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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Media Matters Daily Summary

Media Matters for America
Here are today's news items from Media Matters for America, click on the title or 'read more' to read the entirety of each story.
Debunking Fox & Friends' Dishonest Anti-Obama Attack Ad
Fox & Friends aired a video attacking President Obama by resurrecting dishonest and misleading attacks on his economic record. The video, which was produced in the style of a campaign ad against Obama, furthers Fox News' role as the communications and campaign arm of the GOP. Read More
Fox Helps GOP Gut Vital Antipoverty Programs By Dismissing The Poor
Fox is helping the GOP eviscerate vital antipoverty programs by characterizing the poor "as actually living the good life." In fact, as incomes have stagnated and income disparity between the rich and working class have grown, such drastic cuts would mean "ending assistance for millions of low-income families." Read More
MarketWatch Column On Obama's Spending Restraint Stands Up To Attacks
In response to a MarketWatch column about federal spending slowing under President Obama, the right-wing media have tried to discredit the column with false or misleading attacks. But none of them contradict the central premise of the column: that there has been no boom in federal spending under Obama. Read More
Fox, Limbaugh Attack Holder For Speaking To Black Leaders About Voter ID Laws
Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to attendees at a summit of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Conference of National Black Churches about the importance of voting as well as the significance of new voter ID laws, which disproportionately affect minorities. The summit was designed, in part, to help black leaders learn about the new laws -- yet Rush Limbaugh and a Fox News contributor attacked Holder's appearance as "reprehensible" and "unseemly." Read More
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