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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief: No One Likes Congress

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Ryan More 'Con' Than 'Pro' For Romney, Say Insiders
Ann Romney Says No More Tax Returns Coming
Voter ID Case Decided
WATCH: Bill Maher Talks Paul Ryan, Obama's 'Dismal Failure'
WATCH: Bob Beckel Does It Again
Sen. Bernie Sanders: As Social Security Turns 77, the Most Successful Program in American History Is Under Fierce Attack
In these highly volatile economic times, when millions of Americans lost their life savings in the 2008 Wall Street crash, it is important to remember that since its inception, through good economic times and bad, Social Security has paid every penny owed to every eligible beneficiary.
Tavis Smiley: Presidential Debates: Colorblind or Blind to Color?
In the most multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-ethnic America ever, the absence of a journalist of color on the stage moderating one of the presidential or vice-presidential debates is shameful and ought to be an embarrassment to the nation.
Keli Goff: Does the Media Pick on Pretty Women and Do You?
I wish we lived in a world in which women didn't play into the most negative and cliche stereotype out there about us, and picking on the pretty girl because people like her for being pretty is embarrassing, not just to the women doing it but to all women.
Barry Levinson: The Age of Insanity - Part 1, Trump
Donald Trump has fallen under the spell of the Age of Insanity. Here's a wealthy educated man. Influential. A New York icon. And yet, he believes that Barack Obama is some kind of Manchurian Candidate president. Let's examine the logic.
Kristin Bauer: Out for Africa
I've never been to Kenya, I've never directed a film and I'm afraid of snakes. But I am flying to Kenya to direct a documentary about elephant ivory and rhino horn poaching, to film the land, the people, the wildlife and to find out what is happening and what we can do to stop it.

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