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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Daily Brief: Mitt Romney Stands By Leaked Remarks

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Congress Raids 9/11 Funds For Deficit
Twitter's New Look Is..Facebook?
Chicago Teachers Meet Tuesday To Decide Whether To End Strike
132 Inmates Escape From Mexico Prison
Bill O'Reilly, Jon Stewart To Debate In Washington
Dean Baker: Does President Obama Want to Cut Social Security by 3 Percent?
That is a pretty simple and important question. Unfortunately most voters are likely to go to the polls this fall without knowing the answer.
Russell Simmons: Obama Has Worked to Curb Urban Violence
When more black men were killed in one year (2009) than all of the US soldiers killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to date, we must give this problem the utmost attention. We must find solutions to curb the violence.
Mariska Hargitay: Join Me in Supporting Survivors of Child Abuse With a Simple Act of Kindness
We all have a role to play in supporting survivors and preventing abuse. Now through October 2nd, I am asking people everywhere to commit to support a parent or caregiver by offering a helping hand, preparing a meal together or simply asking how they're doing.
Jeff Madrick: Central Banks Are Saving Democracy From Itself
Note that it is Romney who is saying he wants Bernanke out of there and crying wolf about inflation. Bernanke, not subject to the whims of democracy, has had the courage to change his own thinking. He knows the consequences of tight policy now.
Andrew McCarthy: A Brief Meeting With Prince Harry In The Bahamas
I was blinded by camera pops as I followed the prince past the pink sand the he couldn't see and through the mass of swirling humanity. The drunken bar patrons shouted and waved.

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