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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief: Todd Akin's New Abortion Claim

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
While Jobs Bills Languish, Candidates Prepare Their Debate Zingers
Showdown Between Obama, Mitt Romney Captures Political Spotlight
WATCH: Ryan Claims '30 Percent Want Their Welfare State'
Matt Drudge, Daily Caller Troll Entire Political World With Reheated Circa 2007 Obama Speech
Sea COW, Not See HORSE: Police On Lookout For Manatee Rider
Robert Reich: Questions That Are Unlikely to Be Asked Wednesday Night
You championed a small version of the Affordable Care Act in Massachusetts. Does that mean you believe it's more efficient for each state to have its own system for insuring the uninsured?
Howard Fineman: Mayors Urge Obama, Romney To Get Real: Countdown Day 35
If you want hope and change in politics, mayors offer tons of it. The key to success in their jobs, they say, is to avoid -- as indeed they do -- partisan bickering and focus on What Works.
Patricia Cornwell: Stranger Than My Fiction
If President Obama is reelected, and I hope he is, maybe he should take a close look at those his administration appoints to serve the public objectively and without conflict or unseemly allegiances. And maybe it's time to hold financial institutions accountable for their greed and questionable practices.
Bernard-Henri Lévy: Money, Qatar and the Republic
Would it be impertinent, then, to demand a few political conditions before validating this investment? Not, of course, the miraculous transformation of Qatar into a democracy which, as everyone knows, cannot be built in a day.
Rita Wilson: Rita Wilson On Huff/Post50's First Birthday: 'It's Never Too Late'
If anything, turning fifty seems like license to liberate yourself from any definition at all.

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