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Friday, November 02, 2012

October Jobs Report Released

Friday, November 2, 2012
Four Days To Go: Obama's Swing-State Margins Hold
Mitt Romney Heckler: 'End Climate Silence!'
New England Nor'easter Could Hit On Election Day
Fox News Largely Ignores Hurricane To Focus On Benghazi
Chrysler VP To Trump: 'You're Full Of Sh*t'
Jared Bernstein: October Jobs Report: First Impressions
Given the acceleration in payroll growth, the upward revisions to prior months payroll gains, the trend decline in unemployment, and the pick-up in labor force participation, today's report is generally pointing to job market that's showing signs of improvement.
Oprah Winfrey: The Conversation
Understanding that we are all more powerful than we know -- that we are all connected to something bigger than ourselves -- is the real conversation I want to have in the new OWN section on HuffPost. In many ways, it is the only conversation, I believe, truly worth having.
Tom Zeller Jr.: Hurricane Sandy's Link To Climate Change: Does It Matter?
Some stakeholders view the disaster as evidence of climate change, while others say such storms might happen randomly anyway. At this stage of scientific understanding, it cannot be denied that the latter camp has a fair point. But with millions of Americans still lacking power, some climate experts suggest an equally fair retort would be, so what?
Mohamed A. El-Erian: Is German Bad News Good News for Europe?
With so many understandably focused on Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, few noticed this week's economic numbers out of Germany -- a key part of the European puzzle. Yet the latest data releases could well prove consequential.
Dr. Peggy Drexler: Talking to Kids About Politics
Talking to kids about politics helps them understand the world and their place in it, and starts to shift their thinking from "me" to "we." Which is why it's important to discuss with kids, even those too young to yet understand all the specific policy points or platforms, why politics matters.

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