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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rejina's "Gossip Fix"... (Wednesday, September 26, 2013) (D B)

       Regina's Gossip Fix
Wednesday, September 26, 2013
The Obamas on 'The View'
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made their first-ever joint-appearance on "The View" which was taped Monday and aired Tuesday morning.  Among the topics discussed were the economy, Michelle's political aspirations (or lack thereof), their pop culture guilty pleasures and what the POTUS hopes to do at the end of his presidency.  At one point, Barbara Walters asked President Obama point blank: "What would be so terrible if Mitt Romney were elected?  The president responds: "I think America is so strong, and we've got so much going for us that we can survive a lot. But the American people don't want to just survive, we want everyone to thrive".
Asked what he hopes to do with the rest of his life, Obama is careful not to get too far ahead of himself...
"Well, first things first here. We do have an election ahead and there are all kinds of things I want to do in a second term… Putting folks back to work and making sure our schools are up to snuff," he explains. "And we've got another war to wrap up. In a post-presidency, the thing that I think I would enjoy most is spending time working with kids. I love teaching. I miss teaching and I'm not sure necessarily it will be in a classroom, but the idea to be able to go around to various cities and helping to create mentorships and apprenticeships and just giving young people the sense of possibility."

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan Breaking Up?

Last week there were rumors of trouble in paradise for Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan because Michael was upset about Nicole appearing in a sexually charged music video.  Looks like Michael may have had reason to worry.  Insiders say that Michael found inappropriate text messages on Nicole's phone from the guy in the video and all hell broke loose.  Word on the street is that Nicole and Michael haven't spoken since Sunday but that Nic is hoping Mike will come around.

Bobbi Kristina in Serious Car Accident

Bobbi Kristina and companion Nick Gordon were involved in a serious car accident Sunday night in Alpharetta, GA.  Bobbi Kris was in the passenger seat and she and Nick were allegedly arguing at the time of the crash.  No other car was involved.  Later that evening police were called to Bobbi Kris and Nick's apartment to investigate a noise complaint, but no one answered the door.  Police found Nick's Camaro parked outside their apartment with the front end torn off, the airbags deployed, the front tire missing and the hazard lights blinking.  The crash is under investigation.

The Kim Kardashian - Kanye West Sex Tape Cover-Up

Remember how earlier it was reported that there are now TWO Kanye West sex tapes floating around, starring two different Kim Kardashian look-a-likes??? Well, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Insiders claim the so called Kim Kardashian 'look-a-like' featured in the infamous Kanye West's sex tape is actually the real Kim. In what is shaping up to be a big ole scandal, word on the street is that it was Kim Kardashian, not Mony Monn, who appears in the leaked Kanye West sextape. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were blindsided by the leaked sextape and quickly tried to cover-up Kim's identity by claiming Mony Monn was the "leading lady."
Outside of the obvious, why would they be so concerned about this particular sextape? The answer is simple: millions and millions of dollars. Kim Kardashian is still engulfed in nasty divorce proceedings with Kris Humphries, who is desperately looking for evidence to support his claim Kim was unfaithful during their marriage. If he could successfully support his claims, he could divorce Kim on grounds of infidelity instead of irreconcilable differences, a major breakthrough in the divorce proceedings which could make him an extremely wealthy man.  Fortunately for him, the sextape may be just what he needs to support his claims since it was reportedly filmed during the early stages of his marriage to Kim Kardashian. S-C-A-N-D-O-L-O-U-S. And in that order.
Mony Monn Twitter Pic
Mony Monn
Because the sextape could equate to irreparable damage financially and character-wise, Kanye and Kim reportedly convinced aspiring-model Mony Monn to claim she was the one who appeared in the video (she was reportedly paid upwards of six-figures to make this claim).  Sources also suggest Mony Monn was given previously unreleased photos of Kim Kardashian to mix in with her own photos on Facebook, in an effort to confuse anyone who may be looking for ways to differentiate between the two.  While this all seems slightly bizarre and far-fetched, this would explain why it's almost impossible to differentiate between Mony Monn and Kim Kardashian in online photos, while those similarities are not quite as evident in person.

Rocsi Diaz Up for X-Factor Job

Not long after BET announced '106 and Park' hosts Terrence J and Rocsi Diaz were being replaced, Terrence secured a new job with E News and now Rocsi has something in the works, too...

From Confidential
Khloe Kardashian is no lock to be the new "X Factor" host, according to another "X" hopeful herself, Rocsi Diaz. A source at Monday's "Bringing Up Bobby" after-party at Haven Rooftop says Diaz, who hosts BET's "106 & Park," told author James Hester that competition for the final spot is down to herself and Kardashian. The insider also overheard Diaz telling Hester that Thursday will be her last day at BET because she's moving to LA — where "X Factor" is filmed — to pursue her acting career.

House of Dereon Designs Brooklyn Nets Cheerleader Uniforms

Beyonce lends a hand to her hubby's growing empire by designing the new cheerleader uniforms for the Brooklyn Nets...

Stevie Wonder Blackmailers Sentenced

Back in May a man claiming to be Stevie Wonder's nephew was arrested for trying to extort the singer out of millions of dollars by threatening to go public with incest claims.  Besides lying about the incest claims, the guy isn't even related to Stevie Wonder.  Alpha Walker was sentenced to 292 days time served after pleading no-contest to extortion charges.  His cohort, Tamara Diaz, also pleaded non-contest and was also sentenced to time served.  Alpha and Tamara both received 3 years probation and have been ordered to stay away from Stevie Wonder, his family and his co-workers.


Ciara Says She Never Stalked 50 Cent

Back in January Chelsea Handler went on The Howard Stern Show and told Howard that Ciara stalking 50 Cent is what ended Chelsea's fling with 50.  Ciara says it never happened...

Ciara tells Power 106
"Well, you know what? I did, I actually did hear something she said. I'm not going to act like I didn't hear anything but I have to honestly say that whatever she said that I supposedly said or whatever she was told, I never said. So either she was misinformed or she was creating her own fun thing. She always seems like she's very fun and wild and very personable so I'm assuming she created her own story and breakdown of it all."

DNA Test Ordered for Sherman Hemsley's Brother

Last month it was revealed that the late actor Sherman Hemsley had not been buried because a long lost brother was contesting his will.  Welp, a judge in Texas just ordered a DNA test to make sure this guy isn't a fake.  Sherman Hemsley died on July 24 and left his entire estate to his longtime manager Flora Enchinton.  That's when Richard Thornton showed up claiming to be Sherman's brother and demanding his slice of the inheritance.  Results for the DNA test are expected by October 15 and the next hearing is set for October 31.  Sherman Hemsley's estate is worth roughly $50,000.00

BET Promo Stunt Causes Bomb Scare, Evacuations in LA

BET's attempt to promote its upcoming late night talk show went horribly wrong this week, resulting in the temporary shutdown of two radio stations in Los Angeles and the complete evacuation of the building they share. The arrival of BET's promotional package for "Don't Sleep with TJ Holmes" at LA's CBS-owned stations KNX and KFWB included a beeping sound from inside the sealed envelope, causing staffers to assume that a bomb was inside. As a result, the stations temporarily suspended live local broadcasting and evacuated their 27-story Miracle Mile office tower (containing other media outlets) as well as a stretch of Wilshire Blvd. Staffers also called the police, and LAPD's bomb squad was dispatched to the area. The package wound up containing plastic alarm clocks promoting the TJ Holmes program.  KNX took the below pic of the clocks.

Tashera Simmons Joins Bitter Exes Reality Show

Last week news got out that 50 Cent and Lamar Odom's baby mama's were starring in a reality show about the bitter exes of celebrities.  Add DMX's wife Tashera to the list.  Last night Tahsera confirmed to Funk Master Flex's estranged wife / blogger, Monica Joseph-Taylor, that she too was part of the cast.

Tameka Speaks on Being Labeled a Gold Digger

In the second segment of Tameka Raymond's Entertainment Tonight interview Tameka speaks of still being in shock over the death of her son Kile and why she doesn't deserve to be labeled a gold digger...

Regarding the death of her son...
"I think I'm still in shock. I think this will probably be the greatest pain I will ever experience, losing him. But, it gave me strength beyond measure and it made me determined to fight for my other boys."
and about being called a gold digger...
"You know, I think this is the typical stereotype. If a woman who has lesser means -- even if she is successful and hard-working, does her thing in her own right -- marries someone, what they call 'marrying up,' who has more money, they're automatically a gold digger. … The woman is always the gold digger. … It's kind of an insult to the men because it implies they're not loveable."

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Elope

Basketball Wives' Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes tied the knot in Las Vegas.  Matt and Gloria famously called off their nuptials at the last minute back in 2010, but this weekend they finally made it down the aisle.  From The Las Vegas Journal ...
Spotted: Matt Barnes of the Los Angeles Clippers, marrying Gloria Mendoza-Govan on Sunday at the Little Church of the West, with teammate DeAndre Jordan serving as best man.

Serena Williams is Sick of Dating Rumors

Serena Williams is sick of the rumors that she's dating her tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou and hits out at paparazzi tailing them in Milan...


Rihanna Was Throwing Up in the Club

Rihanna partied so hard over the weekend she threw up at the table in the middle of the club.  At an after party for the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas RiRi was spotted vomiting into her hand at a table in VIP.  A pal handed Rihanna a towel to clean up and she kept right on partying.

Wiz Khalifa Smashes Two Cars in Hit and Run

On Monday it was reported that Wiz Khalifa was wanted for questioning in a hit and run accident that happened on the set of his latest music video.  Turns out Wiz smashed his 1969 Chevy Chevelle into not one but TWO cars before fleeing the scene.  Wiz hit 2 cars -- including a Lexus, which sustained serious damage to the front end.  One source who was at the scene say the Chevy was leaving the video shoot when the driver punched the gas and lost control ... slamming into the Lexus, which caromed into another car.  The women in the 3rd car claims Wiz fled from the scene -- she has since filed a hit-and-run report with police.

Natalie Nunn Blackmailed with Stolen Sex Tape

Bad Girl's Club fan favorite Natalie Nunn claims someone stole her sex tapes and is threatening to release the embarrassing footage unless Natalie coughs up big bucks to prevent the leak.  Let's be real here, the only thing shocking about a Natalie Nunn sex tape is that we haven't already seen one, but that's beside the point. Pals say Natalie is mortified that the iPad she used to record sexy times with her husband Jacob Payne has fallen into the wrong hands.  Apparently Natalie left her iPad on the subway and was later contacted by an anonymous person threatening to sell the footage unless Natalie is willing to pay $100,000. 


Usher, Tameka and the Bridesmaids

In part one of Tameka Raymond's interview with Entertainment Tonight Tameka opened up about the circumstances surrounding Usher sleeping with one or two of the bridesmaids from their wedding.  Tameka was paid $25,000 to speak exclusively with Entertainment Tonight
Check out the video here:  http://youtu.be/_1zpXyzzrC4

Chris Brown's Failed Drug Test

During Chris Brown's probation progress hearing in California Monday it was revealed that Chris recently tested positive for marijuana in Virginia.  Lucky for Chris he has a medical marijuana card, and though not accepted in Virgina, the California judge decided not punish Chris for the weed, but she did give him a stern talking to...
"You are not an ordinary person who can sit in your living room and do whatever you want to do. More importantly, a lot of people look up to you, a lot of kids. What you do and what you say impacts a lot of people."
Chris' next hearing is set for November 1st.  Earlier in the day Rihanna Tweeted her support for Chris and he re-Tweeted.


Rihanna Ready to Go to Bat for Chris

Insiders say Rihanna is prepared to address the court on Chris Brown's behalf. After discrepancies in his community service hours and testing positive for marijuana in Virgina, Chris Brown may be in danger of violating the terms of his probation for assaulting Rihanna back in 2009. Rihanna has publicly forgiven Chris and is ready to help him anyway she can.

Insiders tell Rardar Online,
"Rihanna has spoken to Chris since his progress reporting hearing on Monday afternoon and offered her continued support. Rihanna told Chris she would go to court on November 1 for his court appearance and tell Judge Patricia Schneggthat she shouldn't set a hearing to decide if he violated terms of his probation because he has accepted responsibility for his actions and has apologized to RiRi on multiple occasions."
"Rihanna would also tell the judge that Chris isn't the same person now, as he was on that fateful night when he assaulted her. Rihanna doesn't care if she is criticized for standing by Chris, she genuinely loves him."

Bank Suing Duane and Tisha

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell are being hounded by the bank for defaulting on a loan.  Back in 2008 Duane and Tisha took out a $625,000 home equity loan on their spread in Lake Arrowhead, CA.  And then the real estate bubble burst.  Fast forward to 2012 and the bank's suing Will and Jada's besties for $430,000.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" Season 5 Preview

Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiers November 4 with two new wives.  Former Miss USA Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart are the newest additions to RHoA while Kim Zolicak's role appears to have diminished greatly. 

Evelyn Unsure About Returning to "Basketball Wives"

Will she or won't she?  Insiders say Evelyn Lozada hasn't decided if she'll return for another season of Basketball WivesBasketball Wives producers, who were already scrambling to fill the empty spots left by Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols, were sent into a tail spin after Evelyn expressed reluctance about returning to the show after her crash and burn wedding to Chad Johnson. Stephon Marbury's wife Tasha is slated to join the cast but the producers are still looking.

Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor Sons in Live Comedy Show

This weekend in Studio City, Thunderhouse Media presents the first Sons of Comedy, an event featuring the sons of iconic comedians, Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.  Brando Murphy, plays his father Eddie Murphy; while Mason Pryor plays his father, Richard Pryor.  The two will showcase their comedic talents under the night light at Rain Nightclub (12215 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, CA).  The event begins at 10 p.m.  Don't be late.  More information is available at www.sonsofcomedy.com.
Kirk Franklin: The Richest Man In Gospel Music
When you think of Gospel music, most of the time you don't immediately think of big houses, fine cars, and a lot of money.  But the industry is still entertainment with a huge fellowship and a lot of money.  But who is the richest man in gospel?  Well, that would be Kirk Franklin, who's net worth is at a whopping $8.5 million.  The multi-talented songwriter and director first stepped on the scene in the early 90s, backed by his huge family of a choir.  He was different, though.  His music was just far enough away from traditional to catch the attention of secularists. But it hinted the right amount of praise and sermon to remind listeners of the gospel message.  His debut album sold over a million copies and has won multiple awards, including a few Grammys, since.

Jaden Smith – "The Coolest"

Jaden Smith (son of Will and Jada), displays his range of talents on "The Coolest," the first track from the young MC's forthcoming project cooltape. "Teachers tell me walk, but I'd really rather hover in the jam fest," the actor/rapper chants as he floats through Los Angeles's streets like the star of a 90s Spike Lee Joint.  14 year-old Jaden Smith's surprisingly impressive flow on the smooth track is most noteworthy.

Hip-Hop Executive Pleads Guilty To Attempted Gun Possession

Bryan Leach, the senior vice president of RCA, pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted gun possession Monday (Sept. 24). Pending sentencing, Leach will also be required to serve over a year of probation.  Leach, who has worked with artists like Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins, and singed A$AP Rocky, faces up to two years behind bars, stemming from an arrest, in 2010.  Leach was pulled over for driving erratically through New York City in a 2006 Bentley. Police uncovered a loaded Kel-Tec hand gun inside the car's console.  Speaking no words while in a Manhattan court room Monday, Leach's charges were reduced from two counts of weapons possession, which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years in prison.  Getting caught with a gun in New York usually results in jail time. Leach remains free until he is scheduled to be sentenced by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lewis Bart Stone, on Nov. 8.

Soulja Boy Facing Defamation Lawsuit Over Car Crash

It seems that a rap feud with 2012 XXL freshman Hopsin, wasn't the only thing Soulja Boy got into this summer. The 22-year-old rapper was involved in a car accident on June 23 outside of the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, and is being sued for the incident.
According to Soulja Boy, Bobbiye Sullinger, struck his red Bentley when she tried to make a left turn at the same time the rapper was passing through the intersection. Sullinger, along with her passenger at the time, Herman Flowers, are jointly suing Soulja Boy for medical expenses, loss of income, and property damage.  On top of the lawsuit for the accident, Sullinger and Flowers are also seeking defamation retribution, as they claim a video shot by Soulja Boy and later uploaded to Youtube and broadcast to his many Twitter followers, has negatively impacted her career and severely damaged her reputation.  In the video Soulja Boy surrounded by unknown acquaintances, refers to Sullinger and Flowers as racist. He then goes on to brag about his new Audi and the state of his Bentley.  Soulja Boy attributes his remarks to Sullingers claim that he stole his Bentley. In initial reports, Soulja Boy denied being behind the wheel of his Bentley, before admitting that he was in fact the driver.  A judge has yet to preside over the case.

50 Cent Orders Investigation Into Chris Lighty's Death

Despite his death being ruled a suicide by the medical examiner, the circumstances of Hip-Hop mogul Chris Lighty's untimely passing left many skeptical about its cause. Now 50 Cent, at the behest of the late "Baby Chris's" mother, has hired a "high-powered" investigative team to look into his former manager's death.  A copy of Lighty's will shows that all his worldly possessions have been left to his wife, Veronica Lighty.  Although Chris Lighty was in the process of moving out of the Riverdale home he shared with his wife and was reportedly in an argument with her moments before he allegedly shot himself in the head, his entire estate has been left to Veronica. "I give my entire residuary estate, real and personal, to her," reads the will. The last will and testament was created in 2007 and also leaves a $1.6 million trust fund to his children.
Although they were reportedly in the midst of a divorce, Monica Lighty has stated that she called off the divorce proceeding as a Father's Day gift.  Lighty's family hired Dr. Michael Baden to conduct another autopsy before the Violator Management founder was laid to rest, but so far results beyond his being killed by a gunshot wound to the head have been inconclusive.  Baden is awaiting further test result.  With all these conflicting opinions (the couple's relationship has been describe as volatile by many different source), things may start to get uglier.

Lyor Cohen To Step Down as CEO of The Warner Music Group

Lyor Cohen is stepping down as Chairman/CEO of the Warner Music Group, a position he has held since 2004. The former Def Jam exec and Run-DMC road manager will likely be replaced by former EMI CEO Roger Faxon, who just left the EMI label in the wake of its impending merger with Universal.
As Chairman/CEO of Recorded Music for WMG, Cohen's role included oversight of the company's U.S. label groups - The Atlantic Records Group and Warner Bros. Records -- WEA Corp., the company's sales, marketing and retail distribution company; and Rhino Entertainment, WMG's catalog-marketing division. He is also a member of WMG's Board of Directors. Cohen joined the company shortly after Time Warner's sale of WMG to an investor group led by Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
The 'Grace and Mercy' of Jonathan Butler
Mack Avenue Records proudly releases Jonathan Butler's new gospel album "Grace and Mercy." The album is a testament of Jonathan's love affair with the Lord which began at nineteen years old.  Jonathan recalls...
"It was love that drew me to Christ, the love of someone who cared enough to talk to me about Jesus and take me in when I was basically a broken young man in South Africa. It was my late brother-in-law (my wife's brother) who led me to Christ. He was that person in my life that actually took the time to talk to me about Jesus, and it didn't take me long to give my heart to Christ because of that."
The new album "Grace and Mercy" kicks off with the lead single "I Stand On The Word." It is followed by other soulful confessions such as "Give It Up To God" and "I Know He Cares."

Chris Brown Spotted Kissing Nicole Scherzinger

Looks like Rihanna and Karrueche Tran have got some competition. Chris Brown was spotted in the club last night kissing former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. Chris was hosting a party for his Black Pyramid clothing line in LA with Karrueche no where in sight when he was spotting getting close with Nicole.

Nicci Gilbert Defends TV Image

On the last episode of R&B Divas Nicci Gilbert came off a little crazy after going on a rant after the ladies began discussing KeKe Wyatt's decision to seek therapy over drinks. Nicci insists it's not what it looks like...


"Chrissy & Mr. Jones" - (Full Episode 1)

Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin's new reality show, "Chrissy & Mr. Jones", premiered last night on VH1 at 9:30PM.  However, the first episode of the reality series is already available to watch online.  It's been two wedding proposals, and the happy couple is on their way to matrimony. But the cameras wouldn't be following them around if it was going to be that easy. In this episode, Chrissy and Jim and discuss the drama filled possibility of moving into his momma's house, Chrissy tries on a wedding dress and a struggling rapper/producer that helped Mama Jones create her "Psychotic Bitch" single comes through, asks for money and ends up getting chased off with a Louisville Slugger.

Apple Sells 5 Million iPhones In 3 Days

While everybody and their Mama have been clamoring to get their hands on the precious iPhone 5, the people who make the product are fed up with job conditions.  In the midst of selling a record-breaking 5 million iPhones in three days, comes news of a riot started at a plant the makes the phones.  Roughly 2,000 workers at Foxconn Technology Group in the northern city of Taiyuan, China were involved in the riot, which resulted in authorities sending 500 officers to defuse the situation.  The incident was said to have arisen following a dispute between factory workers late Sunday (Sept. 23).  "The cause of this dispute is under investigation by local authorities and we are working closely with them in this process, but it appears not to have been work-related," the company said in a statement.  According to police 40 people were injured and taken to the hospital during the uprising, while three were said to be in serious condition.

Digital Underground's Shock G 'Steals' Glasses

Digital Underground's Shock G experienced a moment with a fan recently that was not a positive one.  Radio Now 100.9 has video of the Brooklyn, N.Y., native performing at a concert for an energized crowd. He jumps down from the stage to get closer to some fans and this is where things get interesting. Apparently, a woman in the audience stole a souvenir -- a pair of glasses -- that was given out earlier in the show from someone else.  Shock G heard news of this and went to work to get the shades back. The lady he confronted wasn't too happy about what the rapper did next.  Witness Shock G snatch up the glasses and return them to their rightful owner here... 

Brooke Bailey vs Natalie Nunn

"Basketball Wives" Brooke Bailey and Bad Girls Club Natalie Nunn e-box on online.  Not really sure what started this e-beef but it kicked up the other night after Brooke threatened to 'see' Natalie in the streets.
Vince Young Denies That He's Broke
Vince Young's bank account may not have as many zeroes as it used to, but be clear: he's not broke. The former Tennessee Titan blew through his fortune, spending thousands of dollars on his teammates, friends, and meals at the Cheesecake Factory (allegedly), but now he's firing back.  Young posted messages on his Twitter page confirming his financial hardship, but doesn't want America to get the story twisted. "I can't really talk much about it, we definitely in court with it," he says. "Me being who I am I just took a chance in finding out some things about my finances and I feel like it wasn't in the right place it needed to be, so I really feel like it was good thing for me to do what I'm doing right now."
Given his status, Young said that much of the stories have been blown out of proportion.  As for the whole Cheesecake Factory situation, the 29-year-old denied that he always foots the bills.  Going forward, Young hopes to get picked up by another NFL team, and has been focusing on training.  If that doesn't work out, there are other opportunities for him. "Because you're not playing football it doesn't mean your life is over."
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