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Friday, October 19, 2012

David Corn, Paul R. La Monica, and 7 others have Tweets for you

Here's what's happening on Twitter

"47 Percent" Host and Get-Rich-Quick Schemers Holding Romney Fundraisers
Marc Leder, who held the 47 percent fundraiser, and Mike and Irene Milin, who have been targeted by state attorneys general for peddling "free" government money, will host campaign events.

For all the details on Mitt Romney's 5 trillion dollar tax plan visit ROMNEYTAXPLAN.COM
I found a site with all the details on Mitt Romney's $5 trillion tax plan. It's as simple as clicking a button.

Obama, Romney turn up the tension in second presidential debate
President Obama and Mitt Romney met onstage Tuesday night at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., for a debate that could set the trajectory for the final three weeks of the race.

Nike will be just fine without Lance
The news that Nike dropped disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong signals it can move beyond superstars. Lance Armstrong wearing the Swoosh. FORTUNE -- Just like Joe Paterno, Lance Armstrong was revered on…

Bindersfullofwomen.com snapped up in 90 seconds
A Democratic super PAC grabbed the Web address of the instantly viral phrase just moments after the words left Mitt Romney's mouth.


Funny Facts On Teens @TheFunnyTeens 17 Oct
Jingle bells. Facebook smells. Tumblr go away. Myspace yuck. Bebo sucks. Twitter all the way. AYEEEEE.
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Schmitt Romney @SchmittRomney 17 Oct
@DavidCornDC @ryangrim Does that make the Milins part of the 47% getting "free government money?"
Retweeted by David Corn, Mother Jones and 5 others
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Tera Corona @teracorona 17 Oct
@KeithOlbermann @DavidCornDC The real question is will it be a full on orgy or just a hot tub party?
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Joe Biden @JoeBiden 17 Oct
VP Biden: For women, "the picture is becoming more clear" after last night's debate. OFA.BO/AngMMw
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TruthTeam2012 @TruthTeam2012 17 Oct
What we learned about Romney's views on women last night: OFA.BO/sUTjBg
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