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Monday, January 02, 2012

"Lioness" Black Mothers Educate Black Children; Concern Christian Men Mentor 300 Boys Once A Month; Ten Most Dangerous Cities in America; 77 Cities Mentor Black Boys

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Chinese Communities Have Tiger Mothers; Black American and African Communities Have Lioness Mothers and Lion Fathers
Join Us for a Meeting of "Lioness Mothers and Lion Fathers"
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There are some Black American, African and Caribbean parents who will do anything to educate and protect their children. Anything! And in fact, they know that this is the only way that their children will ever be successfully educated in America.  We call those Black American, African and Caribbean parents, "Lioness Mothers and Lion Fathers".  They are like Chinese "Tiger Mothers" but they are African American or of African descent.  They believe in hard work, uncompromising excellence and rigor!
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Lioness Mothers and Lion Fathers
Saturday, January 14, 2012
1:15 pm  
The Black Star Project
3509 South King Drive, Suite 2B
Chicago, Illinois 60653
to plan strategies and programs to help Black and African children and students become globally competent.  Lion parents do not ask others to educate and protect their cubs/children, nor do they ask for permission to educate their own children.  If they did, their cubs would be destroyed.  Lions are responsible for educating their children.  No one else!  
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This is what people should see when they stop Black and African children from being properly educated.
Bring a Chapter of Black Star Lion Parents to your city by calling 773.285.9600. Click Here to learn about Chinese Tiger Mothers.
On the 3rd Saturday of every month, Concerned Christian Men (CCM) mentor 300 Black boys in Chicago!
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Tough Men for a Tough Mission
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Young men from the Man-Boy Breakfast with former U.S. Senator Roland Burris.
The Concerned Christian Men (CCM) was founded in October 1996 by George D. Glenn, a Harvard-educated native Chicagoan (graduate of Senn High School). CCM's initial and continuing focus has been to provide strong "Black Male" leadership and guidance to young Black boys living on the South Side of Chicago to assist them in becoming positive, contributing members of their communities.
CCM's Flagship activity is the monthly Man-Boy Breakfast that over 29,000 men and boys have attended since 1996 (140 breakfasts). Since April 2002 the breakfasts are held at Simeon Career Academy, a state-of-the-art vocational and academic high school. We average over 300 men and boys for our Man-Boy breakfasts.
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The speakers at our monthly breakfasts over the years have included several of Chicago's notable political, business and civic leaders, including:
  • Illinois State Senator Barack Obama
  • Don Thompson, President McDonalds USA
  • Steven Rogers, Kellogg School of Business Professor
  • Frank M. Clark, President & CEO of ComEd
  • Dr. Damon T. Arnold, Director of Illinois Public Health Dept.
Since 1996 CCM has awarded over $100,000 in college scholarships. Sixty-two young men have received college scholarships, twenty-three have graduated and all but five of the other students are still in school working on their degrees. Other activities include:
  • CCM In The Schools (CCMITS). Our staff, volunteers and partners deliver after-school programming in several Southside elementary schools: LifeSkills Mentoring, featuring Character Development (CD) and Chronic Disease Awareness and Prevention (CDAP) modules; Math Games; and Martial Arts and Physical Fitness.
  • The Annual John E. Everett Awards Dinner, held in June. We honor over forty boys for their Outstanding Accomplishments during the year, as well as volunteers, School of the Year and a service award for the outstanding business leader.
  • The Annual Thompkins-Stimley Summer Camp, held in August in Allegan, MI. Forty of our boys earn scholarships to attend the Camp along with ten CCM men, a life-altering experience. Please view the Video to get a taste of the experience.
  • Excursions: Over thirty field trips per year attending the ten major museums and colleges and professional basketball, hockey and soccer games.
  • Martial Arts, led by Shihan Larry Tankson, a 13 time World Champion and 9th degree black belt martial arts expert.
  • Vocational Saturday, held annually at Simeon Career Academy. We expose over 200 boys to potential careers in culinary, computers, graphic art, computer assisted design, electrical and auto body repair.
  • An annual oratory contest. One hundred young men have participated in our oratory contests, some competing and winning other contests throughout the country.
  • An annual stock market competition.
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The Chicago Public Schools are willing partners with CCM, contributing financial assistance as well as extensive in-kind services from the Board of Education in support of our programs.
Please consider making a contribution to Concern Christian Men.  Please Click Here to visit their website.  
With 13 murders between December 23 and December 29, 2011, Chicago had more murders on it's streets than American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan during that same week! - Where are we really at war???
Help end the war of violence that is killing more Americans on the streets of America than American soldiers are being killed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan!!!.  Join us on Monday, January 2, 2012, 6:30 pm at 3509 South King Drive in Chicago to "Pray The Devil Back To Hell!!! If the women of Liberia can end violence by praying and acting, so can we!  We must pray and we must act, now!!!
During Christmas week, 13 people were killed in Chicago. Merry Christmas from Chicago to the rest of America!  America will have about 15,000 murders in 2011.  All of these Chicago murder victims died by gunshot between December 23 and December 29, 2011: 

Dec. 29 - Maurice Vortes, a 28 year old male, caused by a gunshot in North Lawndale.
Dec. 29 - Zentonio Bolian, a 31 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Pullman.
Dec. 29 - Clifton Lewis, a 41 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Austin
Dec. 28 - Jewels Selvie, a 19 year, caused by a gunshot in New City.
Dec. 28 - Deontae Malone, a 15 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Chicago Lawn.
Dec. 27 - Dantril Brown, a 17 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Englewood.
Dec. 27 - Jawan Ross, a 16 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Englewood.
Dec. 25 - Jose Duckins, a 30 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Near West Side.
Dec. 25 - Robert Warren, a 34 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Near West Side.
Dec. 24 - Patrick Carter, a 27 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Austin.
Dec. 24 - Jo Jo James, a 31 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Grand Boulevard.
Dec. 24 - Miguel Rios, a 30 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Brighton Park.
Dec. 23 - Martell Wesley, a 20 year old male, caused by a gunshot in West Englewood.
With seven people shot -- two killed and five wounded in one incident on December 27, 2011, an average Tuesday night in Chicago -- why won't the men and women of Chicago come out to pray the devil of violence in Chicago back to hell???  You can do nothing....or at the very least you can pray!
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Juwan Ross, 16 and Dantril Brown, 17, killed in a fried chicken restaurant on December 27, 2011.
Join us for the film -
Pray The Devil Back to Hell! 
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 Tears, chaos and impending threats of more violence descend upon a community after a shooting in Chicago during Christmas week.
Monday, January 2, 2012
Film: 6:30 pm 
Discussion and Prayer: 7:30 pm
The Black Star Project
3509 South King Drive, Suite 2B
Chicago, Illinois
$5.00 for members - $10:00 for non-members.  Please call 773.285.9600 to RSVP your seat.
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Being sick and tire of being sick and tired is not enough!  You must pray and you must act. On Monday, January 2, 2012, the men and women of Chicago will gather to see the powerful movement and documentary of women that brought peace to war torn Liberia, Pray The Devil Back To Hell.  And the men and women of Chicago will work to pray the devil of violence and despair that is in Chicago back to Hell! Join them. 
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Men and women across America can join this movement to Pray the Devil (of violence) Back to Hell in your city or town by calling 773.285.9600.  Click Here to view a trailer of the documentary.  Those who have attended previous showings of this documentary will be admitted free.
The Ten Most Dangersous Cities in America
We must bring hope, education and economic revitalization to these cities to change their plight! 
The Most Dangerous Cities in America
by Douglas A. McIntyre, Michael B. Sauter and Charles B. Stockdale
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Earlier this week, the FBI trumpeted the news that violent crime dropped 5.5% in 2010 while reported property crimes fell 2.8% during the depths of the worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression. The news, though, is far from positive.
Though most regions of the U.S. saw declines, the Northeast saw an increase in murders (8.3%), forcible rapes (1.4%) and aggravated assaults (0.7%). Why that region was affected by crime more than others isn't clear. Perhaps it was because of the grinding poverty found in some of the area's cities and their high cost of living.
The Police Executive Research Forum polled 233 local law enforcement agencies in 2009, and found that the link between poverty and crime was inextricable. A prolonged recession would only make matters worse, the research showed. After reviewing the data, PERF Executive Director Chuck Wexler told Reuters, "We are not saying there is going to be a crime wave, but we are saying this is a wake-up call and we anticipate the situation will continue to deteriorate."
A 24/7 Wall St. review of 2010 FBI crime data shows violent crime rose in several of the largest and poorest cities in the U.S., particularly those which have been in decline for some time. Even when crime rates dropped, older urban areas still had more violent crime than other cities.
Philadelphia, Cleveland, Buffalo and Hartford finished high on the FBI's list but failed to make the final 24/7 Wall St. ranking.
The crime problem is not completely explained by crimes committed. Police forces are supposed to keep crime rates down, but officers have begun to disappear from the streets of some large cities. Pontiac, Mich., part of the corridor of high crime cities that runs from Detroit to Flint, recently turned over its police operations to the sheriff's office of Oakland Country, where Pontiac is located. Old industrial towns need to cut costs as populations fall and tax receipts recede, but the money trouble almost makes it certain that criminal activity will grow because it is mostly unchecked.
24/7 Wall St. looked at the ten most crime-plagued cities in the U.S. with populations of more than 100,000. We used a measurement of crimes per thousand people which is part of the new FBI database to determine the order. We compared these figures to unemployment rates and median income. The recession may have ended, but crime has not eased in these troubled cities nor will it anytime soon.
Our list is dominated by towns like Detroit, New Haven, and Baltimore. Parts of these cities are fortresses of crime. Much of the violent crime in Detroit is committed in the old Palmer Avenue section of the city, which is far from the shiny skyscrapers where GM has its headquarters. Baltimore's Front Street neighborhood is a world away from the new office towers of companies like financial giant T Rowe Price on Pratt Street. The crime-plagued Lamar Avenue section of Memphis is also far from the city's ritzy neighborhoods.
Unemployment will inevitably improve in these cities. The most hard-hit sections, however, may never completely recover. They failed to do so after the last economic upswing -- and the one before that. Some part of all the cities on this list will be home to high levels of violent crime permanently. And, if the money used to keep police on the streets falls in most of these municipalities, containing the problem to a few neighborhoods will be hard. It would be nice to believe that criminals sit out a recovery, but they don't.
These are America's 10 Most Dangerous Cities:
1. Flint, Michigan
Population: 109,245
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 22
2010 Murders: 53
Median Income: $27,049 (46.1% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 11.8% (2.8% above national average)
The number of violent crimes committed in Flint increased for all categories considered for this list between 2009 and 2010. Perhaps most notably, the number of murders in the city increased from 36 to 53. This moves the city from having the seventh highest rate of homicide to the second highest. The number of aggravated assaults increased from 1,529 to 1,579, a rate of 14.6 assaults per 1,000 residents, placing the city in the No. 1 rank for rate of assaults. Flint police chief Alvern Lock stated late last year that he believed the city's violence stemmed from drugs and gangs. Flint has a relatively small median income of about $27,000 per household. The city also has a poverty rate of 36.2%.

2. Detroit, Michigan
Population: 899,447
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 18.9
2010 Murders: 310
Median Income: $26,098 (48% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 12.7% (3.7% above national average)
The city crippled the most in America's post-industrial era is almost certainly Detroit. The Motor City has suffered from high rates of unemployment, homelessness, and crime. The city has one of the ten highest rates for three of the four types of violent crime identified by the FBI. Detroit has the sixth highest murder rate, the fifth highest robbery rate, and the second highest rate of aggravated assault. In 2005, a major reorganization of the city's police department took place after a federal investigation identified inefficiencies within the system. According to an article in The United Press, opponents of Detroit Mayor David Bing called for further intervention by the Justice Department in several shootings that occurred last year.

3. St. Louis, Missouri
Population: 355,151
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 17.5
2010 Murders: 144
Median Income: $34,801 (30.7% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 9.3% (0.3% above national average)
Violent crime in St. Louis fell dramatically between 2009 and 2010, and has decreased since 2007. Despite this, crime rates remain extremely high compared with other cities. In 2010, the city's murder rate and rate of aggravated assault were each the third worst in the country. With regards to both violent and nonviolent crime, St. Louis was rated the most dangerous city based on FBI data released six months ago. As of December 2010, the murder rate in St. Louis was 6.3 times that of the state of Missouri. The city's gunshot murder rate for residents between 10 to 19 years old is also the second highest in the country, behind only New Orleans, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

4. New Haven, Connecticut
Population: 124,856
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 15.8
2010 Murders: 22
Median Income: $38,279 (23.8% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 9.6% (0.6% above national average)
New Haven has historically had the highest rate of violent crime on the east coast. The impoverished, crime-ridden parts of the city stand in stark contrast to affluent Fairfield county to the West, and elite Yale University, which is located within the city itself. The number of murders in the city doubled last year. New Haven has the eighth highest rate of robbery and the fourth highest rate of assault in the U.S. The New Haven Police Department is considering adding cameras at every intersection in one of the neighborhoods where shootings are the most common.

5. Memphis, Tennessee
Population: 673,650
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 15.4
2010 Murders: 89
Median Income: $34,203 (31.8% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 9.9% (0.9% above national average)
Memphis has high rates for all the violent crimes considered for 24/7 Wall St.'s rankings. It has the sixth highest rate in the country. Incidents of violent crime in the city dropped slightly less than 15% between 2009 and 2010 though. Memphis Mayor AC Wharton attributes this decrease to Operation Safe Community, a citywide plan developed in 2005. The plan consists of a number of strategies meant to increase crime prevention, through toughening punishments for criminals, and the effectiveness of the city's legal system, through changes such as expanding court programs so that they operate consistently and at full capacity.

6. Oakland, California
Population: 409,723
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 15.3
2010 Murders: 90
Median Income: $51,473 (2.4% above national average)
Unemployment Rate: 11% (2% above national average)
Oakland's violent crime dropped about 5.5% between 2009 and 2010, from about 6,800 to 6,260. The city nevertheless has the tenth-highest rate of rape, the ninth-highest murder rate, and the second highest robbery rate in the country. In 2010, there were 7.12 robberies for every 1,000 Oakland residents. According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Mayor Jean Quan has attempted to combat break-ins and theft by creating programs to keep potential wrongdoers off the streets by starting late-night basketball programs. It it unclear if these policies have worked.

7. Little Rock, Arkansas
Population: 192,922
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 15.2
2010 Murders: 25
Median Income: $38,992 (22.3% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 6.8% (2.2% below national average)

Little Rock has one of the highest rates of aggravated assault and forcible rape in the country. Since 2009, reported assaults has increased while reported forcible rapes have decreased. According to Lt. Terry Hastings of the Little Rock Police Department, quoted by local station FOX16, Little Rock was "down almost 12 percent across the board on crime" in 2010. This may be accurate for many crimes, and especially nonviolent crimes, however, according to FBI data, violent crime increased from 2009 to 2010. 

8. Baltimore, Maryland
Population: 639,929
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 14.6
2010 Murders: 223
Median Income: $38,772 (22.7% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 7.4% (1.6% below national average)
Baltimore had the eighth-highest rate of violent crime per capita in 2010 among cities with 100,000 or more residents, and the second-highest east of the Mississippi. The number of violent crimes has dropped slightly in the past year -- from 9,600 to 9,300 -- but the Maryland city has some of the worst rates of dangerous offenses in the country. This includes the tenth-worst aggravated assault rate -- and the fourth-worst murder rate in the country.
9. Rockford, Illinois
Population: 156,180
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 14.5
2010 Murders: 20
Median Income: $36,990 (26% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 13.3% (4.3% above national average)

Rockford has unusually high violent crime rates for a city of its size. Most notably, the city has the fourth highest rate of aggravated assault in the country, with 10.5 cases for every 1,000 citizens in 2010. During the same period, 20 murders occurred, almost double the number in 2000. Quoted by the Rockford Register Star in 2007, Winnebago County Sheriff Dick Meyers said that he believed the city's "location worked against [it,]" as Rockford receives traffic from the drug markets in Madison, Chicago, and Milwaukee, resulting in heightened rates of violence.

10. Stockton, California
Population: 292,047
Violent Crime Per 1,000: 13.8
2010 Murders: 49
Median Income: $45,730 (8.9% below national average)
Unemployment Rate: 18.4% (9.4% above national average)

With a jobless rate of 18.4%, up from 18.1% a year ago, Stockton, California has one of the worst unemployment problems in the country. The huge percentage of unemployed residents may have contributed to horrible crime rates in the city, which is located 40 miles east of Oakland and San Francisco. Stockton was rated one of the most miserable cities to live in the country by Forbes in March, 2010. Violent crime was one of the chief measurements for its ranking. Of the 267 cities with populations over 100,000, Stockton has the 27th highest number of murders per 1,000 people and the 12th most aggravated assaults per 1,000. Last year, recognizing the crime problems in the city, the state temporarily diverted hundreds of California Highway Patrol officers to aid the city's overwhelmed police department. 
The Black Male Achievement Movement needs Black men in 100 cities to mentor Black boys and young Black men in January and February 2012. 77 cities have already signed up. If your city is not on the list, why not? 
Join with strong, positive Black men from around the country and the world working for Black Male Achievement.
Join the
Black Male Achievement Movement 
during January and February 2012, as we mentor tens of thousands of Black boys and young men across America. 
Black Star LogoThe only way to get this...(Morehouse Men)
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 ...is with this!!!
To become one of the the Servant Leaders in your city planning and directing this effort, please call 773.285.9600. We will provide you with an organizing kit that will help you step-by-step to create, manage or support an outstanding mentoring program in your city.  We will also provide technical assistance and ongoing support. Schools, faith-based organizations, fraternities, Masonic organizations, veterans associations, community-based organizations, affinity organizations, military service personnel, social service agencies, companies and corporations will
participate in this effort. Most mentoring events will occur on January 31, 2012.  Please see cities that are expected to participate as of December 27, 2011:   
  1. Albany, New York
  2. Atlanta Georgia
  3. Baltimore, Maryland
  4. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  5. Blandensburg, Maryland
  6. Boston, Massachusetts
  7. Buffalo, New York
  8. Chicago, Illinois - South Side
  9. Chicago, Illinois - West Side 
  10. Chicago, Illinois - South Suburbs
  11. Cincinnati, Ohio
  12. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  13. Dallas, Texas
  14. Danbury, Connecticut
  15. Danville, Illinois
  16. Delray Beach, Florida
  17. Detroit, Michigan
  18. Denver, Colorado
  19. Durham, North Carolina
  20. East Chicago, Indiana
  21. East Orange, New Jersey
  22. Englewood, Colorado
  23. Flint, Michigan
  24. Flossmoor, Illinois
  25. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  26. Gary, Indiana
  27. Gilbert, Arizona
  28. Hartford, Connecticut
  29. Harvey, Illinois
  30. Hillside, Illinois
  31. Houston, Texas
  32. Irvington, New Jersey
  33. Jackson, Mississippi
  34. Kansas City, Missouri
  35. Kenesaw, Georgia
  36. Lexington, Kentucky
  37. Lithonia, Michigan
  38. Los Angeles, California
  39. Louisville, Kentucky
  40. Macon, Georgia
  41. Manassas, Virginia
  42. Matteson, Illinois
  43. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  44. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  45. Nashville, Tennessee
  46. New Orleans, Louisiana
  47. New York City, New York - Manhattan
  48. New York City, New York - The Bronx
  49. New York City, New York - Brooklyn
  50. New York City, New York - Queens
  51. New York City, New York - Long Island
  52. New York City, New York - Harlem
  53. Newark, New Jersey
  54. Oakland, California
  55. Oak Park, Illinois
  56. Omaha, Nebraska
  57. Peoria, Illinois 
  58. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  59. Phoenix, Arizona
  60. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  61. Richmond, Virginia
  62. Riverdale, Illinois
  63. San Bernardino, California
  64. San Francisco, California
  65. Santan Valley, AZ
  66. Seattle, Washington
  67. Shelbyville, Indiana 
  68. Southaven, Mississippi
  69. St. Louis, Missouri
  70. St. Paul, Minnesota
  71. Tampa, Florida
  72. Toledo, Ohio
  73. Tshwane, Botswana
  74. University Park, Illinois
  75. Washington, D.C.
  76. Waukegan, Illinois
  77. White Plains, New York 
participate in this effort. Most mentoring events will occur on January 31, 2012.  Please see cities that are expected to participate as of December 27, 2011:
This event was inspired by the life and life principles of Muhammad Ali (Rumble Young Man Rumble!).  The Black Male Achievement Movement was born in Louisville, Kentucky in September 2011.  Guidance, support and encouragement for this movement is provided by Open Society Foundations' Campaign for Black Male Achievement.  The National CARES Mentoring Movement and Mentoring U.S.A have signed on as national supporters.  For more information, please call 773.285.9600.
Dr. Walter Lee Dozier, a great friend of children and The Black Star Project, joins the ancestors.
Black Star Logo
Former county education liaison remembered for advocating for students
Prince George's African American museum's communications director, 60, dies after long-term illness 
by Daniel J. Gross, Staff Writer 
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 
Prince George's County officials and residents are mourning the loss of Walter Dozier, 60, a former
Black Star Logo
Dr. Walter Lee Dozier
education liaison for the county executive's office who died in his Capitol Heights home Monday after succumbing to a long-term illness.

Dozier, also a former Gazette reporter, was working with The Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center as its communications director and government relations officer at the time of his death.

Jacqueline Brown, the North Brentwood museum's executive director, said Dozier had been trying to work through a medical condition that came about after a complication from a back surgery at the beginning of the year.

"We feel like family to Walter," she said. "Walter was a connector. He naturally connected people to other people."

Dozier began working for the museum in 2009, after spending six years as an education liaison for the Prince George's County government executive branch, and was responsible for coordinating county education outreach.

Prior to his role in county government, Dozier was a staff writer for The Gazette in Prince George's and Montgomery counties from 1999 to 2002 and a reporter at The Tampa Tribune from 1990 to 1999. He received a doctorate in applied anthropology from the University of South Florida in 1999.

"Walter embraced Prince George's as though he lived here his entire life," said Vanessa Harrington, The Gazette's Prince George's County editor, who worked with Dozier. "He truly enjoyed helping people achieve their goals and focused greatly on ways to improve student achievement. He'll be greatly missed."
he museum posted a memoriam on its website at pgaamcc.org and is asking anyone with a connection to Dozier to send sympathy notes to Dozier's mother in his hometown of Chicago.

Brown said Dozier had been pivotal in strengthening the museum and cultural center. She said he helped the museum apply for and receive a $10,000 cultural excellence grant from Wells Fargo in 2010, which has allowed the PGAAMCC to work with students from Suitland's Center for the Visual and Performing Arts in a culture center program. She said he also helped acquire a $75,000 bond bill from the state to go toward adding a program and administrative office next to the museum and cultural center site, which is set to open in February.

"This museum meant a lot to him," she said. "He always felt if children knew the stories from where they really came from, the real values and ethics and history, they would reassess their role and they would know they had a responsibility to contribute to the next chapter and story of African-American contribution."

Yolanda Evans, the museum's public programs coordinator, said she was a close friend of Dozier's and had known him since 2003. She said he spent several Christmases with her family and gave her children presents such as journals to practice their writing. She said her two children were looking forward to seeing Dozier this Christmas to show him the progress they've made in their journals.
"He was a very good friend, very intellectual and always inspired conversation around education," she said. "He was very involved. He was a real giver."

County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) said Dozier's death is a tremendous loss for the county.
"He was a stellar individual and gave a lot for Prince George's," Baker said. "I considered him not only a colleague, but a friend."

Brown said Dozier was the driving force behind the Prince George's County's Scholar Dollar program, an incentive effort that offers retail store gift certificates to students earning high grade point averages or similar scholastic achievements. 
Visitation for Dr. Walter Lee Dozier will be at Rayner Funeral Home located at 318 East 71st Street, Chicago, Illinois on Monday, January 2, 2012 from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Funeral Services for Walter Dozier will be on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 11:00 am at Bethany Union Church located at 1750 West 103rd Street (near Woods), Chicago, Illinois.  The Wake will be before the Funeral Services at 10:00 am at the church. Burial will be at St. Mary's Cemetery located at 8700 South Hamlin (3800 west), Evergreen Park, Illinois following  the Funeral.  You may call Phillip Jackson, his cousin, at 312.771.1010 for more information.  Walter is survived by his mother Mildred Elizabeth Dozier and other relatives.
Freedom is not free!!!
Progress is priceless!!!
 The Black Star Project needs your support to continue our work. 
Dear Friend of Progress, 
Black Star Logo
This has been a tough year of fundraising for The Black Star Project.  Some of it is our fault.  We have to do a much better job of managing our membership and development efforts. Additionally, we must do a better job of communicating our work to our current members.  Even so, we have a fundraising goal for current membership drive of $50,000 by January 31, 2012.    
All of the funds raised will go toward supporting our Saturday University (free school) and our programs that support Black men and boys. These initiatives need your support as a community of concerned citizens so that we will continue this important work.     
In Chicago this week, a Toys for Tots program announced that someone had embezzled $25,000 from the agency and that some children would not get toys for Christmas.  Immediately, multiple $25,000 donations were received by the agency and now they have received easily over $100,000.
At The Black Star Project, no one has embezzled money and we have sound fiscal practices, we just need money to educate Black children, and other children, and to mentor Black boys.
If you value our efforts to educate Black children, mentor Black boys, reduce violence in communities, rebuild strong families, will you become a member today?  At The Black Star Project, the more we have, the more we do.
Or you may send contributions/investments to:
The Black Star Project, Suite 2B
3509 South King Drive
Chicago, Illinois
  • For each $100 contribution/investment, we will send you an Educate or Die T-Shirt
  • For each $200 contribution/investment, we will send you 1) a copy of The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, 2) a copy of a DVD of Professor Alexander speaking in Chicago and 3) an Educate or Die T-Shirt. 
Black Star Logo  
Please call 773.285.9600 for more information.  There are many organizations in your city that are doing similarly important work as the work that we do at The Black Star Project.  You should find them and support them. No one organization is going to solve the issues of our nation, our cities or our communities.  We, organizations of change and progress, need your help and we all need to work together. 
Thank you.  Happy Holidays!
Phillip Jackson 
Executive Director
The Black Star Project  

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