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Friday, January 06, 2012

If Ron Paul Were Black For A Day...

The National Memo
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Friday, January 6, 2012
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The Big Story, By Matt Taylor
If certain Republican Senate campaigns are too big to fail, that must be why GOP operatives are dumping millions of dollars in unaccountable cash into 2012 Senate races where their candidates have fallen behind Democratic opponents. Groups like the Karl Rove-affiliated Crossroads GPS have already bought hundreds of TV ads in the key state of Ohio, where incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown is facing a less-than-inspired challenger. READ MORE
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President Barack Obama vowed Thursday the United States will maintain the best-equipped military in history despite deep and looming defense budget cuts, but Pentagon leaders acknowledged the changes will present potential problems. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that smaller military budgets will require tradeoffs -- and that the U.S. will take on "some level of additional but acceptable risk." READ MORE
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Featured Column: Leonard Pitts Jr.
At its best, government vindicates and defends a people's noblest ideals. The Civil Rights Act was government at its best. Paul disputes this and styles himself a defender of freedom for so doing. Too bad he can't spend a day being black in Mississippi in 1964. He might emerge with a better understanding of that word. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Jim Hightower
In Iowa's presidential scramble, the biggest players were not the candidates, but an insidious and ever-growing force that voters couldn't even see: corporate cash. Although the SuperPACs operate under benign, nondescript names like Restore Our Future (Romney's) and Make Us Great Again (Perry's), they have become each candidate's nuclear bombs of negative campaigning, doing the sleazy work of sliming opponents with attacks. READ MORE
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Featured Column: Connie Schultz
The recent wave of anti-choice legislation in my state and across the country has made me keenly aware of attacks on women in America. READ MORE
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This Is Herman Cain!
Former pizza magnate and failed presidential candidate Herman Cain is back with a new website called "Cain Connections," which sounds more like a dating hotline than you'd think a man who's been repeatedly accused of sexual harrassment would want. The website's primary purpose appears to be promoting "Cain's Solutions Revolution" -- a sloppily-constructed guide to Herman Cain's policy platform -- but of course, it wouldn't be a Cain website without an absolutely insane video. READ MORE
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