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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Thursday's Daily Brief: "Half a Billion Dollars and All We Got Is This Lousy Election?"

Thursday, August 9, 2012
Arianna Huffington: With an estimated $2.5 billion bankroll by the time this presidential election is said and done, you'd think pretty much every important issue would get its place in the sun. Well, as it turns out, you don't always get what you pay for. Even before the Olympics have ended, the political press corps has already turned its attention to its favorite sport: the VP speculation marathon. Soon, we will enter the season of polls, polls, polls -- interrupted only by the debates, which should become another opportunity for the media to zero in on which candidate made the biggest gaffe and which candidate delivered the zingiest zinger. Meanwhile, 11 million homeowners are underwater. So, what is the opportunity cost of the media's obsession with polls, gaffes and speculation?
Mitt Romney Ad: Obama Has Declared A War On Religion
Your Google Search Results Are About To Get Real Personal
July 2012 Was Hottest Month Ever Recorded For Lower 48
Religiosity Falls Worldwide, Nose-Dives In Traditionally Catholic Ireland
LOOK: Touching Photo Of A Man And His Sick Dog
Bob Cesca: The Biggest Mitt Romney Lie (So Far)
Over the weekend, Mitt Romney, while clearly benefiting from Republican voter purges and Voter ID laws meant to discourage minority and working class voters, accused the Obama Justice Department of somehow trying to disenfranchise military voters -- his biggest lie yet.
Diana Nyad: Olympics More Than Sports
As much as the media pushes the medal count, we the fans are smarter than that. We don't care much about who wins. We want to feel. And in every sport there is a story to be told, feelings to be kindled.
Dan Collins: Why New York City Republicans Matter
The Republican Party of New York City may be an empty shell, but it's a shell that serves an important function -- giving people a choice. We're all better off if they pick somebody who will at least give the Democratic nominee a serious challenge.
Lisa Belkin: About That Boy Who Likes To Wear A Dress
Do you speak differently with your children about gender than your parents spoke to you? What do you say?  
Mark Gongloff: Jamie Dimon Blames You For The Lousy Economy
Jamie Dimon has met the American economy's enemy, and it is us.

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