massacre tour school in neighboring town renovated just for them; classes begin Thursday
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WSJ Video @WSJVideo 02 Jan
So. Many. Flowers. 2013 Rose Bowl Floats get finishing touches in this time-lapse: on.wsj.com/Wl3ok0
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The White House @whitehouse 02 Jan
President Obama: "I will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Americans...while preventing a middle-class tax hike"
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Heather Haddon @heatherhaddon 02 Jan
"Fake fiscal cliff" caused Congress to be consumed and forget that "we sent them there to do the work for us", says @GovChristie
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Tim Hanrahan @TimJHanrahan 02 Jan
Chris Christie: " I called the speaker four times last night after 11:20, he did not take my calls."
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Jay Yeater @jayyeater 02 Jan
@WSJ Dropped Facebook, Bought a Kindle and online education courses. This will be the year I grow outside of the 'like button'
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